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They’re Teaching the Saxon to Hate

Ran across this over at Mike’s.

No anger for me this time. No rage like I’ve felt before. No desperate urge to get out there and scream at the idiots who refused to see this coming.

Not even a nod for the glib idiots who say this will not defeat us, that we will never be broken, that cowardice and terror will not get the better of Britain.

Because, as loyal as I am, as patriotic as I am, as much as my whole younger life was about joining the British military and fighting for my country — I fear we are broken.

Not because of this ghoulish spectacle outside our own Parliament. Not because of the lives rammed apart on the pavement, even as they thought about what was for tea. Or what train home they might make.

Please, no hashtag, no vigil, no tea lights. I am begging you not to light up Parliament in the colours of the Union.

Because we are not united. We are wrenched asunder.

The patriots of the rest of England versus the liberals in this city. The endless tolerance to those who harm us, (while the Home Office tries to shift the focus of public fear to white terror) — versus the millions like me who face the truth, with worried families and hopeless hearts, who feel the country sinking.

We are taken under the cold water by this heavy right foot in the south, a city of lead, so desperately wedded to the multicultural illusion that it can only fight those who love the country the most, blame those who are most proud to be British, and shout racist at the 52%.

This place is just like Sweden. Terrified of admitting the truth about the threat we face, about the horrors committed by the migrants we failed to deter — because to admit that we are sinking, and fast, would be to admit that everything the liberals believe is wrong.

That multiculturalism has not worked. That it is one big fat failure and one big fat lie.

President Erdogan of Turkey said there is a war being waged between the crescent and the cross. But he is wrong. Because the cross is not strong. We are down on bended knee, a doormat to be trodden on, a joke only funny to those that wish us harm.

The war is between London and the rest of the country. Between the liberals and the right-minded. Between those who think it is more important to tip-toe around the cultures of those who choose to join us, rather than defend our own culture.

Read the whole thing.

Now, there are several ways to read that article, different conclusions one might draw.

One can read it as the last plaintive wail from a dying, defeated wretch, to be sure. It certainly doesn’t reek of optimism. Then again, facing reality doesn’t always.

Because reality just is. The thing about it, the bitch about it, is that you have to face it for what it is before you can do anything about it. And the reality of the current status of the 1,400 year old war between the West and islam is pretty damn discouraging at the moment.

But that’s only because only one side is currently fighting it.

And if there is to be any fighting back, then those who still have their heads stuck in the sand need to have a heavy dose of reality rubbed in their faces. What better way to do so than to say “listen here, we’re well and truly fucked the way things are going. No, it’s not all going to be alright if we continue along this track, it’s going to be the exact opposite of alright, and you blinkered, naive bastards need to see it. See it for what it is. No ‘let us have a nice vigil and chant the usual idiotic mantras’ any more.”

That’s another way to read it.

We can say that we were quite surprised to see an article like that appearing in British media, right up there in large type, spelling it out, and no government multi-culti stormtroopers demanding it be taken down right this minute or ELSE!

We shall see. This isn’t over yet.


Season Four of Capture Shia’s Flag Ends Exactly as Expected

Wednesday, Shia laPet announced that, following his latest fiasco at keeping up his live stream of his “He Will Not Divide Us” flag, victory over the fun-loving folks at /pol/ was now assured as he had moved the flag to the top of a museum in Liverpool.

As if there are no /pol/’ers and assorted other weaponized autists in England. Mheh.

Today Yesterday, Season 4 ended.

Speculations on where Shia will put his stupid flag next (up his arse might be a good idea, since that might be one place even the most committed of /pol/’ers might refuse to go) in comments, please.


Another Thing That “Never Happened”… Happened

The FBI is not cooperating with the House of Representatives’ investigation into the NSA’s surveillance of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, the chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), said today.

During an explosive press conference outside the White House, Nunes told reporters that communications from the Trump team were picked up and disseminated within the government during the 2016 campaign. Nunes said sources within the intelligence community presented him with the information. He spoke to the press after briefing the administration.

So, no surveillance ever happened? Pull the other one. It plays “The Marsellaise”.

Of course, any idiot knows that surveillance happened, unless they’re the very Special Kind of Idiot™, we’ve been surveying every single bit of information from abroad going into this country (or out) since we had the ability to do so.

But, the goalposts have been moved. Unless President Trump can prove that Jugears personally hid in his liquor cabinet with a mic and a steno pad, nothing ever happened.

You’d have to be as mentally stunted as a journalist to buy that one, and that would require a lobotomy at the very least.

What is truly interesting, and therefore not surprisingly unreported in this whole case, is that Jugears, in the final weeks of his “presidency”, lifted the requirement that you had to mask out names of individuals not directly the subjects of an investigation which, some might say, might make it easier for some to “leak” information that, we hasten to add, could never have been leaked because the investigation never happened in the first place, in spite of the fact that this kind of investigation has been happening since we decided we were a country.

You really have to be as retarded as a Prozi voter to make any sense of this nonsense.

Unfortunately, there are quite a large number of twats who haven’t been weeded out by natural selection yet.

“Incidental” our arse.

But, by all means, keep breeding on those sub-paramecium individuals. After all, it would be “un-American” to do otherwise. And, after all, a hole is a hole, isn’t it?


Oh Dear! More Cultural Vibrancy and Enrichening on Display

This time from LC & IB Angry Webmaster:

A knife-wielding attacker was shot by armed police in the grounds of Parliament today after pedestrians were mowed down on Westminster Bridge. More than 10 people are said to have been hit by a car on Westminster Bridge after a vehicle described as a ‘4×4’ reportedly drove into pedestrians and cyclists.

A ‘middle-aged Asian’ intruder then managed to break into the grounds of the Houses of Parliament and stabbed a police officer before he was shot, reports suggest.

Once again, in BritSpeak, “Asian” = “wog” or, if you prefer, goat-molesting pedo-prophet worshiper. Granted, there are actual Asian “Asians” in Britain and they’re called “Asians” too, but we’re willing to eat our crown that it wasn’t one of those who decided to go Sudden Jihadi™ on Westminster Bridge.

It’s frowned upon in their culture. They’re civilized, after all.


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