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PC College Tyranny Now Has a Bodycount

We already knew that sending kids to college these days is tantamount to child abuse, but now the Kollege Kommisars have truly upped the ante. Not only will they bankrupt you and your kid while providing them with absolutely nothing of any use (unless LARPing the last days of the Soviet Union is your thing), they’ll actually straight up murder your child. (Thanks to LC and GLOR Tallulah):

A male student who was accused of sexual harassment committed suicide just days after the University of Texas at Arlington ignored its own policies in order to punish him. The accused student’s father, a lawyer acting as the administrator of his son’s estate, is now suing the school for violating his son’s Title IX rights.

Read the whole sordid thing if you have the stomach for it, but we’re sure that you’re already familiar with the story: Normal, non-mentally ill kid is falsely accused, gets hauled through the Soviet style Kollege Kangaroo Kourt system (no recourse to the law, all rights violated and/or ignored, verdict predetermined regardless of evidence, which the swine at UT Arlington by the way made absolutely no effort to gather) and ends up with his education ruined, his time and money wasted and a future with a bogus verdict forever stamped on his disciplinary record.

So he killed himself.

One day he was a healthy, happy, well-adjusted kid with a future, ambitions and optimism, and then he met the American Soviet Kollege System.

Now he’s a corpse.

A lawsuit should be the very least of those subhuman swine’s worries.

Being doused in honey and tied to an anthill doesn’t seem excessive at this point. Then again, neither does dipping the foul animals slowly into a vat of hydrofluoric acid, toes first, while their screams are recorded for posterity, pour encourager les autres.

Nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Ban Cars!!!

So, it finally happened (via LC & IB Veeshir), we have reached Peak Stupid™:

Cars and other vehicles “have turned into deadly weapons”, and should be banished from cities to stop attacks like the one in Stockholm from happening in future, according to Aftonbladet editorialist Eva Franchell.

Crackdowns on immigration or extremist ideology are not the way forward when it comes to terror prevention, according to the veteran journalist, writing after Friday’s terror attack in Stockholm left four people dead.

Instead, it is cars — which she calls “effective murder machines” — that Franchell says “must simply be removed from city centres and places where people gather, if people are to be protected in future”.


If you have ever wondered, dear LCs, why it is that His Imperial Majesty can’t say “Swedish” without at least chuckling derisively, this should serve as a rather good example.

Apart from the sheer monumental stupidity in demanding that cities be cleared entirely of motor vehicles (who will deliver goods to your stores, Einstein? You’re going to get them there on bicycles?), what is it with this whole “have turned into deadly weapons” retardation? They’ve been “deadly weapons” since they were invented although we have to point out, in all fairness, that so has pretty much everything else. That Number 2 pencil of yours? Don’t make us demonstrate what we can do with that thing, because you won’t like it.

It is a perfect example, so very emblematic of everything that is wrong with the “progressive” nanny totalitarian society: You can’t eliminate danger by banning “dangerous” stuff, because everything is potentially dangerous, from ICBMs to your favorite organic juicer, on to your kid’s pacifier. Do you really want to know how many beautiful babies choke on those things every year? No. No, you don’t. Because if you truly knew just how many things were potentially lethal weapons, then you’d all end your pointless lives immediately. Which, come to think of it…

Sure. Ban all of the things. Best of luck with that. Why don’t you start by banning yourselves?

Vehicles are “easy to steal, and so nothing has been able to stop their advance”, writes Ms. Franchell.

“It just isn’t reasonable that a big truck can be driven right into one of Stockholm’s busiest streets on a Friday afternoon right before Easter.”

You do realize that the whole purpose of a vehicle is for it to be driven, don’t you? But, by all means, stop all deliveries unless by foot and, while you’re at it, make it illegal to drive at all in Stockholm. Make everybody park on the outskirts of your capital and walk the remaining several miles or so into the city proper. Businesses will boom, we tell you, BOOM!

Outlining her vision for a car-free Stockholm, she argues: “Most problems with regards to mobility and public transport can be solved, and deliveries to shops and restaurants could take place at times when people aren’t out on the streets.”

Just like in old Rome! We remember it well. No buggies except for in the middle of the night. It was a wonderful system. So very “progressive” to go back a couple of millennia in time.

And it wouldn’t be a real story from the SJW Central of Europe, Sweden, if we couldn’t throw some “feminism” in there too:

The idea of reducing the number of cars in Swedish cities was backed last month by Sweden’s environment minister, who argued that driving is a gender equality issue as well as a matter of shrinking the nation’s carbon emissions.

“Cars are driven largely by men so by giving a lot of space to cars; we’re giving a lot of space to men — at the expense of women,” Karolina Skog explained.

So… You’re saying that women suck at operating motor vehicles since, why else would they be driven largely by men? Isn’t that somewhat sexist of you? Shouldn’t you instead be pushing militantly for quotas in issuing of driver’s licenses so your sisthren will no longer be so patriarchally oppressed by male driving privileges?

Sorry. CIS-male driving privileges, of course.

We’re still struggling with trying to learn this new language of yours which, alone among all languages, has no logic or common sense associated with it at all.


(Obligatory language note: We did read the original article to verify that it was, indeed, as full of Teh Stupid™ as the Breitbart article suggested).

The Old Hag Finally Made Us Laugh

Never thought we’d feel the need to applaud while laughing hysterically at anything emanating from that wretched Marxist hag, Ruth Baader-Meinhof Ginsburg’s shriveled lips, but it happened nonetheless:

“Let’s hope members of Congress, the members that Allegheny College has already honored — Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. John McCain, the women of the Senate, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham —”

Look, Imma stop you right there…


You nailed it, Ruthie. For once you got something right. Bravo!


Happy Pesach!

May the L-rd continue to keep, bless and protect you from evil because there sure is a lot of that around these days.

We stand together against it, though, the Tribe and us Gentiles, and between the lot of us, we can’t be beaten.

Chag sameach, and may evil continue to pass over and past our houses.


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