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A Juxtaposition In Rights In Two Photos

Recently, with a simple photo, a young college female in Tennessee sent the entire Idiotarian Alternate Universe into full-fledged, spittle-filled OUTRAGE™. “What”, you’re obviously asking, “could have sent their rectums into spasms of angst?” Let us, in our ever-so-helpful benevolence, present the offending photo. (Those of a weak continence should avert their eyes at this point.)

Shocking, we know. How DARE someone post a photo of themselves exercising their UNINFRINGEABLE 2nd Amendment right?

Now, let’s take a look at something that the frothing fucktards defend to the death as a “right” that should be celebrated across the land….

(Here’s where we have to put the obligatory “NSWF!” disclaimer, just in case someone’s place of employment hasn’t yet gotten around to blocking this site. You’ve been warned.)

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A Walk on the Pier.

Mueller: Stick a fork in him he’s done.

Game over.

In what was one of the most fucking obvious results of this entire Mueller debacle

Washington (CNN)Special counsel Robert Mueller has told President Donald Trump’s lawyers that the President is not currently being considered a criminal target of the Russia probe, The Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing three people familiar with the discussions.

The special counsel’s team is compiling a report on Trump’s actions as President and any potential obstruction of justice — which Mueller has also told Trump’s lawyers, two people with knowledge of the conversations told the Post.

Guess all those libtards will need to find another topic to fap over, not that these morons ever needed an excuse for their rabid, screaming batshit insane ravings.


No obstruction.

No collusion.

No wrongdoing.


More Kibble

Hold My Beer

I am told that in a few days….

…a bunch of glitter headed idiotarians will parade on stage, hand each other gushing words and meaningless awards for pretending to be other people, prate and virtue signal about all their “noble causes” and “great issues that MUST be addressed in the name of equality and social justice”, then climb back into their expensive cars

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Too Funny to Not Post

From the Raconteur Report. Thatisall.

Teenage Camera Whore Comes up With New Excuse for Truancy

We’re talking, of course, about CNN’s new boy toy, that rat-faced freak David Hogg, who just can’t keep furiously flogging his meat to the deaths of his classmates, blaming everybody except the shooter who did the deed and the four Cowards of Broward who were hiding with their guns and uniforms in the shrubberies outside

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Misha has kindly given me a set of keys to the place. I used to write a blog on medical issues and this was the first post I wrote and the first one linked by Misha.  He was a real patient. Some people are born to be examples. Others are born to be warnings.  You

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Our breathless wait (yawning isn’t breathing, is it?) for a conclusion to Herr Müller of the Gest… er, FIB’s “investigation” into Trump/Russian COLLUUUUUUUSION™ has finally ended as we learn that Herr Müller of the Reichssicherh…, er, FIB has heroically indicted no less that 13 (THIRTEEN)… Russian Facebook trolls. Yes, that’s right boys and girls, after

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