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While noting in passing that the whole Narrative regarding the “Finsbury Mosque Attack” is beginning to look a bit fishy according to some and while trying to avoid jumping to conclusions (unlike the MFM), it’s hard for us to even pretend that we didn’t expect something like this to happen if, indeed, it is what the MFM is furiously trying to peddle.

After wave after wave of pisslamic “lone wolves” murdering innocents all over the planet, you’d have to be a particularly dense kind of knob to think that nothing would ever happen in response.

People can only stand passively by and watch their children being shredded by nail bombs while, in turn, being called “racist haters” and even having the fuss sicced on them for expressing as much as a hint of anger for so long.

If anything, the MFM’s utterly predictable response will only fan the flames further. Where was all of the concern for innocent European kids wanting to go watch an Ariana Grande concert without being blown to hamburger by muslim subanimals? Where were the condemnations of islamic extremist violence? Nowhere to be found.

What we got was the usual “motive may never be known”, “Kumbaya” and endless condemnation of the backlash against “innocent muslims” that was sure to come any day now.

Well, it might just have come.

Pray that it hasn’t, you savage animals, because if it has, it is going to escalate faster than any of you goat-fucking, primitive pigs can even imagine.

You would know this already if any of you could read, of course, as Western history in general and European history in particular is chock full of examples.

It always starts as a crack and then, before you know it, you have an avalanche, an avalanche that doesn’t just stop after a brief burst of violence. You think you know brutality? The West did not only invent the concept, we systematized it and put it to music. Western civ, when set off on one of those regrettable, horrifying and thankfully rare rampages of violence, is capable of, even eager to embrace killing by the numbers, eradication as a science, vengeance as a national pastime.

It’s never pretty when it starts, and it always leaves everybody feeling horrible when it ends and they find themselves standing in a bloody wasteland amidst piles of corpses.

But it can’t be stopped once it has been started, it has to run out of steam on its own and if, IF it has started, then remember only this, you disgusting throwbacks to the dark ages:

YOU started it.

No, we don’t feel sorry for you. Not one little bit.


Van drives into mosque crowd

WITNESSES say up to three ‘attackers’ escaped after a van ‘intentionally’ swerved into a crowd of pedestrians near London’s Finsbury Park Mosque.

and here’s the money quote

“They knew there would be people there. “They were white extremists.”<

and yet the pussified media refuses to label Muslim terror attacks as “Islamic extremists”. Nope. Nothing to do with Islam, nothing to see here, Islam is a religion of peace..

Since Sept 11 2001, Islamic extremists have carried out over 31.000 terror attacks worldwide. In 2017, a year not yet half over, there were 1003 Islamic attacks in 47 countries, in which 7238 people were killed and 7724 injured.

I cant remember seeing one of those terror attacks being labelled “racist’. Do you?

To add an interesting twist, the weapon used in this attack was the Muslim weapon du jour…a truck.

You will forgive me if I find it hard, if at all, to give one rat fuck for their screams of “racist”. I also note that there have been comments written by some that a civil war may be coming.

If so…let it come.

It will be a war they started.

What’s an “assault pistol”?

After firing on co-workers with an assault pistol during a meeting about 9am Wednesday (2am Thursday AEST), the suspect killed himself when confronted by police

I’ve heard of a starter’s pistol or starters gun.

I’ve heard of an automatic pistol.

I’ve heard of a Sex Pistol.

But…what the living fuck is an ASSAULT pistol???

Did it leap out of its holster and start shooting people?? Is it a Glock (I mean yeah yeah we know to gun grabbers they are ALL Glocks) with a bad temper?

Was it a Kimber having a bad hairtrigger day?

Me confused.

Oh Noes! Killing the Paris Suicide Accord has Doomed, DOOOMED us!

So says this ignorant twunt, writing for Teh Grauniad.

Life here in the US feels surreal lately, like a very bad reality TV show, thanks to Donald Trump.

Are you kidding us? It’s the Best Reality TV Show Evah!™. ProgNazi heads exploding everywhere, every last one of their utterances ensuring that another 10,000 normal people are overcome with a sudden urge to punch them in their thoroughly unlikable, smug faces and rivers of ProgNazi tears running through our streets.

It’s the most fun His Imperial Majesty has had since that one time in Tijuana that we don’t ever talk about anymore.

In no case is this more evident than the president’s decision – and the process and theatre around it – to abandon the Paris climate agreement and nearly every other country in the world.

Let’s face it. Nearly every other country in the world needed abandoning. Just because everybody else seems to be suddenly fascinated with staring down the barrels of fully loaded shotguns with the safety off doesn’t make it a good idea.

The Paris agreement was a groundbreaking deal that allowed each country to decide its own contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Nothing is more groundbreaking than a deal allowing every party to it to follow it if they feel like it. Continue Reading »Oh Noes! Killing the Paris Suicide Accord has Doomed, DOOOMED us!

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