Rottfest Texas 2014!

Ok, it’s official. ROTTFEST TEXAS 2014! Those of you have been to a Rottfest Texas know what it means. Those who haven’t, we pity you (but not much). Fellowship.  Guns.  Booze.  Swimming pool.  Texas BBQ.  Heat.  Sweat.  Conservatism. June 13-15, Benbrook, Texas.  Donations appreciated for food, etc.  Range day and more. RSVP.  BYOB. We will

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Bureaucracy In Action

As most of you know, I recently found myself within the ranks of the unemployed and am really just loving the ever living shit out of dealing with bureaucracy in action. I’ve decided to swallow what little pride I’ve left and apply for whatever crumbs the Lonestar State chooses to give me, but I’m wondering

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Your Saturday Giggle

Seriously? Ray Nagin is offering public officials tips on hurricane preparedness. You can’t make this stuff up.

Radio Tribute To Fallen Heros

OK, I know from experience I can’t get most of you pups to come listen to gospel music. But I’ll bet you’re willing to tune in to a radio tribute to America and her fallen heros this Memorial Day weekend! It all starts today at 3pm Central Time.   That’s 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific, or for the

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Back On The Air – Rottlanche Needed

Believe it or not, Radio CIA is back on the air! C’mon, pups, break my shoutcast server! Tune in at Radio CIA. Click the Listen Now link. Yeah, it’s Christian programming. It won’t hurt you! You might even enjoy it!

Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt

Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store. On this day, back when “centurion” was a rank and not a main battle tank, a future despot entered the world for the first time, noticed that the weather was 20 below with a 100% chance of

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On Comment Moderation

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Numerous people who’ve been commenting for ages find themselves in moderation purgatory and, understandably, wonder “WTF?” The explanation is simple. Akismet does this when we roll over into a new kennel since it needs to “re-learn” a bit. It usually don’t take long and none of your comments

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Prayers Needed

I interrupt the normal programming to let you know that I just learned that Caveman’s wife, Mary, has been admitted to the ICU. From what I understand, she’s got a serious infection which, at the tail end of a round of chemo, is never good news. Any happy thoughts and invocations to the deity of

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