Bacon Sundae? Why Not?

Ice cream. Bacon. ‘Nuff said. Carry on.

Because it’s Schiller, Schiller Night

With a modest dose of sweet, sweet Schadenfreude thrown in for good measure, because few things please us more than seeing socialists kicked in their shriveled genitalia. Few things indeed. Watching them frogmarched to the edge of a freshly dug ditch, made to kneel facing it and being shot in the back of their disgusting,

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Olberdouche “Na Na Na Na” Open Thread

Seeing as how the subject of today seems to be Cock, these joyous news, brought to us by LC Jaybear, deserve a thread of their own. Only thing is: What liberal cockweasel is going to be our go-to for vicious mockery now that Bathtub Keef is gone? Who is going to top Keef “Dramatic Hamster”

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