My Head is Spinning as a Result of all of this “Smart Diplomacy”

While the Left Stream Media are revving up the spin machine with Chris Tingle claiming that none of what happened in Egypt could have happened without Ogabe and Wolf Blitzer hinting that it, as every other wonderful thing in the world, was a direct result of that “masterful” Cairo speech the Messiah gave (Everything bad

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This One is for Hosni

Thanks to ZeektheCruel for inspiring me: [youtube][/youtube]

Is There Some Vital Nuance We’re Missing Here?

You know, with this whole Egypt thing that we’ve kind of sort of following out of the corner of our Imperial Eye. We mean, we know we’re far too simplisme (for the likes of Jacques ChIRAQ anyway) and that we lack the vital nuancing skills that seem to mean “whatever you do, make sure it

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