Fresh Meat

Tax it all

Tax the plastics, and whence they came
Tax your shirt, shoes and briefs
Tax the tires, the paint and fuel with tank
Tax the garden hose, the plumbing and the fences
Tax the glue that hold your teeth
Tax everything from eeevil oil.

Fine you say, I will switch to all cotton, wood, leather and wool,

Paper bags lined with beeswax (all natural of course)

Ceramics and glass as in days of old, but no, can’t use any fuels that greens do not like
But no! Crieth the greens, can’t cut trees, ,harm the sheep, kill cattle or stress the bees
And cotton is evil, needs much water and urea (not to mention slave labor in China)

OK, we go nuclear, energy for cheap, with which we will smelt and weave and make from nature (oh! and Oil is natural as can be).

Nay! That is worse, no nukes, no oil, no nothing at all
Woe to the whales, we shall revert to their rendering for sputtering wicks and light in the eve.
Burn wood for heat, it is renewable you know (except in California).
Walk to work, but Whoa Nellie, there is no longer any work, as production dwindles,
Have meal, if you grow your own, see there will no longer be supermarkets or stores.
Or cooling and heating, with freedom to move
We revert to the 40 year lifespan of hard labor to survive. Law of the jungle returns for sure (hello Chicago).

And lest you doubt this, all greens will be quite tasty, fried up over a wood fire out in the forest, where no one remains to hear their lament.

Oz at the tipping point

I have nothing crafted, long day installing a water heater at son’s place and grandson’s birthday in parallel, whew!

So hie thee over to the Conservative Treehouse and have a look.  Apparently Oz is boiling over while the DC “Insurrection II” false flag op fizzled.

Just say NO!

It would appear that perhaps Nancy Reagan was well ahead of her time with the slogan “just say no” (to drugs). This applies equally to anything being “forced” by a government that exist at the behest of the American citizen.

Either amendments four, nine and ten mean something or do not. The very fact that this regime is trying to force vaccine mandates on federal and private employees, is grounds for removal from office of the entire cabal, including the heads and deputies of those departments engaged in such unlawful acts.

As a refresher, here are the amendments, originally written so as to be free of penumbras and other hidden meanings (attention Roberts, am looking at you!). And while we are at it, let’s get the 16th and 17th repealed, with the 16th reverting to prior language and 17th eliminated completely to be replaced with a 10% fixed flat tax at point of sale for finished goods. Yes, I bring this latter up repeatedly, it is a bug that has pestered me for years.

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The United States Bill of Rights

It can now be said

After much cogitation, rumination and inspection of chicken entrails (assuredly after consuming said chicken exquisitely fried), it has been determined that what is wrong with Washington D.C. is traceable to a single drug now being flooded into the DC , blue state and blue city markets named FUBARBITOL (c).

This product is very likely of Chinese origin and based on Afghan poppy extracts, enhanced with bat drool manipulated by laboratories in Wuhan and transported across the southern border from the failed state (not yet ours) named Meh ee ko, though some seems to filter in from Trudopia in Canuckistan, down to the Pacific Northwest.

It has been shown to cause mass delusion, uncontrolled hysteria, total incompetence and in some cases, actual Tourretes outbursts paired with incontinence. This has been observed first hand in most “Civil Disservice” departments , spokespersons for the current quasi government occupying the capital and even the presumed live occupant of the oval office.

Highly visible in Washington , it has spread to all branches of federal government, captive state media organs ( CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS) and segments of FOX News, not to mention the Pentagon, the (so called) press, institutions of learning and related socialist electronic media companies.

The afflicted are totally disconnected from reality, experience complete loss of rational thought processes, believing themselves deities in charge of the universe with omnipotent words which by simple utterance, change the course of rivers and completely dominate the lower classes (defined as all all who reject their insane behavior or question motives).

Stay sane, focus and direct your ire at the proper targets.

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Eve of Destruction

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The D party library 2021

1) Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky – think of it as their Michelin guide to destroy the Republic.2) The New Progressive Dictionary – only it never gets printed as the word meanings change daily3) Fifty Shades of Penumbra – the definitive guide book for lawyers and justices4) How to Destroy a Country in 100

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