Imagine our surprise:

Russia has vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that declared a planned referendum on the status of Ukraine’s Crimea region “can have no validity” and urged nations and international organisations not to recognise it.

“This is a sad and remarkable moment,” Samantha Power, the American ambassador to the United Nations, said after the vote by the 15-member Security Council.

…and completely UNEXPECTED, of course.

But not to worry, General Steiner’s counterattack, er, the threat of freezing Russian assets in the U.S. will bring this whole mess under control in no ti… What’s that?

Russian companies are pulling billions out of western banks, fearful that any US sanctions over the Crimean crisis could lead to an asset freeze, according to bankers in Moscow.

Sberbank and VTB, Russia’s giant partly state-owned banks, as well as industrial companies, such as energy group Lukoil, are among those repatriating cash from western lenders with operations in the US. VTB has also cancelled a planned US investor summit next month, according to bankers.

Eh… Nevermind then.

But just wait! Soon Der Fubar’s Secret Wunderwaffen will be ready for deployment and Final Victory will be ours!!!

Also, from our dear sestrichka Nicki, some thoughts on just exactly what’s going on in Putin’s mind. Well worth reading.


By Emperor Misha I

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