Reality 1; Ecotards 0 (Or: “Bitchslapped By Reality”)

Yes, Lady Reality hath let loose her ample bowels upon the soft, mushy heads of the Eurotardian Renewable Energy Council Unicorn Farts & Pixie Dust Coalition. It’s a preview of things to come. Go read it over at the link and give Suyts some love. (Keep it clean, please. He runs a pretty “family friendly” Anti-Idiotarian site)

As some obscure writer-type guy once said: “TANSTAAFL” and somebody just had their meal card stamped NO DESSERT!.


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Emperor Misha I
Emperor Misha I

The monument to the wisdom of adopting sustainable energy (meaning freezing in the dark), that throbbing, pulsating energetic powerhouse set to penetrate the folly of DENIERS, turned out to be rather more of a flaccid wiener.


Igor, Imperial Booby
Igor, Imperial Booby

Leave Anthony’s weiner out of this, please, my liege. I beg of you!