Oh, and Something More You Can Continue to Ignore, Ignomericans.

Dear beautiful America, please, stop moving Forward

I now live in Northern California, in the heart of the Bay Area, thousands of miles away from my homeland.

And yet the poison of Soviet propaganda seeps through college dorms just as it did in Soviet classrooms.

Stop a random youth on the street and you’ll find out what he thinks about capitalism (bad!) and communism/socialism (good!). Their favorite news programs are the “Daily Show” and the “Colbert Report,” where comedians reinforce their brainwashing via short, catchy clips.

Walk through Berkeley and you will see wall graffiti of the same hammer and sickle that adorned the big red flags of the Soviet era.

This doesn’t extend to just youths. People of all ages, even acquaintances that I otherwise respect and admire, are like this. They support the “progressive” leader Barack Obama, worship the nanny state, and believe in equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.

They badmouth capitalism and complain that only one percent of the American population has the “American dream.” They buy into the class warfare rhetoric hook, line, and sinker. They want artificially raised minimum wage, government handouts, and believe that Obamacare is the greatest thing since the invention of pockets.

I look at them and the red ties materialize, familiarly, around their necks.

Don’t waste your breath, dear Alyosha, the mooing cattle idiots didn’t listen then, they won’t be listening now. And when the whole shebang collapses and they’re standing in bread lines three blocks down the street, when “health care” means waiting months to have an uneducated butcher hack away at you, when everybody (if they’re lucky) lives in suffocatingly small one bedroom apartments in giant, grey concrete apartment blocks, then they’ll blame somebody else for what they brought upon themselves.

And then they’ll repeat the same bullshit somewhere else.

The one thing they won’t do is listen, because then they’d have to admit that they were every bit as imbecilically wrong as we told them, over and over again, that they were.

Pearls before swine, Alyosha, pearls before swine.



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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Oh I think it will be so interesting if, thanks to those lazy good for nothing scum, things go sideways. They thought they would win the “Revolution,” and were stunned when the people they have been denigrating for so long decided to fight back.

    The survivors will wonder how it could be that those evil capitalistic teabaggers were able to defeat them.
    (Here’s a hint moonbat. Who do you think has all the guns and the knowledge of how to use them?)

    When they are looking down into the pit, full of quick lime and the bodies of all their “Comrades,” and they hear the sounds of a bolt being pulled back, even then, they will still blame someone else.

    At least the worms will eat well of their bloated communist carcasses.

  2. 2

    I have but two words for these people. But to be polite, I will use two gentler words: cultured stupidity. During my military years, with my clearance level, I got to study the lives and culture of the USSR. Yeah, my years were Cold War era. I retired not long after the wall came down, so I recognise this current culture, and I am so violently PISSED OFF that what I spent 20 years of my life protecting this nation against is so gleefully embraced by todays morons. :em08:

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    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician @ #:
    cm, I was IN West Berlin when the wall came down. What worries me is that this crap is starting to sound like something I heard just before that event.

    It came from EAST BERLIN! :em08:

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    I’m going to print this out and mail it to each of my nieces and nephews.

    I suggest that all of you do likewise: via snail mail. Headline it “Letter from a Soviet Refugee.”

    No harm in trying. The tone of the article is just right — not the type to raise hackles, but to encourage thoughtfulness.

    A Polish friend of mine (b. 1956, former Solidarity member, here for 20 years) said the same thing. She added that it makes her very sad to see America going down this road.

    I utterly detest our current Government, and no longer recognize it as American.