A Blogiversary

Rusty over at My Pet Jawa, or The Jawa Report, or whatever he’s calling it this week, is celebrating 10 years of blogging excellence and fatwa’s today. Head on over and spill some grog on his carpet, he likes that. Be nice though, he’s kin.

A shout out to Emperor Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller. The name of this blog owes a little bit to Misha. You see, 10 years ago Misha was directly confronting, well, idiots. He tried to offend them. His url was (and still is) nicedoggie.net. So, I thought something like “Nice Jawa” would be a good name. Then, that old joke, “No, my Jawa doesn’t bite. But that’s not my Jawa!” So …. My Pet Jawa.

Yeah, I know that’s kind of free form thought. But that’s how I named the blog. Thanks Misha!

Misha Birthday Present


  1. 1
    Special Ed growls and barks:

    I was kinda wondering where that cool of a name came from …


  2. 2

    Uhmm, that would “foist”. Dint noone teach y’all hows ta spell.

  3. 3
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Great blog, the Jawa Report!

    I thought the Rotties would find this interesting: “What I Saw at the Coup,” by Matt Bracken.



  4. 4
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Tallulah @ #:

    “What I Saw at the Coup,” by Matt Bracken.

    That has been out for a while. He also did another one, the title fleeing from me in great haste, regarding how 6-8 people could break up a flash mob riot numbering thousands.

  5. 5
    LC/IB PrimEviL growls and barks:

    And Monet just rolled over in his grave…