Fat Old Bald RINO Most Certainly Gone Insane

Imagine what His Imperial Majesty thought when he read this baffling bullshit, fresh from the flapping jaws of RINOcrat Karl Rove.

“I don’t think the tea party is going to seize upon Fort Lee and the George Washington Bridge as their defining difference for Chris Christie,” Rove said. “In fact, I think his handling of this, being straightforward, taking action, saying I’m responsible, firing the people, probably gives him some street cred with tea party Republicans who say ‘That’s what we want in a leader, someone who steps up and takes responsibility.’”

You can try, but you won’t succeed. Words cannot describe our incredulity that anything bipedal could be that utterly, completely ignorant of reality. Or perhaps bitterly clinging to the fifteen tubs of Crisco that he’d been looking forward to greasing his Golden Boy Kris Krispy’s flabby body with in preparation for ’16.

Then again, this is the same Einstein who pissed away the GOP ascendancy from 2000-2006, which is much like fucking up boiling water, and then went on to brilliantly foist losers McStain and RomneyCare on us. The same towering intellect and “strategist” whose organization, American Crosstoads, er roads, pissed away over $100,000,000 of their clients’ money in return for a stunning “success” rate of… 1.3%

Yes, O Mighty Rove, Kris Krispy has everything we Tea Partiers clamor for in a leader: A gun-grabbing, glowbull wormening-endorsing, illegal immigration-supporting, Ogabe-slobbering fuckwit who knows how to make ordinary, innocent people suffer when he can’t have his way.

He utterly and completely won us over with that temper tantrum of his, just as we gave up our half a decade long fight against Comrade Zero and embraced socialism the moment he made little old ladies piss themselves on a bus in Yellowstone because Weepy Boner hesitated more than five minutes before he agreed to give him everything he wanted. That moment, that very moment is when we realized that what really got our juices flowing and, ahem, hardened our resolve was a leader who dared punish the weak for things they had nothing to do with, just to show everybody who’s boss.

It’s fucking amazing that your Clown Circus even managed to break one percent in 2012. Somebody must have been handing out pity fucks that night.

Elsewhere, Allahpundit is creaming himself a bit, thinking that his darling Rove might be on to something.

Don’t stop believing, Allahpundit…


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January 14, 2014 07:43

In-fuckin-credible that the old shrivelled up piece of shit thinks that I (or any real conservative) would vote for this fat bastard because he fired someone when they got CAUGHT! Oh NOES elevety1. Jackass, I will vote for someone you like right after I have my frontal lobotomy, or is that finish the bottle in front of me? Maybe both.

January 14, 2014 08:02

As a NJ resident who is also a proud TEA Party member, I have to say the old boy is out of his cotton picking mind. Christie has ZERO credibility with us NJ TEA Party types. We dislike him with great vigor and are only mildly sticking up for him only because of the Statist onslaught and the opportunity it… Read more »

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.
LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.
January 14, 2014 08:04

Somebody piss test that fool.

BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK)
BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK)
January 14, 2014 08:50

Translation: “I don’t think the tea party’s opinion of Fort Lee and the George Washington Bridge is going to make one bit of difference for Chris Christie. In fact, I think his handling of this, being straightforward, taking action, saying I’m responsible, firing the people, and the fact that we are the ones who really pull the strings when it… Read more »

LC SecondMouse
LC SecondMouse
January 14, 2014 10:48

Rove is to the Tea Party what a fish is to a bicycle. Creatures like Karl Rove are clear and overwhelming proof that the Republican Party no longer serves the interests of the American people. Rove and others like him have made fortunes skimming money off of the huge political machine that federal politics has become, and this machine has… Read more »

January 14, 2014 19:09

Alternate translation: “Fuck the tea party. Who the hell else are they going to have to vote for???”

Nobody – or our favorite execution implement if the choice is between two democrats again. Fuck the establishment dick-suckers, they play chicken with the tea-party and they’re liable to end up testing the airbags on their Volvo..

LC Nicki the Resident Misanthropic Bitch
LC Nicki the Resident Misanthropic Bitch
January 15, 2014 06:55

I’m still kind of doubtful about Hillary. I know she wants to run, and yes, she probably will, but I keep thinking she’s going to be 70 when her first term starts (if she wins), and she’s had some health issues. There’s a rational part of me that thinks she may not be able to physically maintain what’s needed in… Read more »