The new and improved ObamaCare – Now even more addictive!!

You just can’t make this stuff up… One has to wonder – is this damn law so unpopular that even drug dealers are making mock of it now?

Bags of Heroin labeled “Obama Care”

Random Thoughts on “Obama Care”:

  • Damn, can’t a body even get high anymore without King Bammy sticking his nose in?
  • Obama Care – Now with even more addiction !
  • Obama Care – That shit will kill you man!!
  • Obama Care – Now with a death panel in every bag !
  • Obama Care – The Horse with a Jackass Name
  • Obama Care – Recommended by 4 out of 5 Junkies!
  • Obama Care – Wrecking lives since 2010!
  • Obama Care – The opiate of the masses!

Just saw that over at Thought it was funny- in a sad sort of way I suppose. But anyhell- its the weekend, and after the last few day’s battles, I thought I’d put up an open thread. Have at it.



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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    And in other news: the director of Oregon’s Obamacare exchange just resigned — after spending over $160,000,000.00 of Oregonians’ money on building their website — and NOT SIGNING UP ONE PERSON.


    (see Jammie Wearin’ Fool.)

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    And, since it is from Obama, it will cost four times as much and give you the same buzz as that $1 cup of coffee.
    I understand that Pajama boy will announce he uses it for added flavor in his cocoa. No word on the “Prancing men” as yet.

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    LC Darth Scoundrel growls and barks:

    The hell of it is…the heroin is probably better for you than regular Obamacare…

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    And heroin’s cheaper to boot.

    Dope ain’t thrifty – Obamacare makes it look like coupon day at Dollar General.

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    Turn that frown upside down fellow serfs!!! The folks over at Bloomberg are offering some snarky advice to the aging hipster-wanna-be-boomer-prog-Nazi’s infesting the government. Some great tips here on sure-fire ways to solve ALL your Sham-WOWmacare problems:

    Make Obamacare Cool, or Make It Hurt
    By Caroline Baum

    First, announce and advertise that everyone between the ages of 18 and 34 who enrolls on the health-care exchanges by the end of the year is automatically entered in a lottery. Winners will receive everything from a free iPhone or iPad to a full-year of health-care underwritten by Uncle Sam. Refer a friend and get a discount. Buy one (year), get one free. In states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use — Colorado and Washington — by all means, throw in a bag of cannabis.

    That’s right comrades! Just sign away your life for a dime-bag! Brilliant! Now, naturally, a person with a 2nd grade comprehension of mathematics might realize the scales don’t exactly balance here, but then again, Jugg-Ears Hussein DID get re-elected… sooooooo….

    Naturally…. where there is a carrot…

    Whoever was responsible for setting the Accountable Care Act penalty — a tax, according to the Supreme Court — wasn’t thinking because it’s much too low: $95 a person, or 1 percent of taxable income, whichever is greater, beginning next year. The penalty rises sharply after that. But if the point is to create an onrush of enrollees at the start, the penalty rate is cheaper for many young, healthy individuals than the premium cost of a health-care policy.

    …..there’s also a stick…

    Of course! Raise the penalties, and we should probably give the IRS the power to seize any needed assets, rather than just tax returns. Filthy little peasants after all need to learn what’s best for the collective good.

    I kid, I kid. Anyways, it’s a funny article. Read it all at the link.

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    Cannon Fodder growls and barks:

    Obama Care – The opiate of the unwashed masses!

    Fixed it!

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    Library Czar growls and barks:

    Hemp your point is well taken kind of. Perhaps if Romney had explained to the 18 to 34 crowd just how much obama was going to cost them by reelecting him would they still have sucked the obamessiahs cock so readily? Then again Obamacare was just romney care in a Trojan donkey rather than a Trojan elephant. And it was not even prelubricated.

  8. 8
    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    The Republicans had to get Mr. Electable. The one guy in the universe that could not fight against Obamacare. They changed rules, threw out votes, split the conservative base one candidate at a time, all so their east-coast RINO mush could get the nomination.

    Why… if I didn’t know better, I’d say the RePubics eiher wanted to lose, or were not very sincere about this whole “repeal” thing…

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    On going, nearly permanent unemployment benefits does not in anyway “help the economy”. It results in people being unemployed so long that their ability to get another job is damaged. They need to be on unemployed for a short a period of time as possible to encourage them to get back to work. Someone, I don’t recall who, suggested that the benefits be reduced monthly until there are none left. This gives the unemployed a fall back while being aware the benefits are going away and getting them back in the job market. That’s how you re-build the economy, at least part of what is necessary along with cutting taxes and getting rid of odorous regulations and getting rid of departments like EPA and HHS who are allowed to write their own laws (unconstitutional to say the least)
    If ya gotta provide amnesty because the country needs more people in the labor force why would there be even one person unemployed? Why would anyone in the country legally need a higher minimum wage?

  10. 10
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    I did not write this however I am forwarding!!!!
    This will make you sick!

    I’m a 54 year old consulting engineer and make between $60,000 and $125,000 per year, depending on how hard I work and
    whether or not there are work projects out there for me.My girlfriend is 61 and makes about $18,000 per year, working as a
    part-time mail clerk. For me, making $60,000 a year, under ObamaCare, the cheapest, lowest grade policy I can buy, which also happens to impose a $5,000 deductible, costs $482 per month. For my girlfriend, the same exact policy, same deductible, costs $1 per month. That’s right, $1 per month. I’m not making this up. Don’t believe me? Just go to , the ObamaCare website for California and enter the parameters I’ve mentioned above and see for yourself. By the way, my zip code is 93940. You’ll need to enter that.

    So OK, clearly ObamaCare is a scheme that involves putting the cost burden of healthcare onto the middle and upper-income wage earners. But there’s a lot more to it.Stick with me.And before I make my next points, I’d like you to think about something:
    I live in Monterey County, in Central California. We have a large land mass but just 426,000 residents – about the population of
    Colorado Springs or the city of Omaha.But we do have a large Hispanic population, including a large number of illegal aliens, and to serve this group we have Natividad Medical Center, a massive, Federally subsidized county medical complex that takes up an area
    about one-third the size of the Chrysler Corporation automobile assembly plant in Belvedere, Illinois (see Google Earth View). Natividad has state-of-the-art operating rooms, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, fully equipped, 24 hour emergency room, and much more.If you have no insurance, if you’ve been in a drive-by shooting or have overdosed on crack cocaine, this is where you go. And it’s essentially free, because almost everyone who ends up in the ER is uninsured.

    Last year, 2,735 babies were born at Natividad. 32% of these were born to out-of-wedlock teenage mothers, 93% of which were Hispanic. Less than 20% could demonstrate proof of citizenship, and 71% listed their native language as Spanish. Of these 876 births, only 40 were covered under [any kind of] private health insurance. The taxpayers paid for the other 836.And in case you were wondering about the entire population – all 2,735 births – less than 24% involved insured coverage or even partial payment on
    behalf of the patient to the hospital in exchange for services.Keep this in mind as we move forward.

    Now consider this:If I want to upgrade my policy to a low-deductible premium policy, such as what I had with my last employer, my cost is $886 per month. But my girlfriend can upgrade her policy to the very same level, for just $4 per month. That’s right, $4 per month. $48 per year for a zero-deductible,premium healthcare policy – the kind of thing you get when you work at IBM (except of course,IBM employees pay an average of $170 per month out of pocket for their coverage).

    I mean, it’s bad enough that I will be forced to subsidize the ObamaCare scheme in the first place. But even if I agreed with the basic scheme,which of course I do not, I would *never* agree to subsidize premium policies. If I have to pay $482 a month for a budget policy, I sure as hell do not want the guy I’m subsidizing to get a better policy, for less than 1% of what I have to fork out each month for a low-end policy.Why must I pay $482 per month for something the other guy gets for a dollar? And why should the other guy get to buy an $886 policy for $4 a month? Think about this: I have to pay $10,632 a year for the same thing that the other guy can get for $48. $10,000 of net income is 60 days of full time work *as an engineer*. $48 is something I could pay for collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles, one day a month.

    Are you with me on this? Are you starting to get an idea what ObamaCare is really about? ObamaCare is not about dealing with inequities in the healthcare system.That’s just the cover story. The real story is that it is a massive,political power grab. Do you think anyone who can insure himself with a premium policy for $4 a month will vote for anyone but the political party that provides him such a deal? ObamaCare is about enabling,subsidizing,and expanding the Left’s political power base, at taxpayer expense. Why
    would I vote for anyone but a Democrat if I can have babies for $4 a month? For that matter, why would I go to college or strive for a better job or income if it means I have to pay real money for healthcare coverage? Heck,why study engineering when I can be a schlub for $20K per year and buy a new F-150 with all the money I’m saving?

    And think about those $4-a-month babies – think in terms of propagation models. Think of just how many babies will be born to irresponsible,under-educated mothers. Will we get a new crop of brain surgeons and particle physicists from the dollar baby club, or will we need more cops,criminal courts and prisons? One thing you can be certain of: At $4 a month, they’ll multiply, and multiply, and multiply. And not one of them will vote Republican.

    ObamaCare: It’s all about political power.

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    Don’t unemployment benefits go down over time already? Or is that a state by state thing.

  12. 12
    LC Staci GBOR growls and barks:

    It’s a state thing funded by unemployment insurance paid into by state businesses. Each state has a max,I it a d the covered period is 12 months and based on a maximum payout. The extension is based on funds from a federal level. You have to reapply and qualify for the extension once you have depleted your max payout or 12 months, whichever comes first. It is one of the areas ripe with fraud. Most especially the ones tapping into the extended version.

    And the rates are based on state set limits and determined by pay. State follow up weakens after it goes to tap in federal level.

    I may be off regarding time limits but this is based on fraud work I have done. Some states it pays almost as much as the lost job (some states) and others next to nothing.

  13. 13
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Obama is the most despicable, incompetent and dishonest president in all American history. The only thing protecting him from impeachment and prosecution is his skin color.