More Pizza for the IDF

No, not for military strikes against jihadis

For this.

As a resident of the Pacific Rim, as a citizen of the Oceanic region..and as a human being that knows, respects and cares for our friends in the Philppines…thank you.

Your kindness and compassion will be remembered.




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    LCBrendan growls and barks:

    And as expected.

    The Arab states, Jordan, Saudi Arabia..sent what they always did in times of need.


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    readerjp growls and barks:

    It makes me proud to be a Jew. This is what Judaism is all about. Helping others, charity, repairing the world, kindness.

    The IDF is always first with the rescue teams, and constructs the best field hospitals. Some dr. on NBC was amazed at how good they were.

    And here is another example.

    Israel acknowledges sending humanitarian supplies to Syria.

    “We can’t sit by and watch the humanitarian difficulties on the other side,” Yaalon said. “We’ve transferred water, food, including baby food, taking into consideration that these villages are besieged and they don’t have access to any other place. So therefore yes, we are assisting with humanitarian aid along the fence.”

    Israel and Syria are bitter enemies, and Israel has avoided taking sides in the Syrian fighting that pits President Bashar Assad’s government against rebels seeking to oust it. Still, dozens of wounded Syrians have been treated at Israeli hospitals. Last month, a pregnant Syrian woman escaping the bloodshed gave birth in an Israeli hospital.

    And that doesn’t tell the whole story. Druse in Syria are begging to join their Druse brothers in Israel. Incidentally, the Druse are proud soldiers in the IDF, renowned as trackers.

    And Israel must tear off all tags in Hebrew, because Syrians hate Israel so much.

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    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    In the course of my career in the Military and out, it has been my privilege and I do mean privilege to interact with many IDF and civilian TechWeenies from the proud state of Israel. I judge them as I do Jarheads here in the US (bite it crunchie), “There are no Better Friends and no Worse Enemies.”

    If you are friendly there is nothing that they will not do to help. Never been on their bad side, just got to see it!

    If I had to go to war with an IDF Grunt at my side, I could damn sure trust my back! :em01:

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    Absolutely brilliant. Everything else that’s on their plate, no bigger than they are as a nation, and there is still time and ability for this. Shalom!