I stumbled across this recently on a progressive website laughing at the “meltdown” of the Right’s “wing nuts” following the election of 2008. I couldn’t help but wonder if they all feel the same way now?

Still joyous that the incompetent community organizer has brought to pass exactly what we predicted he would? Compare how you feel now with how you felt then. I know history isn’t your strong suit particularly when the promises of free shit from Ogabe’s stash are being offered.

The site was entitled “Sadly No” and I won’t give the assholes the traffic linking them here. The point is that we were 1000 percent dead-nuts on about the turn we took then and foolishly again in 2012. Karma is a bitch that always, always provides payback to those that call her out. I thought y’all might enjoy reading what we predicted 5 years ago. Teh Suck™ of being Conservative is being so damnably correct all the time. Progressives are never wrong, their best laid plans that utterly fail are always Someone Else’s™ fault right?

From: Emperor Misha I
To: D. Aristophanes, Pamela Geller, LC JackBoot IC/A-OBR, Debbie Schlussel, Dafydd ab Hugh, Warrior, J. Grant Swank
Subject: Hung Over?
Posted Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008, at 11:13 AM ET
So now that we’re all done hyperventilating, where do we go from here?

Well, remember how we all talked about in the past how if that sumbitch commie, terrorist-sympathizing usurper really managed to pull it off and buy/cheat/steal his way to the White House, we’d all buck up, assess the situation on the ground and transition into the decidedly disloyal opposition?

It’s not an ‘if’ anymore. Welcome to the jungle. You’re now behind enemy lines with all odds against you, everyone is a potential enemy and you’re facing a long, uphill, seemingly hopeless battle. Welcome to dissent in a socialist country. It’s a fucked up mission, but it’s winnable. More importantly, we can’t NOT win it, because we’re just not wired that way. Defeat is not an option. Death might be, but defeat isn’t. Because that would be worse.

Feeling cheered up yet? I didn’t think so either, because you shouldn’t be. It sucks. Embrace it. It ain’t gonna change unless you make it so. Now you know how I and people like myself used to feel, which is something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, much less my friends. But we’re still around, and so will you be, if you buck up and bring it.

So let’s quickly summarize the extent of The Suck, shall we? We’re now looking at the reign of an illegitimate usurper who has made a joke of the election process in this country. He has feloniously gathered hundreds of millions in illegal contributions, he has used his arm, the so-called ‘press’ to do his business by refusing to do the people’s business which is to vet people and ask questions, he has used uniformed thugs to intimidate voters at polling stations, he has used corrupt organizations and willing accomplices in state governments to illegally register ineligible people (quite a few of them dead and/or imaginary) to vote, and those are just some of his crimes against our Republic.

So where does that leave us?

Well, there are a LOT of us. We may be scattered, we’ll have to work on that, but there are a lot of us. We’re also quite committed to the ideals upon which our Republic was founded, to the point where we really don’t give a shit whether we survive, we care only about what our ancestors fought and died for, and long may it live.

We know our neighborhoods, we’re intimately familiar with every nook and cranny of them. We know our enemy and we know how to identify him if he tries to hide. And, most of all, we know that we’re right. Because we have the truth on our side.

Assessment of the enemy? We know that he controls the media, so don’t ever trust a word coming out of them. Never talk to a journalist and never listen to one either. They’re the enemy. We know that he controls the school system, because we were idiots enough to let them take it over. Work with your children and teach them well. De-programming is a bitch, but you have to do it. They’ll be continuing to do what they’ve done for decades while we were complacently letting them, which is ‘getting them when they’re young’. And we know, but we already knew that, that government is NOT your friend. It’ll get even worse now, but just keep that in mind. They’re the enemy. They long ago betrayed their oath to our sacred Constitution, and they’re not to be trusted. In any way.

And here is the good news: At the top of that hierarchy, they have a neophyte empty suit now. A clown who, while capable of reciting every word that Bill Ayers ever wrote from memory, has absolutely zero experience in how to run a country. Or a hot dog stand, for that matter. Unlike his ideological forefathers, the National Socialists and Soviet Communists, he doesn’t have a solid machinery and the experience already in place to run it. He’ll fuck up so bad every day that it’ll almost be too easy to skewer his ignorant ass. That dumbass fuckhead is in so far over his head that it’s not even funny.

It’s going to be nasty, but it’s going to be short. If we all buckle up and get ready to fight that usurper, Reichsführer Hussein, every step of the way. Now get up and fight, dammit. Against tyranny and for liberty and justice. I will never take a knee to a tyrant and cheat.

I would rather die.

From: LC JackBoot IC/A-OBR
To: D. Aristophanes, Pamela Geller, Emperor Misha I, Debbie Schlussel, Dafydd ab Hugh, Warrior, J. Grant Swank
Subject: OK, Shitheads You Got What You Wanted
Posted Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008, at 12:27 PM ET
Fortunately the Emperor has already made his statement on this site, and in accordance with his style he did it with eloquence and panache. That allows me to play the role of ‘bad cop’ much more suited to my personal preferences.

To my former fellow citizens, you pansy-ass, welfare-loving, sit-on-your-ass and wait for the gubmint to send you a few alms in a check, you got what you wanted and a hearty fuck-you very much from the rest of us, simply trying to get by on our own, sans any help from limp-dicks in D.C.

You made your choice and guess what ass-hats? You now get to share the misery with the rest of us, that is until REAL Americans and adults take the country back.

You refused to pay attention or if you did, you bought the socialist, nanny-state line of utter bullshit that if you vote for the Magic Negro™ he would make life a bowl of chocolate ice cream with cherries on top for everyone. You’re in for a big surprise and decidely NOT what you expect.

Of course now that the Race Card is well and truly destroyed, with a hafrican picking out color schemes for the Oval Office, the left is still playing the race card, if you voted for the Annointed One, and you’re not of the same skin color you were voting for the lack of melanin, not the other side. So, on that issue the Official Line is fuck y’all, you’re still racists and didn’t really vote for a black man into the WH. Feel better now? Is your white guilt assuaged? Think again, because they aren’t about to let you off the hook on that one, dumbasses.

What we all can thank you for is that you did vote for misery for all. Think we’re bluffing, let us know in say, oh about 12 months from now, or less. When the jihadists cast their absentee ballots for Hussein, and we experience the FIRST (and not the last attack) here on American soil or unemployment climbs to 15% or more and you’re paying $5/gallon+ at the gas station, you can take comfort that you took part in it. Spreading misery after all, is part and parcel of Socialist doctrine, unless you’re one of the Chosen. (Try reading Robert A. Heinlein’s masterpiece: Farnham’s Freehold and you’ll get that one).

When Pax America is no longer the world’s only superpower and we have the credibility of say, Andorra on the world stage, you’ll feel you had a part in it right?

When our military is disarmed and all wearing Blue-Helmets commanded by the Jamjaweed General of the Week, you can thank yourselves for re-entering the World Community and feel ohh so much better about yourself.

Go ahead, laugh your asses of at We The People that tried to make you see the light, toss whatever slurs, slanders and what have you at us, but we still stand steadfast in keeping America the Last Great Hope for the World.

Have your fun, hell have more than your share of fun, but mark THESE words, a day of reckoning will come and you’d best be on the right side of that one. I know you don’t believe in Christianity as it’s an outdated, primitive culture, but if that’s the case it can’t hurt you to read the Book of Revelations now can it? Try it on for size and exercise your tiny, infantile, hold-your-hand out for handouts brains to grasp what it says and ponder the implications.

Enjoy your day in the Sun, cavorting with purple dinosaurs, hope, change and singing kumbayah, while it lasts and trust us, it won’t be all that long.

Just in case you didn’t read it correctly the first time (I know reading isn’t your strong suit) Fuck you all very much, now bring it on, it’s only the first quarter and you got the first down. Have a ball until the ferryman demands payment.

The ferryman has come indeed and millions will be forced by “Hope and Change” to pay the ticket. You chose to be the pawns in a game that has seen nothing but Epic Fail throughout history.

Still so smug about being part of something historic? *crickets chirping*

I thought so.


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