Here’s the Nevada Pederast, Harry “Candy Van” Screed (we’ve heard that from somebody that we absolutely won’t tell you who is, except to tell you that it’s up to Harry to prove him or her wrong) explaining to us how doing away with the filibuster in judicial nominations is just about the single most low, horrible, fascist thing utterly contrary to what this nation is all about that anybody could possibly do:

Of course, that was all of 8 years ago when some Eeevul Rethuglican had mentioned doing so as a way to get past the Socialist Democrat minority (led by Harry Pederast Candy Van Screed) blocking all of George W Bush’s nominees.

Now, on the other hand, things have changed completely, since we’re now talking about a way to get past the Republican minority blocking some of Ear Leader’s nominees, and they’re all racists anyway, so bring out the airbrushes and let’s rewrite history again:

The Senate went nuclear on Thursday, making a dramatic change to the Senate rules for confirming judicial and executive nominees and significantly curbing the power of the minority party.

Under the new rules, only a simple majority would be needed to clear a procedural hurdle in the approval process for executive nominees and judicial nominees. Currently, 60 votes are required to clear that hurdle, which gives the minority party the power to filibuster and block nominees of whom they disapprove…

In the past several weeks, Republicans have filibustered three nominees to the District of Columbia Circuit Court, prompting Reid to call for an end to the “gridlock” and move forward with the rules change…

“It’s time to change,” Reid said. “It’s time to change the Senate before this institution becomes obsolete.”

We can’t really improve on Treacher’s line here:

Whenever a Democrat stands on principle, it’s only to hold it down and keep it from running off anywhere until he can kill it.

Remember, children: The only good socialist is a dead socialist, and every time one of them dies, it makes the Baby Jesus smile.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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