Meanwhile, in the Führerbunker

As the cheap communist concrete is chipping and raining down over his head, Ear Leader reaches out to his Useless Idiots for moral support:

A downbeat President Barack Obama Führer repeatedly asked his worried supporters Monday night to help resurrect his spirits, following weeks of political disasters and personal humiliations caused by the cascading collapse of Obamacare the Eastern front. The distracted president Führer railed against opponents disobedient, traitorous generals and at one point appeared to forget the number of people divisions in the Obamacare system Wehrmacht during the rambling quarter-hour address.

We may have edited that a little bit. Because we could.

“I’ve never lost faith in our ability to get this done… you guys have lifted me up, and lifted each other up at every step of the way, and I know you’re going to just keep on doing that,” he said during his 14-minute sermon.

‘We have experienced discouragement and setbacks and naysayers every step of the way, but you know when you’re on the right side of something, then it gives you energy, it gives you motivation,” he said.

The Most Intelligent, Resolute, Strong Leader in All of the History of Mankind™ crying in his beet soup and begging his cultists for a hug to lift his spirits.

You know what? We retract the Führer allegations earlier. They’re not fair.

To Hitler. At least he had the courage to suck start his Walther PPK when his insanity blew up in his face.

Thatisall and, by the way, open thread.


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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    Your Rottie-riffic Viciousness must have heard that Harry Screed & his Senate Demagogues gave gone nuclear.

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    bruce growls and barks:

    ear leader would rather suck something else!!!!! :em05:

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    Library Czar growls and barks:

    “I’ve never lost faith in our ability to get this done… you guys have lifted me up, and lifted each other up at every step of the way, and I know you’re going to just keep on doing that,” he said during his 14-minute sermon.

    Sermon? WTF? They really do consider him the Messiah.

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    Also – unlike Obama, Hitler actually did *improve* the lives of the common German (for a while, at least).

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalizes married couples by making it more difficult than unmarried couples to receive subsides. Under the new law, couples living together who are not married could save up to $10,000 more than a married couple.

    The ACA requires married couples to combine income and prohibits them from filing as two individuals, while an unmarried couple living together can file as two individuals. Consequently, this disparity creates a disadvantage for couples who choose marriage.

    The ACA dictates that subsides are based on income. The less you earn, the more money you can get from the government to pay for health insurance. In order to receive a government subside, a married couple must earn less than $62,040. Therefore, a married couple with each spouse making $35,000 annually for a combined income of $70,000 dollars would not qualify for a healthcare subside. In contrast, an unmarried couple with each partner making $40,000 for a combined income of $80,000 could qualify for thousands of dollars in subsides.

    Heritage Foundation senior research fellow Robert Rector considers this as an inherent bias. In an interview with the Deseret News, he remarked, “It’s a system that preferentially rewards the exact same people for not being married… It’s as if they took the income tax code and took away all the tables that relate to married couples.”

    Rector does not think this inequity is random but rather that the tax law was formulated on ideological grounds. He claims that unmarried couples often vote Democrat and married couples lean Republican.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    KXII: GAINESVILLE, TEXAS — A Gainesville family is fighting for their childrens’ lives. Ronald and Krista Alford’s two children, Hunter and Mikayla, were born with extremely rare types of cancer. Now, seven years into fighting that battle, they’ve been hit with a new one: their children’s insurance has been cancelled, affecting Hunter’s chemotherapy. News 12’s Allison Harris brings us their story of struggle and strength. Hunter Alford is due for his next round of chemo. As of right now, his mom Krista says, he’s unlikely to get it.

    “Since his insurance was dropped, we’re thinking about cancelling his chemotherapy,” Krista Alford said.

    The 7-year-old, who loves playing games on his iPad, is reportedly the youngest person to have his type of cancer. Hunter has Plexiform Hishocyne Neoplasm. The Alford’s are in a battle with children’s medicaid — or CHIP — Hunter’s insurance. Krista says, despite receiving a new, renewed insurance card, the agency told her they dropped his insurance. “I called them and they said we were dropped October 31st,” Krista said. Krista says an insurance agent told her that Hunter’s information got lost when they made changes under the new Affordable Care Act. Now, Krista is on a mission to re-gain that insurance, but they’re running out of time before his next chemo treatment, and the agent says they can’t expedite.

    “The lady’s like, the only way we can expedite is if your son was pregnant and in labor, or if he was an illegal,” Krista said.

    Hunter’s chemo would cost $50,000 without insurance.For now, the Gainesville community is pulling together, raising money to pay for Hunter’s chemo. Krista says she’s touched, but still worried for her children. “This is my son’s life on the line and I don’t want him to have to fight with cancer his whole life. That’s all he knows is cancer,” Krista said. To donate to the Heroes for Hunter online fundraising campaign click here. To find out more about Angels for Hunter visit the facebook page Angels for Hunter

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    False job numbers: Did the White House know?

    By John Crudele

    Did White House know about fabricated and manipulated job numbers before 2012 election?

    Let me be the first to ask: Did the White House know that employment reports were being falsified?

    Last week I reported exclusively that someone at the Census Bureau’s Philadelphia region had been screwing around with employment data. And that person, after he was caught in 2010, claimed he was told to do so by a supervisor two levels up the chain of command.

    On top of that, a reliable source whom I haven’t identified said the falsification of employment data by Census was widespread and ongoing, especially around the time of the 2012 election.

    There’s now a congressional investigation of how Census handles employment data. And we can hope that we’ll find out this was just an isolated incident.

    But let me tell you why it might not be.

    Back in 2009 — right before the 2010 census of the nation was taken — there was an announcement that the Obama administration had decided that the Census Bureau would report to senior White House aides.

    The rumor was that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was in charge of the nationwide head count.

    The chief of the Commerce Department usually oversees the Census, which determines how many congressional representatives and how much money each state gets for the next decade. But the Obama administration had decided — the story went — that Emanuel was a better guy for the job.

    The idea that a political creature like Emanuel would be calling the shots on how states would be redistricted in coming elections sent Republicans into a tizzy.

    “This is nothing more than a political land grab,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

    Other Republicans expressed similar dismay. And the tension got so high that Judd Gregg, a Republican senator from New Hampshire, even withdrew his nomination to be Commerce secretary. (Gary Locke assumed that post.)

    And why wouldn’t the Republicans be bothered? Even though the average American might think the census is nothing more than a nuisance, by Washington’s two most important standards — votes and money — it’s anything but.

    So here’s where my story picks up.

    Back in 2010, I started getting reports that the Census Bureau had some very unusual hiring practices. Census takers and supervisors — at risk of heavy fines — were reporting to me that large numbers of people were being hired only to be fired shortly afterward. And then rehired.

    I theorized at the time that Census was trying to make the job-creation totals look better nationwide in those bleak months leading up to the midterm congressional elections.

    This employment policy seemed too coordinated. The regional higher-ups at Census couldn’t be doing this on their own; there had to be a grander plan.

    I still don’t know what was going on.

    But then I heard about the falsification in Philly. This time, however, it wasn’t the employment numbers that were being doodled with. This time it was the unemployment data, which are gathered at the Census Bureau and handed over raw to the Labor Department.

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself on this, but Philadelphia is pretty close to Washington, DC. And the census taker who was caught cheating — a guy named Julius Buckmon — had been canvassing the DC area when he was filling out forms for people who didn’t exist.

    And the Census Bureau had been inexplicably downsized in recent years from eight regions to only six, giving more control to whoever had seized control.

    The supervisor who was fingered by Buckmon did admit that he told other survey takers to hand in half-filled-out interviews. And the White House always has pretty good influence at the Census Bureau, even if it didn’t get its wish for Emanuel.

    Maybe it’s just my deeply ingrained distrust of authority — especially when it resides in Washington — or my hope that a good story will last, but I’m betting 60/40 that the White House had grand plans for Census. And some of those may have been carried ou

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Sen. Sessions slams Obama, CEOs on immigration
    3:51 PM 11/25/2013

    Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions wants wealthy CEOs to butt out of immigration policy.

    “America is not an oligarchy… A Republic must answer to the people,” Sessions said today, in a direct response to President Barack Obama’s latest effort to get wealthy California CEOs to increase their support for his unpopular push for increased immigration.

    “Congressional leaders must forcefully reject the notion, evidently accepted by the president, that a small cadre of CEOs can tailor the nation’s entire immigration policy to suit their narrow interests,” Sessions declared in a populist statement that contradicts the media’s image of Republican coziness with CEOs.

    Sessions’ statement was released shortly before Obama used a San Francisco speech to ask friendly high-tech CEOs in California to revive his failing effort to pass an immigration-boosting bill.

    The bill has been blocked by top GOP leaders in the House, who are trying to balance donors’ demands for more workers with voters’ demands for more jobs.

    Obama has been working with top CEOs since summer to push the Senate’s immigration expansion that would welcome 30 million immigrants, plus millions of temporary guest workers, over the next decade.

    That influx would import roughly one immigrant or guest-worker for every American aged 11 to 21, or one immigrant for every American teenager in 2012. Current law allows 1 million immigrants and 700,000 guest workers to enter the country each year.

    The push is being supported by numerous billionaires, including New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg