Princess Hissy Fit Orders Troops Out to Re-Barackade WWII Memorial

Because obviously, in spite of the Republicans DESTROYING US ALL, there’s money enough for THAT:

Not pictured: Nuremberg

Not pictured: Nuremberg

Funny, isn’t it?

Here you have two violators of the Oath “just following orders” to block off a memorial to hundreds of thousands of Americans who gave their lives to defeat totalitarian fascists who were…

Just following orders.

Think about it.



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    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    The Stupid has now reached flood stage. It is impossible to follow all of it, let alone report on all of it, in spite of the Emperor’s valiant efforts of late. The United States of America is now routinely hemorrhaging cash to fraud and political favoritism by the billions and billions of dollars, shedding jobs by the thousands, and is seeing its international credibility completely evaporate due to policy overreach after policy mistake, imperiling American interests at home and overseas. The reserve currency status of the dollar, which for decades has allowed us to postpone the consequences of accumulating so much debt and deficit, is dissolving as nation after nation seeks alternatives to trusting our rapidly weakening currency.

    The ObamaCare implementation is an unprecedented disaster, further imperiling the weakened economy and wasting millions of dollars. Meanwhile, the administration massages the data and hides the truth about the disastrous consequences of current policy on our economy, as incomes continue to fall, dependency skyrockets and the middle class vanishes. They are actively aided and abetted by a marching army of committed statist presstitutes, whose tactical ignorance and delusionally impassioned spin envelope the current administration in a fantasy of competence and good will, while painting the few earnest conservatives who would rescue them from their folly as terrorists.

    While the vast majority of our elected politicians in D.C. work to protect their own interests, the Fed, with the support of their bought and paid for government stooges, continues to transfer our wealth to the uber-rich owners of the major banking institutions that control the Fed through quantitative easing and money-printing-driven inflation which dilutes the few dollars we do own.

    The inevitable outcome of all of this insanity hastens today to meet us, borne in the minds and mouths of the fools who lead this country, certain that they are at last the anointed ones who can ignore the accounting, deny human nature and make the totalitarian welfare state a panacea for everyone. An EBT outage of just a few hours duration in Louisiana recently gives us a glimpse of one future we may soon inhabit.

    Socialism. Communism. Fascism. It matters not what we call it. What it represents is a societal failure of the courage necessary to lead lives of freedom and self-reliance in the spirit of our founders and those who built this great nation before us. There are no words to describe what is being lost. The greater pain is in realizing how few seem to understand this.

    And, FOIST!

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    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    My question is simple, how come no Repub in either house has asked “Where the HELL is the money to do this coming from?”

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    LC SecondMouse @ #:

    While the vast majority of our elected politicians in D.C. work to protect their own interests,

    That’s simply what politicians *do*. Hell, during the final days of the Third Reich, governmental figures were *still* angling to move up the ladder, even when all that would do would ensure more “attention” from the NKVD. Next to political power, heroin ain’t shit….

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    :em01: To all 3 comments so far!

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    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    LC SecondMouse @ #:1
    Yes, everything is going according to plan.