After having spent G-d knows how much money on using German Shepherds (lovely connotations, by the way) to scare vets away from their own memorials, the vets weren’t any more impressed by Obama’s German Shepherds than they were by Hitler’s, by the way, putting up barricades everywhere, trying to shut down the oceans lest people go fishing and only Zeus knows what else, Obama’s Spite House decided to shut down Amber Alert.

To stick it to you ungrateful peasants, you know. How can you continue to be so insufferably rude to your Dumbo-eared benefactor? Now you have to suffer!

At least you can’t blame Der FUBAR for being inconsistent. After all, if you’re willing to refuse to fund cancer treatment for kids to put the peasants in their place, just how bad is shutting down a program helping to find lost ones?

But don’t worry. Moochelle Antoinette’s “eat less, you bastards” program “Let’s Move” is still fully funded, as is Der Führer’s favorite golf course at Andrews AFB.

Priorities, don’t you know?

And we repeat, and shall continue to do so since it’s rather important in this unrelenting “It’s the Republicans’ Fault” propaganda hurricane from the Obama Stenography Pool (formerly “the media”): Every single one of these programs being shut down out of spite by Mr. Stompy Foot have already been funded by the REPUBLICAN House, but can’t make it through Harry “Let Cancer Kids Die” Reid’s Senate.

Every. Single. One.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear Obama’s Propaganda Ministry CNNMSNBCABCCBSMSNBC parroting the “if the Republicans would only grant a full vote in the House for the ‘clean’ Obama Gets All He Wants CR, it would pass” line.

Perhaps. We doubt it. But if that ‘clean’ CR not being given a vote is so blatantly “unfair”, then please explain to us, media cockfluffers of the Obama regime, why denying the REPUBLICAN House’s bills a vote in the Senate to fund cancer treatments, veterans’ pay and benefits, the National Guard, national memorials etc. etc. etc. is NOT unfair.

Please do. We’ve got as long as you need, you Nazi Propaganda Fucks.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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October 7, 2013 06:20

The rebellion is spreading against the Obama Tyranny.
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LC SecondMouse
October 7, 2013 10:43

Mark Steyn has penned a new anthem for the National Park Service that I just have to share (sung to the tune of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”): This land is our land, it sure ain’t your land From downtown DC to the Lake Mead shoreland From the Arctic Refuge to the Gulf Stream waters This land is… Read more »

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator
October 7, 2013 14:19

While our president still enjoys his essential employees and locations: the White House chefs, Camp David, and a military golf course, there doesn’t seem to be any question that in mercenary pursuit of a political win, this White House is determined to unreasonably punish as many everyday people as possible. And this includes children sick with cancer.

Library Czar
Library Czar
October 7, 2013 20:41


I’ve already found that traffic cones are no match for push bars. But they sure do fly pretty!

Careful there folks I used to know construction guys who would fill a few with concrete and leave them in the mix.

October 8, 2013 03:13

Library Czar @ #:

I used to know construction guys who would fill a few with concrete and leave them in the mix

Shhhhhhh! Don’t give the Nazi’s National Park Service any ideas!!

LC SecondMouse
October 8, 2013 10:27

More stories continue to emerge on the fascist-in-chief’s handling of the government budget crisis. Here is one you do not want to miss – tourists held under armed guard in Yellowstone.

It is no longer necessary to predict the future that we all hope never arrives. It is here. Now. Time to mobilize.

October 8, 2013 12:38

I expect that if this goes on for another week or two, considering the thuggish behavior of the Park “police” there will be shots fired. Depending on the circumstances, it could blow up completely.

LC Xystus
October 8, 2013 19:45

“We’ve become a country of fear, guns and control,” said Vaillancourt …

Guess how the guns–& the fear–are distributed.