Noble LC’as and gentle G.L.O.R’s, it is my distinguished and unabashed honour to present to you our new Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott.

Rhodes scholar, firefighter, qualified lifesaver and now an elected Prime Minister after an election that saw Labor’s vote reduced to its lowest in close to 100 years.

The bizarro factor in ths election has to be seen to be believed. Put any liquid refreshment aside before reading on.

For reasons unknown to God, Man and the local drover’s dog, the Greens, those watermelon neo Luddites and climate scaremongers, handed their vote preferences to Clive Palmer.


They handed their votes to a guy that runs mining companies

I know. I know. You and me both.

Clive Palmer owns Mineralogy, Waratah Coal, Queensland Nickel at Townsville, Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast, Palmer Sea Reef Golf Course at Port Douglas, Palmer Colonial Golf Course at Robina, and the Palmer Gold Coast Golf Course, also at Robina. He owned Gold Coast United FC from 2008 to 2012.

Speaking of bizarre: here’s Rudd’s “concession speech” which he uses a phrase coined by John Howard (a former Prime Minister), Ben Chifley, (another former PM) and for reasons that to this day will mystify any and all, he used the title of SCOAMF’s “book” “Audacity of Hope”.


Surreal, strange,weird…and it should also be noted that not once in his 22 minute speech (during which my wife uttered the same comment Mr Abbott did in one of the debates “Doesnt this guy EVER shut up?”) did he mention Julia Gillard, the previous PM he replaced after promising never to contest the leadership again.

He was PM this time for 72 days.

I had no time for Jilia Gillard, I didnt like her and never trusted her..but I would also be remiss if I did not also say that she has acted graciously since she was removed. Whatever my political differences with her may be, her dignity and grace will always be to her credit.



I am happy to announce that responsible, intelligent and highly capable leadership has been restored to our nation.


  1. 1
    NR Pax growls and barks:

    Congratulations Brendan. It does sound like you got some adults back in charge (Even if your political system puzzles me).

  2. 2

    So what’s the chance some of those draconian gun laws get rolled back? Wouldn’t mind visiting some time if that were to happen. Aussie women are gorgeous and from the stories some of my buddies told me they have s soft spot in their,…ahem..hearts for a certain nations sea going soldiers. If you know what I mean. :em01:

    In all seriousness Brendan, good on ya mates. Now hopefully we can survive our own SCOAMF.

  3. 3
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    I am happy to announce that responsible, intelligent and highly capable leadership has been restored to our nation.

    I hope you’re right.

  4. 4
    LCBrendan growls and barks:

    Crunchie: strange you should mention that, a party in the Senate is an advocate for concealed carry :em01:

  5. 5
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    Get those nasty gun laws repealed and I just might move there.

  6. 6
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    Good on ya, mate!

    Hopefully it’s a harbinger of things to come over here.

    (Oh, and sorry about being impossible to reach lately 🙁 )

  7. 7
    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    I certainly hope congratulations are in order, but Bill “Comrade Bubba” Clinton was also a Rhodes Scholar, and look at what kind of leader he was.
    Your Tony Abbott, however, did actually have a real job as a firefighter. Clinton’s resume includes being a dope smoking (bit I never inhaled), draft dodging, commie loving rat bastard… kinda like the current resident of the Whitehouse.
    In any case, I hope you guys have better results with your Rhodes Scholar than we had with ours.

  8. 8
    LCBrendan growls and barks:

    No he did not have a “job” – the RFS is a volunteer outfit. None of them are paid. He is actually Deputy Captain, which means he is in command on the fireline. The kind of man who can be trusted to look after his team and see to it they go in..and come out…alive.

    He is also a qualified lifesaver / surf rescue, does bike rides for charity and went into a burning building.. to save two people

    “It was a long time ago, we were at uni. There was a fire in the house next door and we all went round and, by that stage, a few of us got out of the pub and we managed to get the kids out of the house. It was just one of those things. You’ve had a few drinks, something happened and you did what needed to be done to try and make things as good as you could.

    We have a staunch conservative, a husband and father, and one hell of a brave man as our new Prime Minister.

  9. 9
    Igor, Imperial Booby growls and barks:


    Goooood on ya, mates! :em01:

    (Can you please come over and fix *our* SCOAMF problem now?) :em01: