I got slamed on this board about my views on Chris Dorner and his antics with the SS-Reichssicherheitshauptamt LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT but here’s a comment that states exactly what will happen when Obongo The Kenyon Klingon Fucker™ goes full der Führer in the near future (Syria).  Via WSRA:

From an American:

……You know as well as I do how bad it can get.

Guy had [perceived] legitimate grievances.
Bureaucracy failed to address and/or exacerbated.

Right or wrong, there they are.

Let’s analyze this.

If you dig past the rambling that eventually turned into a suicide note, he addresses what he perceives are his issues.
He targets the folks he believes responsible.
He makes a plan and carries it out.

Think about this for a second: He’s marginally skilled and suicidal, yet he manages to cost the taxpayers millions, tie up one of the largest PDs in America, as well as a half dozen or so surrounding departments, air his grievances, and panic the street cops into overreacting at every turn which produces dozens, if not hundreds of angry folks. Regime overreaction ALWAYS produces people who fight back.

He forced LAPD to create a legion of new people who now hate the cops. He forced them into reinforcing every stereotype of them. He added fuel to the fire of police overreach and lack of accountability. Intentionally or not, there it is.

And he did it all with less than two magazine of ammo.

Imagine a Chris Dorner in every city with a population over a million, all doing this simultaneously. Now imagine them skilled, with the desire to live and punish.

We’re not talking Rambo here: We’re talking better than the cops, which ain’t hard.

Sleep tight.

I just can’t imagine how many Americans that are at the end of their rope; physically, financially, mentally or spiritually this applies to.

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That fourth commenter, Mt Top Patriot, seems to have a pretty well thought-out scenario going on in his head. I find myself wondering what the odds are.

I may have to subscribe to his intriguing newsletter.

Igor, Imperial Booby
Igor, Imperial Booby

Yes, yes indeed. These cops have loved ones that they have to go home to. Wouldn’t take much. Off topic, did you see how Jeff Duncan body-slammed John F-ing Kerry during the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s hearing on Syria? Of course Johnny-boy got all indignant and tried to tell sundry and all about how he and other REMF’s were oh-so-qualified… Read more »

LC Ohio Right Wing Nut
LC Ohio Right Wing Nut

Igor, Imperial Booby says:

SMACKDOWN in the Senate!

Too bad the Senate ok’s the use of force, all bluster no balls.

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches

And yet it isn’t happening anywhere. Dorner was a one-off. Yes, people are angry with the police. People are angry with lots of things, but don’t do anything beyond the scope of angry letters to the editor. People said “Never again!” after Ruby Ridge. Then after Waco. And again, and again, and again after incidents like Jose Guerena, John Wrana,… Read more »

LC Roguetek
LC Roguetek

People care, they just cant figure out what to do about it. Seriously, with such systemic corruption, and nobody being ‘responsible’ for this mess, how the hell do you do something about it? It’s like trying to nail jello to a wall.

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches

LC Roguetek @ #: Seriously, with such systemic corruption, and nobody being ‘responsible’ for this mess, how the hell do you do something about it? Yup, a surfeit of targets. That’s the thing about Leviathan – it’s like Skynet: it’s everywhere and everything. Pretty much any part is replaceable, too. Even if you take something out, the system barely notices,… Read more »


I totally agree with the CARVER philosophy. I know far too many guys in my area who are gung ho for this to go hot so they can reinstitute Constitutional principles but dissociating with reality. I ask them have they ever trained with or OPFORed against a US infantry squad. 7 of the 8 say no so I describe to… Read more »