The Texas GOP tried to sell us their candidate, a carefully picked, ticket-punching RINO and the citizens spoke….HELL NO !!! As a result we elected a rock-star and he won in a landslide. Former Texas Solicitor General and the Son of a Cuban legal immigrant, Senator Ted Cruz.

Since his election he’s set the Senate and DC on fire with a set of gigantic, neutronium balls and fearlessly outspoken, conservative ideas. The GOP establishment hates him, the left despises him, but right thinking Americans recognize the man is a super-star. Unlike Benedict Rubio (Fuck him mercilessly), Ted is a true conservative, Tea-Party loving, honest politician. All we need to know about him is to take a look at the list of those that hate him. Ted was absolutely on fire at the recent Tea-Party rally to “Abolish the IRS” and I had to stand up and cheer listening to the speech he gave there.

This guy is going places and the GOP establishment needs to be afraid, very very afraid, there’s a new sheriff in town that is going to actually serve his constituency instead of his political sinecure. The people are going to take their party back and with politicians like Ted, we’ll do it.

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