Yeah, we believe that we did.

After having babbled incessantly that what he called Amnesty in 2010 is now no longer Amnesty (it is, in fact, according to Rubio v2013, Amnesty to NOT pass what Rubio v2010 considered Amnesty a mere 3 years ago when he was running for election. Imagine that!) and babbling even harder about how he’s going to amend the living shit out of Amnesty v2013 until it is absolutely air tight dead certain that border security will be a part of it or no deal (while simultaneously voting with the Democrat Fascist Party to kill every single actual amendment proposal that would DO that), it seems he has finally found the super air tight Uberamendment that will for sure, honest, trust us, secure the borders.

Which, of course, means that it will do absolutely nothing of the sort or he would have voted with Chuck Schumer to kill that one as well.

But — and this is big – the provision sought by conservatives such as John Cornyn, that 90 percent apprehension be achieved as a “hard trigger” is no longer in the deal as a precondition for citizenship [thanks to Benedict Rubio, that treasonous fuckwit – Emp.M.]. As the Times puts it: “Republicans agreed to make the 90 percent figure a goal rather than a requirement.” The key is that additional Republicans beyond the gang of eight — such as Bob Corker and John Hoeven — appear prepared to accept this.

And, to those of you unfamiliar with contractese, “goal” means “ain’t ever going to happen because it doesn’t have to.”

Which, of course, is why the sniveling, puling sack of traitorous shit that is Marco Rubio is wholeheartedly in favor of it.

It gives his Democrat Fascist buddies everything they want while making sure that we get nothing in return.

Unless you really, honestly believe that the Gadarene Swine on the Potomac will ever lift a single solitary bejeweled fat finger to make any of those “goals” happen.

In which case you might as well withdraw yourself voluntarily from the gene pool, because you’re only shitting up the waters with your defective DNA.

So… The Democrat Fascist Party gets their 11 million new votes, low-skill workers in the US get to lose their jobs because, in Rubio’s words, “they just can’t cut it”, the border will not be secured in any way whatsoever and we’ll have this same parade of tyranny, corruption, lies and villainy in another decade or two.

Heckuva job, Rubio!

Now stop talking and get back to servicing your new boyfriend Chuckie’s shlong, you worthless, backstabbing, lying weaselshit.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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