Because we can trust them, they’re so much betterer than us, and how dare we question those intellectual giants who obviously have access to information that us mere rubes would not even begin to comprehend? Shut up!

Mary Landrieu, (D-Retard), states that South Dakota borders on Canada.

Apparently North Dakota just up and disappeared, or maybe moose-riding Canadian vigilantes covertly invaded and took over North Dakota.

What is obviously not the case is that Mary Landrieu (D-Subsentient) could somehow be wrong about anything. She’s the government, after all.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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LC Xystus
June 13, 2013 18:01

Too bad it’s too easy to retroactively dismiss–but now it’s on the Web & will “live in infamy.”

The Mulatto Maker
The Mulatto Maker
June 13, 2013 18:26

Meh… up here in the Dakotas, we don’t really care what some senator from East Texas thinks… Wait. Didn’t some dingbat from Chicago say Arizona wasn’t a border state, a few years back? …wait, wasn’t Obama unaware that his home state bordered Kentucky? Musta been one of the other 57 states that got sandwiched in there, or something. Second-grade geography… Read more »

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
June 13, 2013 20:27

Uppity peasant! Of course South Dakota borders Canada. Property rights extend from the center of the earth to the highest heavens. The exact center of the earth is a point – a singularity of no dimensions. Thus, dig deep enough, and South Dakota and Canada actually become indistinguishable. Not only are they neighbors, they are the same. Hence, those of… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher
June 13, 2013 21:49

:em05: :em05: :em05:

LC Draco
June 14, 2013 07:55

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?