You Don’t SAY?

The other night the Imperial Military Historian, LC Crunchie K.o.E., and ourself were talking about how decidedly unfunny it is to, after years of warning about just exactly how this Ogabe idjit would turn out, be able to bring out the We Told You So Drums™ and start banging them. It’s not much consolation while the entire country is collapsing, but it’s all we’ve got.

Ah yes, back in the days whenever any mention of just exactly how it all ends and always has ended when you let a socialist take over brought on a storm of “don’t be silly”, “that’s just paranoid”, “nothing but extremist paranoia” and so on and so forth.

And that’s just how our own side reacted to such “unhelpful, Visigothy, hobbity and uncivil” predictions about the Ogabe Utopia of Next Tuesday™.

After all, what do those of us who’ve studied history, who had done our homework on the unknown junior Senator from Illinois and, in some cases, have even lived in Utopias of Next Tuesday™ know about anything?. Just shut up and get in line and be helpful here instead of gumming up the pragmatic job of “getting things done” in DC.

But lately, even the most deaf of the “go along to get along, he’s just a well-intentioned fool in over his head” crowd are beginning to wake up and, predictably, acting so very very surprised by it all. Because who could possibly have foreseen???

The Gibson story, with its hook of endangered forests and evil manufacturing giants stripping the land, was a perfect fit. But I don’t think many of us imagined that even the Obama administration would be so blatant as to simply launch a police state style attack on a company which supported their enemies while leaving friendly, Democrat donating competitors alone. Or at least I didn’t.

No, Jazz, you didn’t. In spite of a bunch of those of us on your side, or at least we thought that we were on the same side, telling you and others like you just exactly that.

But “la-la-la I can’t hear you!” was the kindest response we got out of the willfully deaf wing of the party.

Really, it’s not rocket science.

On one hand we have a GOP donor getting slammed with bogus bullshit charges. On the other hand, we have an NSDWP donor manufacturing the exact same product using the same exact raw materials that Gibson was being persecuted for using, yet they don’t get as much as inconvenienced over it.

Who could have possibly seen that?

Well, we could, for one, back in August of 2011.

A belated welcome to the party, Jazz, just file this for future reference:

“He who cannot read is no more ignorant than he who will not read.”



  1. 1
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    “unhelpful, Visigothy, hobbity and uncivil”

    Hobbity? What–short, fat & (most of the time) harmless? What an insult! Such a putdown! Next it’ll be said we never murder anyone but can be roused to action by orcs & thugs!

  2. 2
    dcs2244 growls and barks:

    Yeah, and now Jazz is shocked(!) that Mike Murphy, “GOP strategist,” is cranking out anti-gun ads for America’s Favorite Mayor; several comments at HA taking him to task, most containing the phrase “As usual, Jazz…”

  3. 3
    Mark growls and barks:

    Why is anyone surprised? This is what the fascist left does. Frontpage has an interesting article on these scum

    To say some serious resistance to these totalitarian clowns is needed is an understatement. Are we going to get this from the current GOP? Don’t make me laugh. Even Bob Dole just said:

    the GOP needs to be closed for repairs.

    Pandering to every parasite group imagineable for more freebies and special treatment is creating the Balkan States Of America. Recruiting immigrants to the welfare rolls is obscene. These are NOT the immigrants who made America – they will surely help unmake it.

    I could drum up some sympathy for classical liberals of the 18’th and 19’th century as merely wishful thinking and misguided. They are now extinct. The left is now absolutely totalitarian.

  4. 4
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    Mark @ #:

    The left is now absolutely totalitarian.

    That wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the bulk of the right wasn’t utterly collaborationist.

  5. 5
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    This is just the beginning for us all. First anyone who has registered as a republican must immediately change that to Democrat. Everyone must be very careful about what they post on facebook, twitter and what emails you forward to others. If anyone is critical of the Obama admin, then instead of an audit or instead of going to jail for speaking out against them-you will now be denied health coverage. Soon an IRS official will look at your request for a lifesaving procedure and investigate your political leanings and if you said anything in the past that is anti-Obama, you will be denied coverage. We all saw the Supreme Court go against the constitution-so we have nothing to stop them. All 3 branches are infected with corrupt leadership, the US government does not follow the constitution and we have no power to stop them. I will not be surprised when the President uses some executive order to seize unlimited power and will make himself president for decades. He will need to pull a Pol Pot and kill many of us, and Obamacare is the gov version of the gas chambers. United States of America 1776-2009