Oh dearie, by the hairs of Jove’s Balls are the presstitutes ever outraged that their boyfriend turned on them as opposed to the gazillion times when he violated the rights of others, but “they said nothing, because they weren’t a [insert name of group being raped here].

“Yet few in the press are interested in any nuance. At his briefing, Carney hung to the word “unfettered” like a drowning man. He said over and over again things like the president believes in an “unfettered ability to pursue investigative journalism” but that there should be “balance.” The implicit reaction in the room was: “Balance? Don’t give us any stinkin’ balance. Give us our rights.”

In this, the reporters exhibited a healthy impulse toward vigilance about liberty. The phrase “chilling effect” has been bandied about often. A chill comes not necessarily from what government is doing to you but from what it might do to you. Very few reporters will ever have their records secretly subpoenaed by the government, but it is intolerable to them that it could happen. On top of everything else, it is the principle of the thing — an infringement, or even a potential infringement, on the constitutional rights of even a handful of reporters is an affront to all.

Indeed it is. If only those same reporters had felt that way when it was everybody else’s rights being violated.

The temptation to just point fingers and laugh at them is strong indeed, and it is very much well deserved after years of them ignoring the plight of millions of Americans being raped by their boyfriend Ogabe because it didn’t support The Narrative™.

Yet resist it we must, because it is true: The Ogabe Junta seizing records without even attempting to go the legal route and get subpoenas (which, given that they were investigating security leaks would not and should not have been a problem at all) shows not only a complete disregard for the Constitution, but also an arrogance not seen since Adolf Hitler crawled out from under his Landsberg Prison rock and proclaimed himself the savior of the German Race.

An offense against the least of us (and the presstitutes who actively worked to protect him for years certainly count among the least of us) is an offense against ALL of us.

Therein lies the difference between Our Side and Their Side: We don’t discriminate. Nobody is more equal than others. And if we hope to ever break down the divide between Us and Them and become one nation again, and it is our only hope to avoid that which we are all prepared to face but none of us want to face, then we must resist the temptation to act as they have done.

People get mugged by reality and sometimes that’s what it takes to wake them up. We know that was true for our own self.

If this serves to wake some in the OgabeMedia up, then we welcome it and we welcome them on our side. If not, then oh well. We’re not optimistic, a long life has taken most of our optimism away, but we’ll be damned if we’ll turn a potential ally away just because he was an asshole in the past.

We’d have to turn ourself away then, because we used to be the worst asshole of all.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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