Yes, That About Sums It Up

LC & IB Bill Quick summarizes what U.S. military intervention should be all about, if and when we choose to use it:

What we need to be careful about here is getting into the neocon nation/democracy building exercises. That’s where the real danger lies – in turning soldiers into missionaries in hostile lands. If needed, go in, neca eos omnes, and come home. That’s more than enough to accomplish what should be our real purpose.

That’s exactly it. The military is built to break shit and kill people, and NOTHING MORE.

They are NOT wet nurses for Deeeemocracyyyyy, they are NOT social workers, and it is not worth the life of one single U.S. trooper to bring about what the natives are too fucking feckless and/or ignorant to even try to achieve themselves.

Democracy, liberty, is earned. It should never be given, because a gift is never appreciated like something that has been earned. It is easily discarded because you never bled for it. You never did anything for it. And so all of the lives given to bring it to you will have been sacrificed in vain.

If the bleeding hearts want to do social work in foreign countries, then hand out rifles to social workers and air drop them in Asscanistan or wherever it is that they want to engineer “change.”

It wouldn’t achieve anything other than get the meddling busybody fucks off of our shores and into foreign mass graves, but we fail to see how that would be a loss.



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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Why do we need to invade Syria? What is our national interest? Now if Israel were threatened, perhaps. If they know where the chemical weapons are stored, then a raid in and our causing as much collateral damage as possible.

    Of course, the real reason IL Douche is walking this back is simple, He knows the nerve gas packages all have “Made in Iraq, 2002” Stamped on them.

    Oops! Bush was right,

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    If the bleeding hearts want to do social work in foreign countries, then hand out rifles to social workers and air drop them in Asscanistan or wherever it is that they want to engineer “change.”

    Fair enough, but pols of both parties are big fans of “nation building”. It’s “nice,” it generates lots of rich contracts that can be funneled to local companies and big donors, it greases the skids for big appropriations bills – what’s not to love?

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Oh, yes, to hell with Syria. Maybe the Treasonous Devil realized that if he helped al-Q take over ONE MORE country, even the Beauxeaux* would notice.

    But if we ARE going to go into a country and sort them out, the best way to do it is General MacArthur’s way in Japan. After crushing them in total military defeat, stand on their necks, write them a new constitution, and if any of them object, break ’em in half.

    Then LEAVE.

    That actually did work — but it was because we had the balls to fight a total war, WIN IT DECISIVELY, nuking the bastards, then handed them a non-negotiable contract. And you know what? the Japanese respected the hell out of MacArthur, even loved the guy. And the constitution that America gave them is still in place.

    *Frog spelling.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    The Planetary Virus, the Plague upon the Land, the most dangerous Pandemic is Islam. The so-called ´moderates´ have managed to miss their first five million chances to distance themselves from this virulent death cult.
    Nuke ´em now or surrender to them later.

    Liberal Ladies take note: I´ve lived there. You´re really not gonna like it. Islam is a cult of Crazed Masculinity and Pedophilia.
    Women and goats are interchangeable. But the rate changes depending on how good looking the goats are.

    Do the right thing for the Planet.

    Apply the nuclear insecticide now.