Now Here’s a Video That We Can’t Get Enough of Watching

You remember the leftist fascist fuckwit terrorist Floyd Corkins, right?

What, you don’t? You must be depending on the liberal fascist “media” for your news. You probably never heard of Planned Infanticide mass murderer Kermit “Keep Baby Feet in Pickle Jars” Gosnell either. We pity you. Seriously, there is no excuse.

Some people compare the OgabeMedia to Pravda and Izvestiya of the old Soviet Union.

This is blatantly unfair, and we say this as somebody who spent a lot of time perusing those “newspapers” back then. It’s unfair to Pravda and Izvestiya. Sure, they were state sanctioned propaganda outlets and sure, they did everything they could to spin the glories of the Socialist Utopia of Next Tuesday™ any which way they could, but they had at least some sort of professional pride in what they did in that they at least tried to not appear blatantly biased in their “coverage.”

Not so with the USSA “media”, who aren’t even trying anymore.

But back to Floyd Corkins. In case you haven’t ever heard of him, he was the leftist fascist domestic terrorist who tried to murder as many innocents as he could at the Family Research Council because he, being a famously tolerant liberal fascist, felt that the best way to express that tolerance would be to murder people he disagreed with as much as he could. That’s liberal fascist tolerance for you, right there.

And in order to show as much murderous tolerance as possible, in accordance with the liberal fascist regime’s dogma, he went to an online shopping site to find Enemies of the State™ that he could kill dead. Fortunately for him, there’s this website that provides a handy dandy list of organizations that the Ogabe Liberal Fascist Regime doesn’t approve of so he won’t have to do his own research. It’s the Southern Poverty Law Center whose mission in life is to keep a list of Enemies of Ogabe™ available to leftist terrorists in the mold of Ogabe’s mentor, Bill Ayers. Just to mention one.

Fortunately, for civilization, the security guard present when Floyd Corkins decided to carry out his master Obage’s order to “get in their faces”, didn’t give one solitary shit that he’d just been shot in the arm and proceeded to beat the Obamarrhoid cultist into a bloody pulp. Hitting somebody in the face with a broken arm hurts. But he didn’t give a fuck. Somebody ought to give him a commendation, but we’re fair certain that the current DC fascist wannabe emperor isn’t going to be the one.

And that’s where that video comes in. Oh how joyous it is to watch that Obamarrhoid leftist fascist being beaten to shit. We only regret that the guard refrained from killing the asshole and sending his cut off shriveled testicles to the White House. At least Ogabe would have a set, at long last.


What you won’t see is anybody condemning the Southern Preposterous Lie Center for inciting terrorism because, hey, they’re doing their bit for The Totalitarian Utopia of Next Tuesday™, the same way that you won’t see any “media” outlets apologizing for having all but indicted Sarah Palin for murder because of a campaign poster that Jared Loughner, the imbecilic fuckwad who shot Gabby Giffords in the head, hadn’t even fucking seen.

A campaign poster that, unlike the Southern Preposterous Lie Center who clearly labeled the FRC as a “hate group”, in no way suggested that Gabby Giffords was somebody who needed to be “taken out.” The only thing it did was encourage voters to vote against her which, last we checked, is nowhere near as harmful to a person as being shot. But perhaps we’re just being silly here.

So, in keeping with the current accepted conventional wisdom, we’re herewith declaring the Southern Preposterous Lies Center instigators of domestic terrorism, enemies of the people, traitors to the Republic, accomplices to attempted mass murder and outlaws under the charter of common law as well as the Constitution. Look up the meaning, the original one, of “outlaw” if you’re in doubts.

They no longer matter. They are no longer covered by the rule of law, having rejected it themselves.

“Above the law” means “outside the law”.

And the same goes for anybody who sympathizes or harbors them.

Obviously that’s what passes for acceptable on the liberal fascist side of the aisle now.

What’s good for the goose…

Just keep in mind, you fascist collaborator swine, what we’ve been saying for years now: “When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away.” And don’t be too sure that the police gives a flying fuck in the first place. Your Messiah can do nothing for you. And he doesn’t give a shit. You’re just statistics. Useful Idiots. Put that on your tombstones, you fucking KaPos.


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April 30, 2013 01:51

Too bad there wasn’t any audio. If I remember the story correctly, the little cockstain was crying and begging for mercy during his well deserved beat-down. That would have been fun to hear.

LC Gregory
LC Gregory
April 30, 2013 05:12

I imagine that fat little faggot is happy to give up all he knows and get started serving a long sentence as soon as possible. “You mean I’m going to prison? With ALL those men? Oh, My! Don’t EVER let me out!”


April 30, 2013 06:38

With all due respect, I think that

Utopia of

would be a better moniker for the socialist vision of perfection.

April 30, 2013 09:37

What a squeamish little douche that fellow is. I don’t think he’s gonna like the sort of ass-pounding he’s going to get in lock-up.


April 30, 2013 10:18

Man, I wonder….if that had happened on my beat….would I have stopped him, or let the guard continue? I can imagine driving up, contacting the guard who then states “This guy just shot me, and I’m whooping his ass”. Curious if my reply would be “Well, I can drive around the block a couple more times”

April 30, 2013 11:15

Anyone else find it ironic that a white guy used the SPL’s website to find a black guy he could shoot?

April 30, 2013 11:53

dasbow says:

Anyone else find it ironic that a white guy used the SPL’s website to find a black guy he could shoot?

Irony called and said “this shit’s ridiculous, I’m out.”

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
April 30, 2013 11:55

Outlaws? Nah, better to brand them hostis humani generis. If sticking with “outlaw,” at least hit them with the ol’ caput lupinum. Sounds classier and all that. Should go a long way to ensuring that any marksman taking one down will have his/her pinkie properly extended and be wearing a monocle at the time.

April 30, 2013 12:28

the aclu,the splc,the lawyers guild are all commie front groups whose mission is to over through our constitution by using our laws against us.they are all traitors and deserve a traitors reward.their locations, the names and address of all members should be posted on line so that we can protest on their front lawns like they did to those bank… Read more »

LC Gregory
LC Gregory
April 30, 2013 14:52

Anyone else find it ironic that a white guy used the SPL’s website to find a black guy he could shoot? No, shooter was black and was gonna go up in the elevator to the occupied floors to shoot him a whole passel o’ white folks. (full disclosure – I used to work there.) Leo, the guard at the door,… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher
April 30, 2013 15:26

LC Gregory says:

Leo Mr Johnson, sir, the guard at the door, is a MAN, end of story. Don’t be messing with him.


April 30, 2013 18:55

LC Gregory says: Anyone else find it ironic that a white guy used the SPL’s website to find a black guy he could shoot? No, shooter was black and was gonna go up in the elevator to the occupied floors to shoot him a whole passel o’ white folks. (full disclosure – I used to work there.) Leo, the guard… Read more »

LC Gregory
LC Gregory
April 30, 2013 20:50

VonZorch – No disrespect to him, but I call him Leo because, well, we used to work together back in the ’90s, and that’s what I called him to his face…

But I get your drift. Respect Is Due.

LC SecondMouse
LC SecondMouse
April 30, 2013 23:15

That spineless POS shooter needs to count himself very lucky that the police didn’t need to enlist the help of a radiologist, proctologist and surgeon to get that weapon back for evidence. Mr Johnson has my respect for resisting the urge to put that handgun in Corkins colon. I hope ol’ Floyd knows a good prosthetic dentist. I think those… Read more »