Because Gun Registration NEVER Led to Anything Like… Genocide


Never. NEVER. It’s just “common sense gun control”, you paranoid 3%ers!

Yeah. Fuck you TOO.



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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    Misha – Check this out

    Seems the Dethlings noticed something about the markets today that perhaps our “masters” have failed to… or don’t want us too…

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    You say “Genocide,” *I* say “Freeing insects from the shame of their miserable, pathetic, insignificant little lives,” and “Making way for the Glorious Socialist Utopia”. See also, Omelette, Some eggs broken to make a.

    – Pretty much ever Statist ever.

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    HempRopeAndStreetlight @ #:

    From the cited article: “Our suspicions confirmed, we then start to ponder how Leviathan will maintain it’s world shattering military, hyper-space arsenal, and police state Mall-Ninja Corps when the money games it vampirically feeds from crash down around it?”

    How? Simple – seize bank accounts, appropriate assets from “rebels” – those Asset Forfeiture statutes aren’t just for drug dealers, yanno – etc. The Germans were able to fund a pretty good chunk of their military with acquired property during WWII. The Romans used plunder to fund their legions. It’s a system as old as the hills.

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    If there are so many “rebels” that Uncle Sugar can steal their stuff and support itself in any meaningful fashion then they are well an wholly fucked.


    We can only hope that our ranks are so deep. And that tactic is ultimately self defeating. Just makes them more enemies – frankly, I hope they try it.

    Tanks drones, and Hellfire Missiles cost more than centurions and Germanic mercenaries.

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    HempRopeAndStreetlight @ #:

    If there are so many “rebels” that Uncle Sugar can steal their stuff and support itself in any meaningful fashion then they are well an wholly fucked…. We can only hope that our ranks are so deep

    Paul Begala once said: “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool.” Same thing applies to the rebels: stroke of the pen, you just joined the rebellion, and your assets just became forfeited/subject to seizure whether you knew it or not. If they need funding, they’ll simply take it.

    And that tactic is ultimately self defeating. Just makes them more enemies

    That’s why it’s combined with “Aggressive Headcount Reduction” strategies. In the short term, that means bullets and backhoes (or hell, make the serfs dig their own pits). Long term, industrial methods are very efficient. Forced starvation works pretty well both long and short term, too. Historically speaking, death squads rarely lack for volunteers – for the ideological fanatics, it’s an honor and a duty; for the mercenary minded, it’s a good opportunity for plunder (the wise tyrant always lets his killers keep a little for their effort); for the scared, it offers safety and a degree of protection for their families; and for the truly sick, it’s playtime, baby.

    Hell, done right, the victims will even do you the favor of concentrating their wealth for you, and some among them, in exchange for a little more food, or a short stay of execution, will even organize it and catalog it for you.

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    Unfortunately for the would-be gulag masters who will have their empire burned to ash around them, most of us are not so willing to roll over and play dead.

    They built the powder keg that is the modern American city. It’s on them when some patriotic individuals light the fuse. WHEN that happens – not IF – they suddenly have bigger issues.

    And it’s their erstwhile supporters that will suffer most and worst.

    Pity that.

    Don’t you worry Eeyore. They patriots will give as good as they get. They may not win, but there won’t be anything left for them to rule either. Ashes and war-eternal will be their prize.

    Which will suck – but it’s a superior option to slavery.

    Patriots won’t be alone. There are plenty of other actors who will intervene. Balance of arms will even out right fast, as a combination of defection, economic collapse, and foreign provided munitions start balancing the equation.

    We ain’t disarmed yet, and we won’t let them disarm us. I plan to be standing next to Mike Vanderboegh when we all show up in CO, weapons hot – and we shall dare them to do something about it.

    Personally, I hope they do. I’m willing and ready to die to help light the match. Had a good long life.

    I won’t shoot first. But if the fuckers mean to have a war… we’ll give’em their Fort Sumter..

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    Tango9 growls and barks:

    HempRopeAndStreetlight @ #:

    I am definitely not “go out in a blaze of glory” guy. Hell, if I had my way my horse would just return to the barn without me on a quiet, breezy Colorado evening and there’d be no body to find. The idea of being ventilated by 30 dipshit mall ninjas while actively defending something I’d thought was a settled deal 30 years ago, doesn’t sit well with me: I don’t want to give the cunts the satisfaction.

    As I said earlier: we win this in local/state/county/municipal elections. Start there. It’s a LONG fight, but that’s how it’s going to get done. I’m no pussy. I’ll pull the bang switch if shit goes pear shaped, but I have others who rely on me for protection and well being, and going all cowboy and getting myself kilt in a fit of rage doesn’t do anyone any good.

    Engage brain, first. Always. The less rounds you put down range to achieve your goal, the more effective you are.

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    Tango9 growls and barks:

    Start by taking back your school boards so they don’t get to create the next Hitler Youth. Fight dirty: all them hippies are fucking up by the numbers so make them pay for it, in spades.

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    You’re welcome to try anything you like. Me, I am signing up for one of Mosby’s classes, and getting ready to pursue a more time-honored solution to this society’s problems.