“All Your Children Are Belong To Us!”

Here is a sobering peek into the minds of the collectivists and statists who are currently wreaking havoc on our nation and its future.  This particularly noxious specimen, Melissa Harris-Perry, is an MSNBC host and a professor of political science at Tulane University.  In this clip, she makes a claim on children everywhere on behalf of the state.  Get your thirty seconds of WTF right here:



You might also remember her for the remark a couple weeks ago about the fact that an “unborn child is a ‘thing’ that takes a lot of money to turn into a child”.

If, like me, you are a student of history and have lived on this planet long enough to have traded a measure of health for wisdom, you might be wondering how it is possible that someone could utter this kind of dangerous, delusional groupthink and still draw a paycheck, let alone a breath.  This, after all, is a member of the faculty of a once-respected institution of higher learning that is demonstrating such a profound lack of awareness of the history of policies like these among dictators of the 20th century.  But she speaks for those who would consolidate their control over ours and our children’s lives very soon if left unchecked by people like you and me and others who are outraged by this video. Don’t let them do it.


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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    Every time I see a reference to her drivel, I post one or more Harry-Potter-style volume titles from the presumed saga of her life (as hinted at elsewhere): Harris-Perry & the Stoned Theologians, Harris-Perry & the Half-Black President, Harris-Perry & the Network of Doom–& here’s one I just made up–Harris-Perry & the Hollow Lefties!

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    Templar_Knight growls and barks:

    Because as we all can see, this “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality works oh so well for third world countries in africa. The only difference is we chop up our children before they leave the womb, they wait til the kid is around 5 or so and then chop them up. And float the pieces down the congo.

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    derangeddm growls and barks:

    So – not only do thousands of years of precident and law not matter, but these drooling pustules do not realize that collective responsibility always equals no responsibility.
    Let us also forget the fact that no matter how much money we pour into public education, outcomes never seem to improve. Admin staff, union bosses, yes, those seem to be happier, though.

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Bitch-face Perry just wants you SLAVES to get used to the taste of SOYLENT GREEN.

    Cucking funt.

    Tulane is our grandfather’s alma mater, too. He would kick this one’s ass over the backside of the moon.

  5. 5

    Melissa. Bitch, just go die.

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    LadyRaven growls and barks:

    The two children who came thru me were put in my care, and, they are God’s children, not mine. If Melissa chooses to “invest” her ten year old “my kid Parker” to the collective she can do that, but something tells me she won’t.

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    BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK) growls and barks:

    Over my dead body … and a few hundred of theirs.

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    LibraryGryffon growls and barks:

    LadyRaven @ #: I’m assuming you’re saying that Parker goes to some nice private school with armed security. 8)

    I’d love to see all of these “It takes a village” types put *their* children through the public schools, because you would think that they want their children belonging to the collective as much as they want ours to. Yeah. Right.

    For that matter, under the “If I were ruler of the universe for a day” imagining, if anyone tried to spout that nonsense, they would have to put their money (or rather their children) where their mouths are. I bet that would stop this sort of crap pretty quickly.

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    Spin Drift growls and barks:

    Collectivist meadow muffin munching syphlitic cankers. As to public schools, dollars to donuts if Teh One does come back to Chicago his pair of bodily isuances will go to the University of Chicago Lab School not a proper city school. Only the bestest of the liberal elite intelligentalia and asian kids get to go there. In one of the great ironies of life a little podunk farming community high school math team from “down state” beat them for the Div II State Math Title last year.

    Hold Fast

    Molon Labe!

    Spind Drift

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    LadyRaven growls and barks:

    LibraryGryffon @ #:8
    No, I don’t know of her school arrangements. After reading this post last night I went to see if Melissa-Knows-How-To-Raise-My-Children has children of her own and found a video. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/10/melissa-harris-perry-daughter-parker-gabrielle-douglas_n_2272693.html There is NO WAY she follows what she advocates for the rest of us. It is very near the end of the video that she refers to “my kid Parker.”

    Her father is black, mother is white. “I’ve never thought of myself as biracial,” Harris-Perry says. “I’m black.” It seems she and Hussein O both disown half of what they are. In a better world they would both celebrate such diversity – IMHO.

  11. 11

    Not to be Contrary here, but Melissa Harris – Perry and the rest of the idiot leftists are only twisting a concept that has been around since we were chucking rocks at the big white thing in the night time sky. One that USED to work.

    Before I get my face bit off – no I most certainly do NOT agree with this woman’s philosophy or Hillary’s ‘it takes a village’ garbage either – in fact I am dead set against it because of the end result is painfully obvious – it’s a miserable failure as we all have ample proof of these days.

    However, I remember a time when – kids were in fact raised by the community – at least to a certain extent. Your little Universe was controlled by your parents, they ruled the day, but they had allies. They had your friends Parents, they had School Teachers, they had Clergy….and they all worked as a cohesive force in your life.

    That being, if you screwed the pooch, your best pals father was just as likely to give you a meat hook to the right temple as you very own father. The words “Sir” and “Ma’am” were in vogue, and woe be the young person that didn’t use them. At the very least the phone was used with a speed that would rival the internet of today. It worked better. Parents knew what their offspring were up to and even if they didn’t – It was only a matter of a phone call to parents elsewhere to figure it out. Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators as I remember it worked together.

    We actually feared our parents and our friends parents, because – they weren’t our “friends” they were adults. And the very word “Adults” carried a weight all of it’s own that we respected. We were expected to, it was called “respect for your elders”.

    Our ‘self esteem’ and our fragile ‘feelings” didn’t mean shit – you screwed up, your best pal’s Dad, your principle, your Teachers were just as apt to tell you the facts of life as was your own – what we earned as respect from the adults in our lives – we were expected to and we worked for.

    I remember an incident – 4 kids in a car – coming back from a concert somewhere, high speed accident – and 3 of the 4 were killed instantly – the 4th died several days later. We were all expected to attend the funerals.
    We didn’t have ‘grief councilors, but we did have a full color life sized poster on an easel get posted at every damn door in the High-school – of that mangled wreckage that took four of our classmates lives. The Vice Principle had them made on his own dime, just to remind us ever so gently – just what carelessness and booze in a car made happen. Yeah, it does take a Village – one based on reality and Tough Love.

    Today the same Vice Principle would probably get sued for “inflicting emotional distress”.

    I think inherently – the ability to parent is 70% instinct and 30% social conventions, give or take – as the left continues to erode the core values of what used to pass for civil society, and press for this bastardized version of “it takes a village” garbage, and they attempt to skew those percentages towards less instinct and more warped social conventions – we’ll continue to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that our children suffer because of it.

    But in the end, Mrs. Hyphenated this and Politically correct that “expert” on MSNBC – Ain’t shit. She’s another blow dried air head in a half pound of pancake make up somewhere in front of a camera acting like she’s some deep thinking philosopher – when in fact she’s just another clue-fucked clown spitting out the regurgitated talking points of …..Failure.

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    LadyRaven growls and barks:

    LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondant @ #:11
    Yes, of course you are right, there was a village exactly as you describe, and consequences for actions. At the same time there were the few in town who followed no one’s rules. Seeds/weeds waiting to be nourished by the likes of Madalyn O’Hair who I’ve always believed marked the beginning of the end.

  13. 13

    There is a difference between a village and the State. This so-called journalist doesn’t know any different.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress
    discovers that it can bribe the public with their own money.”

    — Alexis de Tocqueville — (1805 – 1859)

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    bruce growls and barks:

    a negro telling us how to raise children is a joke because they do such a piss poor job of it.go to the ghetto and tell it to the welfare queens then let us know how you made out if you are still alive.

  16. 16
    LibraryGryffon growls and barks:

    That double speak is classic leftist. When you say “it takes a village”, most of us understand that it ought to mean exactly whatLC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondant @ #:11 is referring to. So the lefties come along and co-opt the idea and transform the meaning of village so that normal people who are too busy actually living life and not spending time following the political chattering classes don’t realize the difference between what they understand and what the leftie saying it actually means. So we nod and agree, because in our world view the statement makes sense. And they use that against us.

    Of course, nowadays, I wouldn’t trust half the people out there with disciplining my children since they can’t even discipline their own. I’m far from a perfect parent, but my children are quite able to go out in polite adult company, and everyone involved, including the adults, seems to enjoy it.

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    FrankOK growls and barks:

    Spin Drift says:

    Collectivist meadow muffin munching syphlitic cankers.

    Damn! – Aren’t you being charitable today?

    Is there a season on this trash?

    … or is it year ’round, no limit, let ’em lay?

  18. 18
    Spin Drift growls and barks:

    Me charitable, I don’t even give out warning shots anymore what with the price of ammo. As another aside the down state farming comunity high school qualified first in their region for the World Youth in Science and Engineering at the U of Illanoys. Going to spank some north of I-80 east of 294 (i.e. Crook county) schools. I’ll let you know how they do.

    Hold fast

    Molon Labe!

    Spin Drift

  19. 19
    Lady H growls and barks:

    I don’t think so, lady! I’ll sell everything I own and move to a more free place before I’d let you lay a finger on my kid.

  20. 20
    Lady H growls and barks:

    I’ll second what Big Dogg said too…it’ll be over our dead bodies. Red Martyrdom doesn’t scare me.

  21. 21
    Cougar1978 growls and barks:

    Let’s see the State did so much good with raising kids in The Third Reich….the Hitlerjugend became gunfodder in Breslau, Berlin, etc….or were crushed on Soviet armour.

    The Young Pioneers in the USSR would grow up and go to their deaths in Afghanistan and Chechnya……

    The Young Fascists under Il Duce would die along with their dads and older brother Blackshirts as Hitler’s flunkies.

    Yeah, let’s try that again! (Sarcasm)

    Get bent you shrew-faced syphlitic c#nt-smear of a human being….aka Melissa Harris-Perry.

    Dammit I despise that tw@t!

  22. 22
    NR Pax growls and barks:

    LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondant @ #:

    Snarl, I don’t see you as being contrary. You bring up a valuable counterpoint. I was raised on military bases and believe me, the dads would inflict suffering on wayward children and then get the father of the miscreant involved. I remember one incident when I got off the school bus and four kids decided to leave with me for the purpose of beating me up. One of my friends ran to get his dad and the four were told in no uncertain terms that they were to go home right then and there.

    And that’s where this woman’s thought processes falls apart. She wants “the state” to raise the kinds but only in a soft way that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

  23. 23
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    Cougar1978 @ #:

    Let’s see the State did so much good with raising kids in The Third Reich

    You’d have to qualify that somewhat. The very young members of the HJ/BDM got wiped out – though credit must be given, they often fought fanatically for a doomed cause. However, the older teen members of the HJ were extremely good soldiers – the 12th SS was rightly feared – so in one sense the state did a great job of raising them. It just didn’t do much towards making them anything beyond highly aggressive soldiers.

    State-raised kids will likely be excellent servants of the State; however, they won’t necessarily be well-rounded individuals.

  24. 24
    The Lone Haranguer growls and barks:

    That kind of thinking got the Cambodians Pol Pot. Ask ~1.2 million Cambodians what they thought of him. Oh, wait, you can’t.