Emperor Misha’s Status

For those of you who have been worried, rest at ease, Our Esteemed Vileness is alive and well. I too was getting concerned when my emails and phone calls went unanswered, but just as I was reading The Imperial Mother’s comment that Misha was down with a bug my phone rang and a very sickly sounding Misha confirmed that he was indeed alive and, well not exactly kicking, but alive none the less.

He’s been a fighting a pretty nasty bug and in the warped time/space continuum of fever and meds had lost track of how long he had been out of touch, especially in light of all that’s happening right now. He apologizes for any concern he may have caused, and in his words “the bastards won’t get me without a fight that will make national headlines”. Or some braggadocios bullshit like that, I lose track of what he’s saying after a few minutes. You think he’s a wordy bastard in print, try talking to him sometime. (Just kidding Misha, you know I have to bust your balls for not returning my call sooner 🙂 )

Having said all that, the fact that we are know living in a country where we have to worry that some evil has befallen a fellow patriot because he speaks out against Ear Leader has increased my hatred for the statist usurper and all his fucking sycophantic minions even that much more.


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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    It’s a conspiracy! The Emperor was deliberately infected with a deadly disease by the evil hoards of Obamaphone users! They know what a true threat he is to their hopes of more change and free stuff!

  2. 2

    ‘S true. If one of us suddenly disappears,, the balloon is up.
    Thanks for the stand-down.
    ‘Hope His Vileness chucks that unholy hairball before the enemy can regroup..

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:


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    LC BOATS growls and barks:

    :em01: Good to hear Misha is ok , I guess the nasty bug is everywhere. Mrs Boats had it a few weeks ago and it lasted about a week or so. I know I don’t comment often but I do check in every evening just to be with my fellow patriots. The world is going to hell and it helps to know there are like minded people around that love our country as much as I do. When I don’t hear from some of you for awhile I cant help but think something may be wrong like the SS has started the round up. You can bet they watch us and we will be among the first to draw their attention when the shit hits the fan. Stay safe –stay armed.

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    SoCalOilMan, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Having felt no significant tremor in the force lately, I guessed it was either political burnout again, real life got busy/interesting, or he got this influenza crud that seems to have hit 60% of the people around me.

    My only concern was that the heirs are getting older and His Majesty seems to be getting these bugs more often lately, in spite of his hearty Viking ancestry, I’m just curious as to whether there has been a high turnover rate of Imperial Food Tasters of late?

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    LC Thresher growls and barks:

    You know what one of my fondest memories everis? June 2010. It’s my 21st birthday, I’m only a couple days removed from the surgery that removed my colon, and I’m still floating in a morphine haze. Who do I get a call on my cell from?

    Well, first it was Crunchie, but he only talked long enough to wish my happy birthday and handed it off to His Vileness, who immediately begins talking my ear off with his bizarre Danish-Texan lilt. Couldn’t understand a word he was saying, and I don’t think that was the narcotics, either. :em07:

    One of the best days of my life. 🙂 And I haven’t thanked Crunchie or the Emperor for it yet, but I will some day. :em03:

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    Templar_Knight growls and barks:

    Glad to hear our Dark Lord still reigns! Was getting a little worried as well. :em01:

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    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Mein Gott. I know after getting Misha beers how many it takes to fucker him up. LOTS And even I have been getting e-mails asking about him. :em08:

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    Mark12A growls and barks:

    Matt Bracken’s “What I Saw At The Coup.” Breitbart.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the more vocal constitutionalists started disappearing.

    I’d be careful of any flu vaccine the federal government would provide. Just sayin…

  10. 10
    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    Glad to hear Misha is OK, I know the feeling. If you show up at the ER twice in the same day, they admit you immediately. I found that out over the weekend when I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Now I’m stuck at home and not allowed in public, not to protect others, but to keep ME from possibly getting the flu. So much for the flu shot I got back in October, I guess, but the impaired immune system makes me more susceptible, I guess…

  11. 11
    Farmor, LC, GLOR and Imperial Mother growls and barks:

    Told you so, he’s my son – and tuesday is his birthday. :em01: He wouldn’t dare going any.where without telling me. :em03: But my son – he’¨s like me stubbern :em08: (don’t know how to spell it, but hope you know what I’m talking about)
    Just had to say that – and by the way – Crunch – so I’ m not allowed to come around or talk with you anymore? :em03: See now I’m kidding –
    I love beeing rude sorry :em07:
    Take care everybody – see you in a couple of months