What? We’re Still Here? Open Thread

We guess that means that we’re going to have to pay back those loans we took out all of December.

Anybody spot us a few mil?



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    Yeah. Damn, I was kinda looking forward to the next dimension of existence. Ah well, maybe this was the trigger to a new growth in humanity.

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Spent my day getting my back yard ready for winter.. adding compost to my box gardens…….glad I did, we are still here….would have pissed me off not being able to use my heirloom seeds…..
    Now for the front, if the rain goes away…..

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    The post End of the World Memorial Brunch was quite tasty. :em07:

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    AgTiger growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator @ #:

    That was righteous.

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Glad…#3, truly a piece of art. I sent it on……to be spread far and wide…..
    And by the way Piers….how does the idea of millions of armed Americans make you feel? Go see your pal Swinestein…..mandatory, huh?
    Good fucking luck!

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    ‘It Gives Me Chills’: Bret Baier Reads Emails Proving Obama Negligence Responsible For Amb. Stevens Murder


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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Team Obama Raising Money Off Massacred Children


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    maxxdog growls and barks:

    Piers is really a sad case. As for Ventura, even a broke clock …..
    You gotta love Nugent when he gets wound up. He wields a pretty good cluebat.


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    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    Watching those clips (I had seen the Ventura one, but not the Nuge – thanks for that) reminds me of the huge chasm between the right and the left on all of this nation’s major policy issues, gun control included.

    You can see it in that buffoon Morgan’s face – he has no idea what to do with facts and principles when confronted by them. Statists wonder why it is that we don’t all rush to line up and melt down all our guns after these mass shootings. Or call for more gun-free zones. Their approach to governing is pure emotional impulse. In this case – guns are bad, so make them go away. Just like the economy – times are tough, so give money away. Or the environment – fossil fuels are bad, so make them go away. One consequence of this is their complete inability to see what a mess they are making out of our nation with their unsophisticated interventions.

    Conservatives are principled people, and many of them are fairly sophisticated analysts of cause and effect in the economy and our society. To us, means matter more than ends. Many of us would prefer to starve if unable to feed ourselves. Statists are driven by their fears, and of late, are much less likely to be concerned with ethics. To them, the ends justify the means. They are the cockroaches of the political world – popping up all over when things start to get dirty.

    This is why they are so easily led by a man who is using them to destroy this country. He is using their envy toward private wealth to destroy our economy. He is using their concerns about the environment to damage our energy industry. And he is using their fear of violence to damage our military and constrain our rights.

    Back to the purpose for this open thread. Don’t assume the Mayans were wrong, just because the apocalypse takes more than a day to transpire. I don’t believe they mentioned a duration (not being entirely sarcastic here).

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Has anyone read Larry Correia’s Opinion on Gun Control yet?

    It’s gone viral and many commie heads a exploding over it :em01:

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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    LC SecondMouse:

    Conservatives are principled people,

    Misread this at first, then realized it still applied–to the other side: Liberals are privileged people (well, a lot of ’em).

    Don’t assume the Mayans were wrong, just because the apocalypse takes more than a day to transpire. I don’t believe they mentioned a duration (not being entirely sarcastic here).

    Actually I don’t believe they specifically mentioned an event for the end of their Long Count; it’s basically when their reckoned age’s complement of day-cycles, a full 13 b’ak’tuns of 144K each, runs out, & the odometer turns over–like a dial on the Time Traveler’s machine. Several other commentators have claimed to have figured that it looked as if various systems in our world were set to fail at around this time. Some of us may have suspected a nasty plot by a losing Left to erupt, but instead it appears the big disaster occurred early last month. Still, if this turns out to be any kind of a new age–even in retrospect–it might spell failure for our regime horrible.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    LC Xystus says:

    Some of us may have suspected a nasty plot by a losing Left to erupt, but instead it appears the big disaster occurred early last month.

    yeah november 6th

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    LC hilljohnny growls and barks:

    looks like i had better do my christmas shopping after all. :em08:

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Someone ought to remind the First Family about the old saying of leading by example!


    The redistribution of $1.4 billion each year:

    Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year, according to the author of a new book on taxpayer-funded presidential perks.
    In comparison, British taxpayers spent just $57.8 million on the royal family.
    Author Robert Keith Gray writes in “Presidential Perks Gone Royal” that Obama isn't the only president to have taken advantage of the expensive trappings of his office. But the amount of money spent on the first family, he argues, has risen tremendously under the Obama administration and needs to be reined in.
    Gray told The Daily Caller that the $1.4 billion spent on the Obama family last year is the “total cost of the presidency,” factoring the cost of the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever,” a 50 percent increase in the numbers of appointed czars and an Air Force One “running with the frequency of a scheduled air line.”
    Perspective: $1.4 billion is equal to spending seven times Mitt Romney’s entire net-worth every year. If Romney had to pay for Barack and Michelle’s lifestyle this year, he would have been bankrupted by the third week in February.

    Now, can we please get back to talking about the evil, freeloading rich, who didn't build that?

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    50,000 GM Union Workers to Bag Year-End Bonuses

    Roughly 50,000 General Motors union workers will receive bonuses of between $5,500 and $7,000 to close out 2012, say sources familiar with internal discussions between United Auto Worker officials.

    In 2009, General Motors scored a $49.5 billion bailout from the U.S. government.

    Last week, the Treasury Department announced it will sell General Motors 200 million shares before 2013, reducing the government’s stake in GM from 26.5% to 19%. Over the next 15 months, the Treasury will sell its remaining GM holdings.

    But given that GM’s stock would need to be roughly double its current trading price for the government to break even, taxpayers are expected to lose between $10 and $12 billion on the GM bailout.

    In 2012, the United Auto Workers spent $11.8 million to help elect Democrats and President Barack Obama.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Video: Mentally Ill Narcissistic Personality Disorder Sufferer Obama Makes Senator’s Memorial Speech All About Himself http://is.gd/IY1d2I

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    LC Spare Parts growls and barks:

    I know we’re still here because I keep getting bills. Not a bad day. Won a whole $4 on the lottery as 4 of 5 numbers hit E Z Match. The one that didn’t connect was $500. Semi sucks to be me until now. My Christmastide tipple is Highland Park, Leif Eriksson Special Release. No age statement, and you can only get if from international travel outlets in the UK. if there are any of your friends coming from there, tell them don’t leave home without it.
    Slante’val pups

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Pope Benedict used his annual Christmas message to denounce gay marriage, saying that it destroyed the “essence of the human creature.” In one of his most important speeches of the year, the Pope stressed that a person’s gender identity is God-given and unchangeable. As a result, he sees gay marriage as a “manipulation of nature.” “People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being,” he said at the Vatican on Friday. “They deny their nature and decide that it is not something
    My Pope sends a clear message to the Faithful and smacks 0bama with a spiritual punch. Interesting message to give on Christmas.

    GOD abhors deviates

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    LC Gregory growls and barks:


    Three armed men break into a home. According to some reports, there was a kids’ sleepover going on. The host father grabs his evil-inducing boomstick and shoots all three invaders, while taking a round himself.

    One Goblin Dead, One Baby Jesus Smiling, No Children Harmed.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:


    I pray on Christmas
    Oh, the sick will soon be strong
    I pray on Christmas
    The Lord will hear my song

    I pray on Christmas
    That God will lead the way
    And I pray I really pray on Christmas
    He’ll get me through another day

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    The night before a jobless Christmas
    By Brent Budowsky – 12/24/12

    It was a jobless Christmas,
    throughout our American house.
    Many people are suffering,
    while politicians play mouse.

    Unemployment is high,
    jobless benefits run out.
    “Tough luck,” said our leaders,
    as invective they spout.

    The workers now fear,
    new taxes will crush.
    “Don’t bother me,” say our leaders,
    to the airports they rush.

    It was the night before Christmas,
    and all through the House,
    not a creature was stirring,
    the Speaker played mouse.

    “You fix it,” said Boehner
    to the man down the street.
    “I’m outta here now,
    this thing has me beat.”

    “Not me,” said Obama,
    “I’m off to the links.”
    “I am a man of greatness,
    but my opponent stinks.”

    “Aloha, drink eggnog, sing carols,”
    said hope and change.
    “You fix it, Harry,
    This is out of my range.”

    It was the night before Christmas,
    and all through this town,
    not a creature was stirring,
    our leaders played clown.

    The jobless are hurting,
    the workers are worried.
    But it is holiday time,
    and our leaders have scurried.

    Big talk, brave words,
    so much work to do.
    Another night before Christmas,
    our leaders didn’t come through.

    Merry Christmas to left,
    Merry Christmas to right.
    But the nation needs better
    than leaders so slight.

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Seasons Greetings from Barack Obama

    From The Office of the Emperor President of the United States of America. Merry Christmas Season Greetings to all my loyal subjects the people of the United States. As we close out the year, I would like to speak to you of all the wonderful things that I have done for you and all the wonderful presents I will be giving to you in the coming year.
    First, to Pharaoh Morsi my friends in the Egypt. I hope you enjoy the gift of 20 brand new F-16 fighters as well as the almost $500 million dollars I sent you. I’m sure you will make good use of them in the coming year.

    Read the rest and if anyone wants to use it, feel free. In fact, I encourage it!

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    L.O.R. Ankle biter growls and barks:

    Merry Christmas yall. We’re doing ours today.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Sam Donaldson Tells Tea Partiers ‘It’s Not Your Country Anymore – It’s Our Country’

    Sam Donaldson went after the Tea Party this weekend.

    During a discussion about 2012’s biggest game changers on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Donaldson said, “The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was ‘We want to take back our country.’ Guys, it’s not your country anymore – it’s our country” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

    SAM DONALDSON: The minorities re-elected president Obama, but I’m going with Katty. It’s the Tea Party and thinking of the Tea Party and people like that that are driving the Republicans out of contention as a national party. You cannot win nationally if you don’t know something about the way the country’s changed, and the Tea Party seems to think the country can go back 25 or 30 years. The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was “We want to take back our country.” Guys, it’s not your country anymore – it’s our country and you’re part of it, but that thinking is going to defeat Republicans nationally if they don’t get rid of it.

    So Donaldson like so many of his colleagues in the media believe that the movement that led to an historic Republican victory at the polls in 2010 will defeat the GOP if the Party doesn’t purge itself of such people and thinking.

    Not surprisingly, the only good Republican in these folks’ view is a moderate one.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/12/24/sam-donaldson-tells-tea-partiers-its-not-your-country-anymore-its-our#ixzz2G0tD6eCl

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Sam Donaldson Arrested for DUI

    Sam Donaldson may be known for reporting information, but on Dec. 1 he made some news of his own.

    The ABC News veteran, 78, was arrested around 8 p.m. on Dec. 1 for driving under the influence in Lewes, Del., Police Chief Jeffrey Horvath confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE.

    Cooperating with authorities by taking an Intoxilyzer test, the journalist was then released to an adult pending an appearance in court.

    Donaldson was initially pulled over for a traffic violation, but after further investigation, it was apparent he had been drinking.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    10 Facts for Liberals: Why Gun Control Can’t Stop Another Newtown Massacre

    There are now calls from the Left for gun control legislation in response to Adam Lanza’s unconscionable mass killing of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary. However, very few people seem to be asking the most basic question of all before getting started: What gun control legislation could have stopped Adam Lanza?

    The answer is “none.”

    Let’s consider a few alternatives:

    1) The school was already a “gun free zone;” so obviously that wasn’t effective. Of course, the sort of people who would respect a “gun free zone” in the first place are the very ones you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a gun; so it’s an almost useless designation.

    2) What about closing the supposed “gun show loophole?” Well, since Lanza killed his own mother and used her legally acquired guns for his rampage, making it harder for googly-eyed loners to acquire weapons wouldn’t have changed a thing.

    3) Some people are calling for a ban on automatic weapons. Setting aside the fact that the regulation of fully automatic weapons is already tighter than Spandex, Adam Lanza didn’t use a fully automatic weapon.

    4) Then there are calls for the “Assault Weapons Ban” to be reinstated. One problem: the semiautomatic Bushmaster .223 rifle that Lanza used wasn’t covered by the bill. So, his mother could have bought that exact same gun with a sheriff looking over her shoulder while the ban was in place.

    5) We could, of course, pass a newly updated “Assault Weapons Ban” that covers the semiautomatic Bushmaster .223 rifle. Then, gun manufacturers would try to create weapons that can get around the ban. They would probably be successful. Even if they weren’t, it’s not as if Lanza was battling Marines. When you’re a coward who’s attacking unarmed children, any gun will work.

    6) We could also ban high-capacity ammunition magazines, but given the 3-5 second reload time, that would have been a minor inconvenience to Adam Lanza at worst. After all, it’s not as if a group of small children were going to be able to scamper away or gang up on him during a four second window.

    So, what now? Well, let’s step into the realm of fantasy and assume that there’s no such thing as a 2nd Amendment that provides the public with a Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms.” that is every bit as important as the right to free speech and freedom of religion. Let’s also pretend that the American public would go along with the following laws and attempts to implement them wouldn’t lead to wide scale violence and unrest.

    7) Congress could ban the manufacture and sale of bullets and magazines. Given the massive number of bullets and magazines already owned by the public and readily available instructions for making them, this wouldn’t stop any determined killer like Adam Lanza. On the other hand, it would lead to a massive black market with tens of millions of previously law abiding Americans buying bullets by the bucketful from back rooms across the country.

    8) Congress could also ban the manufacture and sale of guns. Again, that would lead to the creation of a massive black market, but it would also leave roughly 300 million guns in the hands of the American people. In other words, if Adam Lanza had decided to wait until AFTER that law was passed to go on his killing spree, it would have been the same sad story.

    9) Then, there’s the most extreme step of all: Congress could ban the ownership of guns. One problem: In the vast majority of cases, the government has no record of who owns guns and who doesn’t. In most places, those records are kept at the gun store level and are not updated. If the gun is lost, stolen, given away or sold by the individual, there is no record of it. This is a feature, not a bug, and it’s designed to prevent exactly the sort of confiscation we’re discussing here. So, even if all guns were made illegal, it would be very difficult to enforce, most people wouldn’t turn their weapons in and there would probably be two hundred million guns left in the hands of the American public. Would a man like Adam Lanza still be able to acquire a weapon in that situation? Come on, he KILLED HIS OWN MOTHER for a gun; so you can be sure he’d have gotten one elsewhere.

    10) Let’s go Steven Spielberg on this problem and assume space aliens show up and use some bizarre technology to get rid of all guns. Well, even so, fire and explosives would still exist and as Brian Palmer has noted in Slate, those can be even more effective killers than guns.

    Guns aren’t even the most lethal mass murder weapon. According to data compiled by Grant Duwe of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, guns killed an average of 4.92 victims per mass murder in the United States during the 20th century, just edging out knives, blunt objects, and bare hands, which killed 4.52 people per incident. Fire killed 6.82 people per mass murder, while explosives far outpaced the other options at 20.82. Of the 25 deadliest mass murders in the 20th century, only 52 percent involved guns.

    If gun control advocates like Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg and Michael Moore, all of whom have armed guards protecting their safety, succeed in making guns less available for law abiding citizens, it wouldn’t stop another Newtown massacre, but ironically it would make it easier for rapists, gangs or even the next Adam Lanza to hurt innocent people.

    h/t townhall

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Boehner is under pressure from the O’Bonzonian press to cave in and split his own party. Hang in there, Mr. Speaker, for once over the cliff, the leverage swings back to the GOP.The country, increasingly, is seeing O’Bonzo for what he is: a petulant, spoiled little despot.

    All of this–every bit of it–is O’Bonzo’s fault. Boehner was more than willing to deal. He’d have given on revenue in exchange for meaningful spending cuts. But O’Bonzo was having none of any compromise agreement. O’Bonzo wanted it all, expected it all. The election of 2012 had left O’Bonzo bitter, angry, and determined on vengeance. And, for O’Bonzo, vengeance means one thing: taking down the White man.

    O’Bonzo is a bigot. A partially human creature determined to destroy God creation.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/republican-leaders-huddle-over-fiscal-cliff-85498.html#ixzz2GChH30x1

    Every night I hope and pray
    Bozo ends up like JFK

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    L.O.R. Ankle biter growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator says:

    Every night I hope and pray
    Bozo ends up like JFK

    Nah, that’d just make him a martyr. JFK’s deified and it’d be more of the same.