Aurora, Connecticut..and video games

I’ll keep this short, just watch.


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    Red Five growls and barks:

    Why blame video games? There’s more than enough evil and depravity in the human heart and mind to explain all these mass killings. I guess it’s the liberal need to blame everyone and everything except for who’s really responsible, the one who pulled the trigger.

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    when I was a kid in the 60’s we spent hours playing Army, and Cowboys and Indians Native Americans Localized Indigenous Peoples Exploited by the White Man. We even resorted to hand to hand combat in these games. My friends and I also had real guns in our houses, our Dads were hunters. given that most of our games involved violence and mayhem and guns, as we grew up none of us ever pointed a weapon at anyone, nor did any of us ever take a life. Like today, we had our share of friends that had problems….things like not paying attention or being disruptive in class or what not. The big difference was that those kids weren’t being fed all the mind bending mood controlling drugs like the kids today. I’ve seen what happens when you stop taking those meds, personally, I was on anti depressants (Paxil) about 12 years ago for a short term….I hated taking them and eventually just stopped, the withdrawals made me an aggressive, angry, jittery asshole for about a week until it got out of my system. That change in my personality really rattled me.

    I believe that it’s all the mind bending meds that we put these kids on to treat them for being…….just kids……….

    I could write a book about what I’ve seen in the classroom as a result of all this psycho-dabbling that is being done to these kids brains today.

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    bruce growls and barks:

    when i went to school the teachers had guns and there were no school shootings however when the communist teachers union infected our schools they put an end to the guns with predictable results.we use to lock the crazies up but ted,the swimmer,kennedy closed the mental institutions then dumped them on the streets so that they could call for gun control evry time a nut freeks out and murders don’t think that the national socialists democratic workers party planned this do you?

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    LC MuscleDaddy growls and barks:

    On a related note…

    The Administration wants to make schools safer by banning high-capacity magazines and sales of personal firearms


    NRA President Wayne LaPierre wants to make schools safer by increasing security in schools – (Press Conference Transcript – jump to Page 7)

    – MD

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    Terrapod growls and barks:

    And to add to above – Feds just raided one of the gun shops in CT that LEGALLY sold a legally manufactured and traded weapon to a citizen, who’s son just happened to kill her with it and then commit a heinous series of killings. Tell me why the raid?

    Why are they not raiding the psychiatrist and psychologist that were treating the perpertator? Why not raid the offices of the governemnt that were slow walking his mother’s attempt to get him comitted?

    Why the gun shop, that did NOTHING illegal, while AG Holder and the rest of the FF crowd are still waking free? Anyone going to investingate this seriously? Anyone? Bueller???

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    GhostMERR growls and barks:

    Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Joe Manchin and David Axlerod all agree that video games cause violence. Those are all Democrats and yes you have plenty of Conservatives following in lockstep with these guys without any mind of their own, and any sense of the hypocrisy that they are committing in the name of “Conservatism” and embarrassments. I would think that part of the youth vote(we got 51% of the young white male vote) that goes to Republicans are from people playing those video games that can express Conservative themes.

    I am really tired of inanimate objects from pieces of plastic to guns being blamed for a shooting. Now all you have are a bunch of control nuts who seem to think that what we watch, what we play, and what we do may mark us as future mass murderers. Didn’t Adam put up “I’m the devil” on some page of his and listed his political views as Anarcho-Communist? I feel like Michael Corleone from the Godfather franchise with these stories, I don’t want to pay attention to them because they make me feel depressed but I end up bumping into one of these because of how influential the theories of violence regarding Columbine have become. I then either argue against the original poster or some fool uses his emotionalism to ignore a pretty simple question.

    My biggest hope is that all of this drama about gun control, and the like, will all be over eventually which may not happen as Russia, China and Iran have chimed in on this domestic tragedy that we have. I don’t usually like arguing with people, over the Internet, but I haven’t seen such a mass explosion of silliness before. 1% of all schoolage children killed are in the schoolhouses, and this fits that 1%, mass shootings have gone down. Now here we are concentrating on some idiot who shot up a school and it has become the end of days(no pun intended, if it is a pun). I wish I had a bullhorn to start screaming at people to be quiet. Now if you’ll excuse me I may just play Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child, a 16-bit SNES JRPG, and escape from this madness.

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    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Terrapod @ #:
    I read on the Blaze that the store was missing 30 odd guns. After some fool swiped a Bushmaster .50 off of a counter….

    Don’t know how many on here have “nines” but Wolf 9mm 1000 for $150 + S&H. Better get it while you can.

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    LC MuscleDaddy growls and barks:

    Movies don’t create psychos!

    Movies make psychos more creative!

    – MD

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    LC_Salgak growls and barks:

    The elephant in the room that nobody is mentioning (other than here on the Right) is that the Proggies MADE this situation by causing the current conflict between mental health and “privacy laws” and “human rights”. And by making it a social faux pas to “notice” people who are clearly suffering from mental illness and may be a danger to themselves and/or others.

    Let’s go with the social bit, first. . . When I was a kid, in those dark days of the 1960s, nearly everyone had a crazy aunt or uncle or somesuch, that was closely watched, and often spent at least some time in a psychiatric hospital. And if they started acting unusually odd. . . they’d be taken to the doc and/or the local funny farm.

    Today. . . we’re not supposed to notice. They’re not nuts, they’re “individuals”. They’re “eccentric”. And if they’re your kid, and you take them to a physician. . . the doc cannot tell YOU what they know, for reasons of “medical privacy”. (To which I say, then I can’t pay, due to “financial privacy”. . .).

    It’s nearly impossible to GET someone committed involuntarily, and if they voluntarily submit to treatment, they can also decide to end it at any time and walk out. The only way you can make it stick, is if the person ALSO committed a heinous-enough crime to warrant incarceration, which can then be done in a psych ward.

    And why is this ??? The Proggies went way overboard in “de-institutionalizing” mental health in the late 1960’s and early 1970s. Yes, there WERE some horror stories in Psych Hospitals. But instead of fixing the rot, they threw the doors open. Coincidentally, very soon thereafter, the phenomenon of Urban Outdoorsmen, aka The Homeless, began to show up on our streets. You couldn’t force treatment, you couldn’t even force people to take their meds. And that’s IF they were prescribed meds that actually worked right, which often is still a problem today. . .

    So, it’s really rather ironic that the Proggies are all a-lather over Newtown. They guaranteed it, and other events like it, would happen. Maybe they even PLANNED it that way, based on the speed and the breadth of the anti-gun jihad that was already going at full steam before we even had all the details in. . . .

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    Alan K. Henderson growls and barks:

    I’ve played Sid Meier’s Civilization for years and have never had any desire to push it to the next level and invade Mongolia.

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    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    I still have Doom and Doom II. Also a couple of versions of CoD. And, I fly 2 versions of Flight Simulator. Never once felt like going on a shooting spree or hijacking a plane. Imagine that.

    And Jay, they put me on Cymbalta a few years back, not for depression, but for the (then) off-label for pain relief. I call bullshit, there’s no pain relief, all it does it throw you into such a daze that you don’t give a shit. About anything. And the same thing quitting, I was a 6’2″ 235 pound walking asshole and time bomb for about 2 weeks.

    But I STILL didn’t go on a shooting rampage at the mall, school or after the doctor that gave me that shit.

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    long, but the best dismantling of the usual gun control arguments i have ever read.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    over my life I have learned one absolutely immutable fact; that liberals ALWAYS want to punish, blame and sanction the innocent while constantly forgiving or finding some silly way to explain the gross misconduct of others.

    If I disagree with Obama – I’m a racist. If I disagree gay marriage – I’m a homophobe. If I want our borders secure – I’m a xenophobe. If I attend church regularly – I’m a religious nut. If I don’t want to pay more taxes – I’m selfish and bigoted. If I speak my mind – then I am engaging in hate speech. If I’m pro-life then I am trying to block womens reproductive rights. If I’m a conservative then its implied I want women and children to die along with old people.

    Now, in the case if I have some uncle that is mentally deranged then the liberals think I should be relieved of my 2nd Amendment rights. But, of course if I complain I will be labeled as being insensitive to the safety of children and the mentally ill.

    My God…..I AM tired of it all.