Looks like the out of control leftist swine also known as Obama’s Stormtroopers were on a roll the other day, taking out anything in their path that looked like it might be Teh Enemy™.

Such as the hot dog stand of a black guy name of Clint Tarver.

It’s not known to us (or anybody else with an actually measurable IQ) just what the hot dog selling gentleman had done to “deserve” the ire of the brownshirts, other than the fact that they’re frothing, violent, National Socialist swine.

We DO know that they, after they were done thoroughly demolishing his business and belongings in the name of FORWARD!, they gave Mr. Tarver the parting gift of yelling “Nigger” and “Uncle Tom” at him, because that’s just how inclusive, non-racist and tolerant the left is. They ARE, because shut up, racist!

The White House, predictably, continues to refuse condemning the leftist swine rampant violence that they’ve spent years calling for.



UPDATE: And as predictable as clockwork, the leftist parasites start demonizing the victim (thanks, LC thecabal):

The right wingnut blogosphere is apoplectic that Lansing, Michigan’s iconic “Hot Dog Guy”, Clinton Tarver, was a victim of union thug violence at yesterday’s anti-Right to Work for Less rally. The reality is that Tarver is simply a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Remember, Citizens of Obamatopia of Next Tuesday™, there is a right and a wrong place for you to be, and you’re responsible for anything that happens if you decide to be in the wrong place as a result of thinking that you’re still free individuals who can go where they want. That sort of “freedom” is an illusion forced upon you by the capitalist oppressors who want you to get hurt. The oppressors who, unlike our enlightened leader, Comrade Obama, do not have your best interests at heart.

Our Union Comrades had a right to that space, and Tarver, infected by evil capitalist oppressive ideas, chose to stand in their way. His twisted idea of “freedom” was what got him hurt, “freedom” taught to him by his oppressors. Comrade Obama would never had let that happen. He would have told Tarver what to think, what to believe, where to be and when to be there, all to protect him from the bad choices that no mere mortal can avoid. That, comrades, is TRUE freedom, because being liberated from all dangers by the wisdom of your loving betters in the Party truly sets you free!

Obey! Forward!

He also happens to be married to the Michigan Republican Party’s Ethnic Caucus Vice-Chair

See? Not only has he been brainwashed by his evil capitalist oppressors to the point where he places himself in danger by standing in the way of the irresistible and victorious march of the proletariat, he’s also been beaten down to the point where he’s actually married, yes, MARRIED to one of the evil oppressive enemies of the people. Clearly a lesson was needed so that Tarver can be truly set free and join the enlightened masses!


We could write like this all day if it didn’t make us sick to our stomach, because we’ve heard it all before. And what would be the point? Obviously, even though we did for years, nobody were listening.

Welcome to the U.S.S.A.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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