Gladiator’s Weekend Open Thread…

… only because he asked for it.

[Because that is how we roll! Ask and you shall receive. Oh, and everybody else feel free to chime in as well. You know, if you want to and all. Seriously. You know you want to. OK, we'll shut up now. --Emp. Misha]


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    maxxdog growls and barks:

    Cruising by and gets a first.
    Hey all
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    maxxdog growls and barks:

    I hope everyone is doing well or at least as well as can be expected in the new normal.
    How ya feeling, DJ?
    Alrighty then, y’all have a good evening. I’m waiting on a half foot of snow up here in Moonbat Central.
    It’s enough to turn a man back to drink…almost.
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    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    maxxdog says:

    How ya feeling, DJ?

    Sitting here with five weeks off and bored out of my mind.
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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    DJ Allyn says:

    Sitting here with five weeks off and bored out of my mind.

    Come buy me that beer, DUDE

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    DJ Allyn says:

    Sitting here with five weeks off and bored out of my mind.

    DJ you arent sick again are you??

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Hovering in the background of the “fiscal cliff” debate is the prospect of 2 million people losing their unemployment benefits four days after Christmas.

    “This is the real cliff,” said Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I. He’s been leading the effort to include another extension of benefits for the long-term unemployed in any deal to avert looming tax increases and massive spending cuts in January.

    “Many of these people are struggling to pay mortgages, to provide education for their children,” Reed said this past week as President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, rejected each other’s opening offers for a deficit deal.

    Emergency jobless benefits for about 2.1 million people out of work more than six months will cease Dec. 29, and 1 million more will lose them over the next three months if Congress doesn’t extend the assistance again.

    Since the collapse of the economy in 2008, the government has poured $520 billion — an amount equal to about half its annual deficit in recent years — into unemployment benefit extensions.

    White House officials have assured Democrats that Obama is committed to extending them another year, at a cost of about $30 billion, as part of an agreement for sidestepping the fiscal cliff and reducing the size of annual increases in the federal debt.

    “The White House has made it clear that it wants an extension,” said Michigan Rep. Sander Levin, the top Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee.

    Republicans have been relatively quiet on the issue lately. They demanded and won savings elsewhere to offset the cost of this year’s extension, requiring the government to sell some of its broadcasting airwaves and making newly hired federal workers contribute more toward their pensions.

    Boehner did not include jobless benefits in his counteroffer response this past week to Obama’s call for $1.6 trillion in new taxes over the next decade, including raising the top marginal rates for the highest-paid 2 percent.

    Long-term unemployment remains a persistent problem. About 5 million people have been out of work for six months or more, according to the Bureau of labor Statistics. That’s about 40 percent of all unemployed workers.

    The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent from 7.9 percent, the lowest in nearly four years. But much of the decline was due to people so discouraged about finding a job that they quit looking for one.

    Democrats have tried to keep a flame burning under the issue. Ending the extended benefits would “deal a devastating blow to our economy,” 42 Democratic senators wrote Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., this past week.

    The Congressional Budget Office said in a study last month that extending the current level of long-term unemployment benefits another year would add 300,000 jobs to the economy. The average benefit of about $300 a week tends to get spent quickly for food, rent and other basic necessities, the report said, stimulating the economy.

    The liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute found that extended unemployment benefits lifted 2.3 million Americans out of poverty last year, including 600,000 children.

    States provide the first 20 weeks to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits for eligible workers who are seeking jobs. When those are exhausted, federal benefits kick in for up to 47 more weeks, depending on the state’s unemployment rate.

    The higher a state’s unemployment rate, the longer state residents can qualify for additional weeks of federal unemployment benefits. Only seven states with jobless rates of 9 percent or more now qualify for all 47 weeks.

    Congress already cut back federal jobless benefits this year. Taken together with what states offer, the benefits could last up to 99 weeks. Cutting the maximum to 73 weeks has already cut off benefits to about 500,000 people.

    Opponents of benefit extensions argue that they can be a disincentive for taking a job.

    “Prolonged benefits lead some unemployed workers to spend too much time looking for jobs that they would prefer to find, rather than focusing on jobs that they are more likely to find,” said James Sherk, a labor policy analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

    But Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, noted that unemployment checks add up to about $15,000 a year. “That’s poverty level,” he said. “This is not something people just want to continue on, they want to get jobs.”

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    readerjp growls and barks:

    In a few weeks Norway will be”Judenrein”. The last 819 Jews stilln living in Norway are now leaving the country due to the rise in antisemitism. Thus Norway becomes the first European country in which
    Jews will no longer live. A similar development can be observed in all the European countries.

    When one hears nowadays reports regarding the terrorist attack against Jews in Bulgaria one does not know that Jews in Europe are subject to antisemitic manifestations daily.

    The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported In February 2012 about the massive departure of Jews from the country.
    Anne Sender, the head of the Jewish community in Norway, once said: “Many immigrants brought antisemitism from their countries. The shame is in that nobody speaks out against them.

    The waves of Muslim immigrants bring antisemitism back to Europe.

    A similar development is taking place in the neighboring country, Sweden, and in all the European countries.
    The Muslims are the ones who drive away the Jews everywhere.

    The information agency, Kopp Exklusiv, is one of the few to talk about this subject. It started in France. A day doesn’t go by without Muslim attacks of Jews. The press hardly reports it. There are too many incidents. In the first five months of 2012, there were 268 attacks against Jews. France today is an extremely antisemitic country. The socialist Government under the leadership of Hollande does nothing to protect the Jews – on the contrary. The numerous Muslims there are a very important part of the electorate for the elected officials and they are under the auspices of the socialists.

    On July 5, 2012, a 17 years-old Jewish youngster was nearly beaten to death near Toulouse by two Muslims of North-African descent because he was wearing a chain with the Star of David. The police was unable to collect evidences…. Are they interested??? So:-The Jews are publicly encouraged to leave the country.

    The situation is not much different in Italy. Every Jew must fear for his life and family and live under the protection of a security unit.
    The media channels in Britain too, have been reporting for six long years about the emigration of Jews from Britain. In 1990 there were 340,000 Jews. Today there are 240,000 left.

    The Muslim immigrants turn their life into hell and chase them away.
    They have also succeeded in driving away the Jews of previously Jewish Antwerp.
    In the Netherlands, former politicians advised the Jews to leave the country soon. The former European Commissioner, Frits Bolkestein, said that Dutchmen of Moroccan descent are antisemitic and that it would be best if the Jews left of their free will. They can immigrate to the United States (not for long! -BL) or to Israel. Dutch politicians from the Social Democratic circles marched together with the Muslims who called for the construction of gas chambers in order to burn the Jews…..

    In the German-speaking countries this is not reported in the press. The German journalists think that the Muslims are decent people who have no connection whatsoever to the extreme right . With this approach, journalists are helping to drive the Jews away from Europe. They suppress the nightmare of the Islamic immigration.

    61 years after Pearl Harbor, Hitler is winning.

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    readerjp @ #:

    61 years after Pearl Harbor, Hitler is winning.

    So, Bluto was right and the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? And we’re back in 2002?

    Awesome! I am gonna get so rich suing every calendar-maker out there!

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    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    Now, how’s about a big hug for your old pal Merle?

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    readerjp growls and barks:

    Sorry, 71 years. It’s hard for me to believe it’s almost a century. My father remembered where he was when he heard about it, and later enlisted in the Navy and was in the Pacific. Actually he was in Nagasaki.

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    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator says:

    Come buy me that beer, DUDE

    I am bored AND lazy right now.

    LC Gladiator says:

    DJ you arent sick again are you??

    No, Supernatural and Arrow are on mid-season hiatus right now. I think the last episodes are airing this week or next week. I don’t go back to BC until January 7th.
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    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    You are working on “Arrow” Deej?

    :em01: X1000


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    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    LC Gunsniper says:

    You are working on “Arrow” Deej?

    Yup. Wonderland Sound and Vision picked up the audio production contract and I have been doing double duty between Supernatural and Arrow for the past four months. I am supposed to be fully transitioning to Arrow when I get back in January, which is a good thing, since most of the work is all inside on a sound stage.

    I have yet to actually watch a full episode of Arrow. I get to see the scenes in pieces completely out of order so they make no real sense to me right now.
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    LC_Salgak growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Hovering in the background of the “fiscal cliff” debate is the prospect of 2 million people losing their unemployment benefits four days after Christmas.”

    And EXACTLY zero f*cks are given. They voted for Free Sh*t, go ask their Lord and Savior, B. Hussein Obama. . . who is now the root cause of nearly all the current “funemployment”. . .

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    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    I have yet to actually watch a full episode of Arrow. I get to see the scenes in pieces completely out of order so they make no real sense to me right now.

    Watch them.

    In order.

    You’ll dig it.

    I damn sure do along with many other Green Arrow fans.

    :em01: X 100

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    DJ Allyn @ # 13: And now that I’m finally watching Supernatural I’m loving it. Arrow was awesome from episode 1! You’re doing both of those, Deej? Excellent. Simply excellent. :em01:
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  19. 19

    LC Gunsniper @ # 17: (Yep, just went there, and they do) I couldn’t find them on HULU or Netflix. And Arrow is one I will buy the box set of, if I can find it.
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    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    LC Gunsniper says:

    Watch them.

    In order.

    You’ll dig it.

    It really isn’t as simple as that. I spend hours dealing with several out-of-order pieces, and because of that, it would completely spoil the story line for me right now. NONE of us working on the sets watch the episodes until much later, if at all. I haven’t watched the last three seasons of Supernatural yet.

    I will probably watch the whole series — in order — sometime next summer, once all of the current stuff is out of my mind.

    LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician says:

    You’re doing both of those, Deej? Excellent. Simply excellent

    Like I said, I am leaving the Supernatural team to head up the Arrow team when I go back in January. It is too much work doing both.

    But yeah, it is the most fun I can have and still keep my clothes on..
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    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    I will probably watch the whole series — in order — sometime next summer, once all of the current stuff is out of my mind.

    Well, when you do so, I hope you like it nearly as much as I and many others do.

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    VAconservative growls and barks:

    readerjp @ #:

    And my dad was dodging the bullets of the planes strafing Schofield barracks just above Pearl Harbor that day.

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    sleeper growls and barks:

    Anybody notice the Cory Booker food stamp stunt?

    Thirty years ago, when I was in high school, my sociology (ugh!) teacher tried this with the class. She got a price list from the super discount grocery store (Save-A-Lot, I think) and had the class try to plan a week’s worth of meals on the weekly food stamp allotment. The point was that you couldn’t really do it.

    The assumption was that since you couldn’t buy all the food you need with food stamps, the allotment needed to be increased. Once you received food stamps, you couldn’t spend any of your own money on food, all of it had to be bought with food stamps. The idea that you had any responsibility for yourself once you got government aid never occurred to the teacher (or at least she didn’t let on). Food stamps weren’t supplemental, they were your food budget.

    It looks like the same argument is still being made today.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    The majority of liberals are without the common sense it takes to use Google to find the truth. WE THE PEOPLE have paid over $1.4B for the Obamas’ 23 vacations and family trips, and are about to pay another $4M for his next 21 day vacation. Doesn’t it make all of you liberals feel all warm and fuzzy to know that they are not having to do without THEIR vacations, while we can’t afford one?
    So the tax hike is passed and “rich” people are taxed more, then what? That money will run the government for 8 1/2 days, so who do they tax next?
    Government spending must stop now. Hundreds of billions of OUR tax dollars were wasted on the 32 “green” projects Obama stuck us with. 19 of those projects have gone bankrupt, and the remainder are on the brink. Obama sent hundreds of millions to foreign banks to help prop them up; hundreds of millions to three South American countries to prop up THEIR oil industry; Cash for Clunkers program still owes over a hundred million to dealerships for the deals they made in good faith; two auto companies were taken over, Chrysler sold to Fiat of Italy for pennies on the dollar, GM still owes $25B to taxpayers, stockholders lost everything, and unions ended up with everything; our money has been given to our Middle Eastern enemies to keep them in power; over 140,000 new government employees have been hired; etc., etc. The spending never ends.
    Now Obama wants to have the power to raise the debt ceiling as much as he wants. America’s credit rating has been downgraded twice, and will be downgraded again unless the government stops spending. The dollar is worth less than $.80 and will go even lower as our debt goes higher. It is too bad the American voters didn’t realize that Obama is achieving his goal of bankrupting America. Evidently getting “free” stuff meant more to them than saving our economy. Do you really think that Obama cares about your well-being? Our country is about to crash, and he is taking another vacation. Please don’t whine when what little you do have is taken by the government. Millionaires can be taxed for all their are worth, but unless uncontrolled government spending is stopped now, other peoples money will run out eventually.

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    readerjp @ #:

    “Actually he was in Nagasaki.”

    Yikes! :em06:

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    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    sleeper says:

    The assumption was that since you couldn’t buy all the food you need with food stamps, the allotment needed to be increased.

    Actually, the main purpose of food stamps isn’t to be the sole provider of food for a household, it is simply an assistance or supplement. The problem is that too many people see it as the only source — especially these days.

    A lot of people kind miss the original and actual intent of food stamps. There is a reason why the Department of Agriculture runs the program and not the Department of Health and Human Services (which would normally deal with welfare programs).

    Helping the poor with food assistance is only a secondary part of the Food Stamp program. The main focus is
    to help the farmer in case the economy becomes bad and people are unable to buy food. If people couldn’t buy food, the prices would drop, and it would put the farmers out of business. So basically, the program is in place to shore up the farmer and then giving the food away to the poor.

    So basically, the “welfare” is going to the farmer first, so that he can stay in business.

    Of course, over the years, the “farmer” has been replaced by agri-business and processed food suppliers, but the concept is still the same. Without the program, big business would fail and so would the poor people.

    On the recipient side of the equation, Food Stamps are not meant to be the sole source of food expenditures. A lot of working families, including those with a member in the military, receive supplemental food stamp assistance. (oooo, those “lazy” military families…) Why? Because our economy sucks right now. Welcome to capitalism. (and no, that isn’t a dig on capitalism, it is just a natural economic reality when you remove some of the checks and balances on it) The nation’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, not only encourages its employees to go to the emergency room if they need medical assistance (at the taxpayer’s expense), they also give out instructions on how to apply for food stamps.

    But wait! There’s more!

    There’s this really neat thing called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit(WOTC) signed into law by Bill Clinton, in 1996 as a part of his vaunted Welfare Reform. Under the WOTC, Wal-Mart can hire people who were on Temporary Assistance to Needy Families(TANF) and get up to a $9000 tax credit for $10,000 of wages, or they can hire someone who was receiving SNAP or food stamp benefits and get up to a $6000 tax credit. For veterans, they can get even more. Don’t believe me? Here’s the employers’ flyer from the United States Department of Labor. (sorry, PDF)

    Of course, the tax credit eventually runs out, and then Wal-Mart either makes life so miserable for the employee that they quit and thus allow Wal-Mart to hire another welfare recipient, or they just fire them at will because, hey, Wal-Mart doesn’t deal with no stinking Commie unions. And then they hire another one.

    Why do you think the job applications ask if the applicant is now or was a recipient of TANF or SNAP?

    And then, Wal-Mart pays them so damned little that they usually STILL qualify for the taxpayer-funded program. Everybody wins!

    But this isn’t just Wal-Mart doing this. There are several other huge retail stores like Target etc that are doing the same thing now.
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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Chavez is on his way out — and, one can certainly hope — likewise with his utterly discredited socialism, and his equally-freakish, non-mainstream bedfellows (Ahmadinejad, Obama, etc).

  28. 28
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    If I owned a Negro
    he would look like Obama

  29. 29
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:


  30. 30
    single stack growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator @ #: 28

    If I owned a negro she would look like Jayne Kennedy.

  31. 31
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    single stack says:

    LC Gladiator @ #: 28
    If I owned a negro she would look like Jayne Kennedy.

    ROFLMAO :em01:

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    sleeper growls and barks:

    DJ Allyn @ #26:

    [a bunch of stuff]

    Yeah, I look at that and see a bunch of unintended consequences of the laws. But maybe they are not unintended.

    And you can’t blame Wal-Mart and Target for operating within the legal framework they’re put in. It doesn’t make it right, but it’s understandable. I would argue that the federal government doesn’t have the authority to create the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services in the first place, much less TANF or SNAP or tax credits for hiring recipients of same.

    But then I’m a right-wing nut-job.

  33. 33
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    In May 2003, Obama called on the Senate to resist Bush’s “unprecedented $300
    billion deficit” that “underscores the recklessness of the George W. Bush
    administration and the Republican Congress”. During the 2008 campaign, Czar
    Obama said, “The first thing you do when you’re in a hole is what? … You stop
    digging. So the first thing that we’re going to have to do is to stop adding to
    our deficit.” Nearly 4 years later, Czar Obama and tax-spend big-government
    politicians are driving the U.S. bus closer to the same cliff that Greece, Spain
    and Italy plunged over. During the 46 full months of Czar Obama’s reign, the
    national debt increased by $5.74 trillion to $16.37 trillion, at an annual rate
    of $1.50 trillion. The increase in the last 12 months was $1.26 trillion. During
    Bush’s 95 full months, the debt increased $4.98 trillion at an annual rate of
    $0.63 trillion. Obama’s rate is 2.38 times Bush’s. Bush was bad … Obama is

  34. 34
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    If I owned a negro I’d get rid of it and buy a dog.

  35. 35
    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    sleeper says:

    And you can’t blame Wal-Mart and Target for operating within the legal framework they’re put in.

    You mean lobbied for, don’t you?

    We keep ignoring the huge elephants and gorillas in the room here.

    This isn’t about business, it is about the natural result of corporatism, which a lot of people seem to confuse with capitalism. The two couldn’t be further apart.

    In the past thirty years or so, we have been moving more and more away from capitalism to corporatism — on a worldwide scale. Where we used to have a bunch of small or medium businesses working within a capitalist frame works, we now have a handful of mega-corporations owning other corporations that have pretty much gobbled up all of the small and medium businesses.

    As the corporation gets larger — as it has to do to stay alive — more and more costs have to be screwed down to their bare minimum to satisfy the investor class who do nothing more productive than rake in the cash.

    Eventually they get to the point where they can grow no longer without merging into one giant worldwide organization.

    It’s coming. While you gas on about taxes and perceived socialism, yadda yadda yadda, you are blind to the fact that within 30 years the giant yoke of corporatism will be taking everything over.
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  36. 36
    LC Xealot growls and barks:

    DJ Allyn says:

    …within 30 years the giant yoke of corporatism will be taking everything over.

    There’s some truth to this, and some falsehood. Glenn Beck often refers to our current economic and political system as “Crony Capitalism.” Your description of Corporatism also works. Whatever you want to call it, it isn’t Capitalism, it isn’t a free market.

    You’re quite right about the likely outcome, that of increasingly large corporations dominating the economic landscape, in collusion with Big Government. What’s worse is these companies are increasingly tied in to the government itself. GE is a prime example of this, but many of the large corporations are on the government teat in one way, shape or form. Everything from banks and car companies receiving preferential bailouts and loans, to burdensome regulation used against companies that are less favored. I’ve referred to this as Corporate Socialism, in which the distinction between government and large corporation is more or less irrelevant. Both are bureaucratic entities run by a mostly political class in which everyone else gets the metaphorical (or literal) boot heel. They are indistinguishable from Big Government, except that they know no national boundaries.

    Where I disagree with you, Deej, is the cause of this problem. We can rail on about lobbyists, but that’s only part of the story. Regulation harms small business more than it harms big business, because big business can absorb the costs. In fact, it actually HELPS big business in so far as it hampers or eliminates the competition from small business. A large corporation can hire an army of attorneys, accountants, compliance officers and inspectors to ensure compliance with the increasingly difficult-to-navigate regulatory waters. Mom-and-pop simply has to close shop or ally with/sell off to a larger firm.

    Despite all this, I am not against large corporations in principle. I simply disagree with our current political climate which favors large, monolithic bureaucracy. It is simply a case of large corporations must exist in a competitive climate with their smaller competitors. And contrary to everything the Left says, regulation and Big Government only exacerbates the problem.

  37. 37
  38. 38
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    David Schweikert []

    Washington Times Headline


    It’s been a busy week in Washington. Last Monday I found out that because I have voted with my principles, my top committee assignment in the House would be taken away from me. Meanwhile, President Obama is out campaigning for more debt and stimulus spending, all while seeking a deal to raise the debt ceiling without approval from Congress.

    Below is an editorial I wrote about the importance of standing on principle in Washington.

    Editorial in the Washington Times published on Monday, December 10, 2012:

    In Washington, principle is a frequent casualty of the unrelenting pursuit of power.

    In order to climb the ranks, to get appointed to the plush committees, to advance a bill or to just get a seat at the table, you have to be a loyal foot soldier.

    For conservative Republicans, this means a choice: stifle our beliefs in support of allegedly more palatable positions, or stick to our guns. We are courted, coaxed, pressured and when all else fails, we are threatened.

    Inside the Beltway, they call this “being a team player.”

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a proud Republican, and I want to support my party. I am a firm believer in the Republican principles of smaller government, low taxes and economic freedom. I have spent my time in government service fighting for these principles.

    I ran and was elected to Congress on a platform of shrinking the size and cost of a federal government that has ballooned out of control. I promised my constituents that I would fight for them — for their hard-earned tax dollars, their small businesses, their jobs and their families.

    I respect my leadership and colleagues, but when the required position deviates from the promise I made to my constituents, I will pick my constituents every time.

    For me, that promise trumps politics.

    Last week, I learned the harsh truth: There is a price to be paid for being principled in Washington. Three of my colleagues and I were kicked off the high-profile budget and financial services committees for bucking our party’s leaders on key votes.

    Most of these votes were crucial spending votes over the course of my freshman term in Congress. The largest of these was the debt-ceiling deal hammered out by Republican leaders and President Obama during the summer of 2011. The deal raised our debt ceiling by $900 billion initially with the potential for an additional trillion-dollar increase, allowing our government to continue borrowing and spending. In exchange, Republicans received $900 billion in spending cuts over a 10-year period, $21 billion of which occurred in the fiscal year 2012.

    At the time, I listened to the arguments my colleagues made and I respected their reasons for choosing a different path, but I could not support a deal that ignored our country’s spending addiction. I could not support a bill that mortgaged our grandchildren’s future in exchange for the convenience of avoiding the tough choices.

    The Budget Control Act, as the final deal was called, did what Washington does best —kick the can down the road. The most substantial spending cuts were postponed for future years and future Congresses.

    More than a year later, the super committee has failed, Washington is scrambling to undo many of the spending cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act, our deficits continue to top $1 trillion a year, and we are staring down the ravine of a potentially devastating fiscal cliff.

    Throughout the 112th Congress, we were asked to quietly swallow spending bills that exacerbated our skyrocketing deficits. I was told to take one for the team, to go along to get along. I was told there would be other opportunities to cut spending, other fights to stand our ground.

    But these were not small votes. Our government’s unsustainable debt and the debilitating effect on our economy is perhaps, the most pressing problem facing our country today. If we don’t act now, we may not have other opportunities. There may not be other fights.

    I promised my constituents I would do everything I could to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington, and that is what I did. Because it’s all about the numbers and they simply do not add up.

    I am proud of these votes, even though they cost me a seat on the Financial Services Committee. I am proud to vote my conscience and to stand up for the conservative principles I campaigned on. Given a choice, I would do it all over again.

    I didn’t come to Washington to fight against my Republican colleagues, or even against my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. I came to Washington to fight for the values that make our country unique — for the economic freedom that gives life to the American Dream. I came to fight for the people back home who still can’t find a job, for the families who worry about their children and grandchildren’s futures.

    No matter the price, that is what I intend to do.

  39. 39
    sleeper growls and barks:

    LC Xealot @ #35:

    You mean lobbied for, don’t you?

    You’re not going to get much argument out of me on this one. It all stems from the government handing out (other peoples’) goodies. If government could not hand out goodies (and any honest reading of the constitution says it can’t), lobbyists would be useless. I just don’t want to band-aid over the problem by passing laws to limit the practice, I want it stopped.

    So I’m not blind to the problem at all. I think I’ve grasped the root of it, and I’m trying to pull it out.

    I’m not making any progress.

  40. 40
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Seeing how this is an open thread, I’ll put this here. My sister is having a CAT scan done tomorrow. This is a message from her about what is going on,

    Having alot of headaches, weight gain, and various female problems. The Dr is an idiot and said she could not feel the huge knot on my throat yet it is very visible. This knot appeared out if no where and when it popped up is when all the trouble started. The gyn says do the cat scan to make sure nothing is growing on my brain pushing on my putituary gland and to see if they see the knot on my throat which is bugging me now. It pushes my tongue to where it is hard to swallow.

    As you all know, we lost our Mom a little over two months ago, and several family members. She has had issues with “non” cancerous problems with her reproductive system in the past. Cancer is something that has taken a great many in my family. I ask that you’ll keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

  41. 41
    sleeper growls and barks:

    sleeper @ #39:

    Oops, clicked the wrong comment. But LC Xealot won’t get much argument from me, either.

  42. 42
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    I will pray and send good vibes to your sister…For some reasn I am hypersensitive to those dealing with or having dealt with cancer. Many of us here….too many. I am hoping it is just an infection, those can be dealt with. Take care, Lobo….

  43. 43
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    December 11, 2012
    Okay, President Obama, Let’s be Fair
    Bruce Johnson

    Let’s be fair. Present federal spending levels is damaging to future generations. It steals from those that are coming after us and also shaves value from the currency. Let us be fair to future generations and those who hold dollars.

    Let’s be fair. People who are taking money from the Social Security fund under the guise of being disabled, when they are not, are essentially stealing the money from the people who obediently paid into Social Security. Let’s be fair. Those who paid in to the fund should not be subject to fraudulent disability claims that drain their money from the fund and increase the likelihood that the money won’t be there when they who paid in will be in need of it.

    Let’s be fair. Illegal immigrants are getting the same perks as those who came into the country legally. Legal immigration, monitored and measured, is the only fair immigration policy.

    Let’s be fair. The Federal Reserve has a mandate to maintain moderate interest rates. 0% rates are not moderate by any metric. To anyone who has saved money for retirement, to pensions that rely on a fair return on money, this policy by the Federal Reserve is unfair.

    Let’s be fair. States that mismanage their own affairs (CA, IL, NY) should not be bailed out by States who have managed their affairs in responsible fashion (TX, OK, AZ).

    Let’s be fair. The citizens of the United States should not be deprived of the knowledge of the inner workings of federal government. Those accountable for Department of Justice antics or Secretary of State security decisions should be known to the people of the country.

    Let’s be fair. When the federal authorities are lax in enforcing federal code, States should be able to assist. In doing so, the States are allowed to protect themselves in full accordance with the law.

    Let’s be fair. Students graduate college with large debt as the collegiate professorship and faculty accrue marvelous benefits packages and retirement considerations.

    Let’s be fair. If wealth accumulation is suggested as evil, perhaps schools such as Harvard should share their multi billion dollar endowments with the needy schools, the less fortunate. Maybe Harvard should just give their $20 Billion to the Department of Education so it can do good work for all.

    Let’s be fair. No waivers for anyone regarding Obamacare or passed immigration laws.

    Lets be fair. Those who pass laws must also be subject to same.

    Bruce Johnson

    Read more:

  44. 44
    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    Students graduate college with large debt as the collegiate professorship and faculty accrue marvelous benefits packages and retirement considerations.

    Sorry, Brucie, but I have issues here. College is neither a right, nor a foregone conclusion. If you cannot afford to go to college, then DON’T GO. Believe me, your instructors won’t miss you. Many of those benefits packages and retirement considerations are no different from any other package or retirement consideration. Let’s be fair, Bruce…do you have issues with guys like A-Rod being paid MILLIONS of dollars every year to hit a ball around? What is your answer to college, Bruce? Do you think that professors’ salaries should be capped, and that tuition should be regulated?

    Most professors work hard, and spend long hours grading papers and prepping for classes. And before you get upset, yes, I know there are graduate teaching assistants; I was one, myself, but those Master’s and Doctoral degrees didn’t come cheap.

  45. 45
    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    Some good news for the people of Illinois regarding their Second Amendment rights.

  46. 46
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    LC HJ Caveman82952 @ #: Well, they found something. Going to set up an MRI.
    LC LOBO recently posted..Well, what should I do ?My Profile

  47. 47
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Won’t let me register, Lobo…hmmm?

  48. 48
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    LC HJ Caveman82952 @ #:
    Hell, I haven’t written a new post for there in several months.

  49. 49