The Damned Few

Since we’re at it I thought I’d post the lastest from the Rhino Den.

Folks, never has honor, society and the calling been better explained…

Warriors are not born.  The are made through hard work, suffering and self-sacrifice.  Toughness is fucking EARNED.


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LC HJ Caveman82952

Light…that touched my heart. We find it in many ways and circumstance. You find it when you need it, when the imperative and the target remain all important. There seem to be many sorts, manifested in some as fearless warriors, others with simple endurance. Yet all require a toughness, borne of need, even desperation. And realizing in your heart something, something, could be anything, has a greater value to you than your very life, whether you die by bullet, exhaustion or starvation. It could be the suffering of one loved, brothers in arms, with all their inherent weaknesses and strengths, tolerating abuse, or an ideal, and oath. Many things….
Yet you never relent , pausing only briefly for an assesment, perhaps a rest, then continuing once again……
For that is what you are made of….the greatest revelation of all.
You will find out if and when you ever need it. Some of us already know through the crucible of adversity, many others await the answer………

LC Sir Intellectual Conservative 5th Columnist

We fight the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

We stand the watch, we hold the line. We defend with our lives if need be, that others may survive and thrive.

We can’t pause or flinch out of some misguided sense of pity when evil is on the defensive. All that does is bring greater evil.

This I’ve discovered recently.

And I’ve also discovered I have friends.

To my friends, I say God Bless You .. you know who you are.