The GOP Didn’t Lose The Election

Nope, our side didn’t lose the election, they surrendered it long before we even had a nominee. I remember a conference call made last year with RNC leaders that decided that it wouldn’t be in our interest to use personal attacks against Ogabe in the election. Those wizened ones, so much smarter than we neanderthals decided we would once again stick to the ‘high road’ and win on the weight of the arguments for our side. They came right out saying that folks felt sorry for Ozero and his personal approval ratings were still high is spite of his utter failure as a chief exec. That was truthful to the Nth degree but for the reason that the vast majority of the electorate knew more about Quantum Mechanics than the pResident. They felt sorry for the son of a bitch, thinking he means well, but just hasn’t had any luck with the economy. They bought in to the Bush Derangement Syndrome Sequel, that he got handed a bag of shit. Hell Romney himself came out during the debates, calling Obamler “A good family man” thus reinforcing the false opinion of the middle of the road electorate thinking Teh Lightbringer, Ruler of The Oceans wasn’t all that bad of a guy. That call and the decades long insistence on being the ‘good guys’ fucked us this time but good. We have a viciously anti-American Alinskyite radical occupying the Oval Office and our guys couldn’t find the balls to call him out on anything?

I think the right word is appeasement. The GOP feels that for some reason if we stick to moderate, non-confrontational, nice-guy candidates, the electorate will see that, trust us and remember when they pull the lever or push the button to cast their ballot. Horse-Shit !!! This election proved that the electorate is perfectly willing to ignore ALL the signs that something is amiss, if only they get something free out of the deal, bread and circuses for everyone. They feel nor remorse for sucking off the government teat when they’re led to believe it’s going to come out of a rich guy’s deep pockets full of cash stolen from the offering plate. You have to give the left credit for balls. They are using all the tactics of all the depraved masters of socialism, Alinsky, Hitler, Stalin, Marx right out in the open. Class warfare, identity politics, government dependency, globalism, the term social and economic justice is right out of the writings of those twisted, power-mad, evil men. They know they can count on the abject stupidity, greed and envy possessed by enough of the masses to keep them reliable voters. Although thoroughly evil, these men were also extremely cunning and understood the failings and faults of humans and how to exploit that in pursuit of absolute power.

The GOP forgot that Omarx was elected as an enigma, with a ginned up charisma. His background was carefully crafted to make him appear to be an agent for change for the good, a friend of the common man, the little people. We screamed and yelled about this chimera, a man with more questions than answers about who and what he was. We pointed out to as many who would listen that he was telling us up front his plans. Transformational Change to the Republic means tearing out the foundation, the Constitution and replacing it with a tyranny of statism, controlled by him and his minions, the unions, the media, academia all with the blessing of their fellow travelers. In candidate Ogabe they saw the end game of their plans and threw everything the could say or lie about to ensure his election and it worked. Now in spite of a crushing economy, rampant unemployment over 10% (I only believe the U6 indices), debt that can never be repaid, a doubling of food stamps and an explosion of the perennially unemployed migrating to phony disabilities ensuring a lifetime of government support, he’s got four more long years to bring even more misery to the country. We knew nothing more about Ogabe the pResident than Ogabe the candidate. The man without a past, the perfect mole of statism. What a very few intrepid reporters could find about him only reinforced our fears. On November 6th a tiny majority of American decided to ignore literally everything going on around them and voted this pernicious bastard to a second term.

It’s the fault of the GOP entirely. We had a billion dollars in the war chest to fight the left on all fronts. Unlike 2008 we now had a track record of Ozero in office. All could see what couldn’t be hidden by the sycophant media pustules. The election was as much of what they call in Vegas a “lock” as you can get, we only needed to point out the utter failure of this man’s presidency. But we made a conscious decision not to fight, electing to play the fool right into the hands of Axelrod, Jarrett and the WH liars. They fucking knew we were going to play the game that way and smeared Romney with specious lie after lie after lie. The campaign was all about small, small things, the “War on Women”, contraception, Bain Capital and lies from every direction attributed to Romney and the republicans. Naturally instead of responding to these with full-on attacks by our side, we defended and thereby validating to that low-information moron that Romney was bad ju-ju, an uncaring gazillionaire (did anybody even mention that last year the Romneys donated $30 million dollars to the church and charity?-Hell no) Wouldn’t just hearing that number change the perception of a few people? By his own choosing, an honest, decent, devout and generous family-man was made into a modern day Ebenezer Scrooge.

We’ve abandoned the principles that keep us in a civil society, instead believing what the statists tell us about two Americas, the 1% and how each group, carefully assigned with custom grievances could not be governed in a Constitutional Republic. Let the mob rule begin !!

While the mob, flocked to the polls, many on our side stayed home. We argue over exactly what is conservatism and who is or isn’t the ‘right’ conservative. Friends, conservatism has few basic principles and beyond that it’s a personal ideology. Conservatives come in all colors and stripes, not to be confused with RINOs, again the key being low taxes, limited government, pro 2nd amendment and pro-life. You can fill in your own details as to the rest of the questions as to how we should govern ourselves. This is where we run off the rails, an internecine battle of what constitutes conservatism. We fight while the enemy arms-up. The primaries were a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The game was rigged to ensure the winner would be middle of the road and not someone the yammering heads could call an extremist, whatever the fuck that is. I think murdering an innocent fetus is extreme, but who am I? We are at the crux now of a perpetual government that we see today. A monster that grows in power and numbers. Unions that become de facto government surrogates. Education that ensures the next generation of voters have no concept of our history and how the United States became the greatest country on the planet. Instead they’re indoctrinated that we aren’t special, we’re just another player on the UN security counsel and we must not EVER lead from the front. Leading from the front might get you hurt or worse and we can’t have that now can we? We can’t make unilateral decisions, we’ll defer to reaching consensus with 3rd world leaders and tin-pot tyrants.

We’ve been here before and seen much worse and we survived as a group. We must stand on our first principles, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What the left promises is unsustainable and when it finally collapses of it’s own fiscal weight, we’ll be ready to again, lift the Republic back. We MUST resist the urge to re-shape and reform the party principles to ‘reach out’ to blacks and Latinos. Our message is on of equality. Equality of opportunity, not the lie of equal outcome that the enemy preaches. It’s time for us to stand up, brush the sand out of our asses and loudly, proudly continue sending our message out. It worked pretty good for the Reagan fellow and it will work again if we aren’t afraid of fighting the good fight.

Once more into the breach dear friends, once more….

-Carry On


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    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as usual. :em08:

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    themandownthehall growls and barks:

    No. It is too late. The time is long passed that the breach can be fixed. It can’t. The best thing we can do now is nothing. Watch this experiment finish going to hell and burn. The policies of the left are too far entrenched. They must now lead to their conclusion: utter ruin. It’s going to get ugly and bloody and it won’t be fun. But it is going to happen.

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    Tallulah growls and barks:


    BTW, Rush noted the astounding fact that according to the exit polls, the Useful Morons (i.e., the majority of our fellow voters) actually believed that the DEMOS were for LOWER TAXES.

    Why? Because the GOP “leaders” couldn’t find their testicles with both hands: they haven’t descended yet, apparently.

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all!

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    LC_Salgak growls and barks:

    You want to see a REAL conservative. . . .

    Watch THIS.

    Bill Whittle down at Horowitz’s “Rennaissance Weekend”, last weekend.

    If that doesn’t get you standing up and cheering. . . .you’re undead. . .

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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    OK, the GOP has failed. Maybe we should go Libertarian–although New York does host a Conservative Party.

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    single stack growls and barks:

    LC_Salgak @ #: 4

    I watched that last night. It is outstanding. :em01:
    Unless they start putting up candidates with the attitude he demonstrated I’m through with the Republicans. I’m sick of gutless pantywaists making conservative noises during the campaign and then withering at the first sign of criticism from the enemy.

    LC Xystus @ #: 5

    I tried going Libertarian. Um…no thanks. I’m a strong advocate of free markets, ending the drug war, and a non-interventionist foreign policy, but the LP is filled with anarchist flakes, open borders advocates, and others with no respect for our historical and cultural traditions. Many of them are nothing more than progs who are even more confused than the socialists of the Evil Party.

    I don’t know much about the Conservative Party but after a quick scan of their website I think it’s worth a closer look.

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    Mark12A growls and barks:

    Salgak…As we used to say, Sierra Hotel. Whittle has it down.

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    LC_Salgak, that was awesome, and got linked at mine.

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    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    The Republican party betrayed me for the last time in 2008. I swore I’d never vote for another useless RINO mush ever again after that.

    They insisted on forcing Willard on me and mine. My family and myself showed the republicans we were deadly serious about no longer choosing the lesser of evils. We wrote in candidates or voted for Gary Johnson in the presidential slot. The Republicans wanted to play chicken with us, and they expected that we’d vote for the man that all but wrote Obamacare? A gun grabber from Mass?

    No. The Republican party can go to hell forever. Throw their corpse on the burn pile next to the Whigs.

    There is no salvation for this country that won’t come from destruction. The system is wholly and completely corrupt, and anyone trying to effect positive change by working “legitimately” within this maggot infested power structure is either going to be ruined, co-opted, or marginalized by it.

    It must be burned to ash, using every means possible, and then reconstructed into something – hopefully – better (long odds, I’ll admit). Anything a patriot can do to destroy the government and it’s support systems is critical at this point. Any and every opportunity you get to throw a spanner in the works, take it.

    Remember – this game is all about money. How can you cost Big-Daddy-Jugg-Ears, the F.S.A. and the quislings Running the Republican party lots of it.

    – Are you in a position where you have access to expensive government infrastructure? If so, can you break it? If you do, can you get away with it? If yes, then by God Break it!

    – Can you waist a government goon’s time and money? Can you make them spend the day jumping through their own maze of bureaucratic horseshit? Then Waist their time and money, and make that fat slob hope around pointlessly all day!

    – So many in our federal Government don’t pay their taxes – ain’t that right Timmy? Now in the spirit of following the example set by our “betters,” I am pretty sure you patriots can find a whole lot of deductions you’d normally not consider. Time to take them. All of them. Hell… go out of your way to fabricate them.

    – Got a local Goodwill? You’d be amazed how quickly you can turn $25.00 of garage sale haggling and dumpster diving into hundreds or even thousands in tax deductions.

    – Perhaps you are in a position to be “un-helpfully-helpful”to government employees! Strive to be the most “helpful” person those shit-weasels ever met.

    Melt the system from the inside out.

    This society works only because we consent to it’s existence. It’s time to withdraw that consent. The commies on the left, and the “commies-lite” on the right have failed America.

  10. 10
    Eric T. growls and barks:

    LC Xystus says:

    OK, the GOP has failed. Maybe we should go Libertarian–although New York does host a Conservative Party.

    In 1988, I voted for G.H.W.Bush. He gave us “read my lips, no new taxes.”

    In 1992, I voted for Bush 41 again. Fat lot of good that did me. His typical Gutless Old Pretender policies allowed for Perot to gain a foothold, handing the Whitehouse over to a serial sexual offender and Chi-Com sellout.

    In 1996, I voted for Dole. I’m still not sure if he is or isn’t a re-animated voodoo zombie.

    In 2000, I voted for Bush after Keyes lost the primary. He gave us Medicare Part D and Campaign Finance Reform.

    In 2004, I voted for Bush because he wasn’t John eFFin’ Kerry. He gave us “too big to fail” and “sacrifice free market principles to save the free market.”

    In 2008, I held my nose and voted for McCain. The next morning, I quit the Republican Party and became an Independent so I could look at myself in the mirror again.

    In 2012, I “did the adult thing” and voted for Romney. Now I’m toying with the idea of joining the Libertarian Party so I can look at myself in the mirror again.

    I’m done with the GOP. They have squandered every opportunity given them over the last 24 years. I won’t waste another vote on their sorry arses.