Quit Talking About “Demographics” Already, You Morons

We have to get this off of our chest as we’ve been driven to distraction by eggheads on “our side” poring over how the population is divided into this or that group and how we must, must tailor anything we say and do towards this “new reality” or we’re doomed, DOOMED they tell us.

Cut it out already.

That is exactly what we must NOT do, because that is everything that true conservatism/libertarianism is NOT all about. Our beliefs, inasmuch as we still believe in them and, if we don’t, then why bother?, are centered on two things: Individualism and liberty. Those two concepts care not one flying fuck about what particular “demographic” an individual belongs to and, moreover, nor do those individuals care one flying fuck. Freedom and independence are inherently cool, whether you’re white, black, yellow, candy-striped, Christian, atheist, Jewish, male, female, young, old, blond or ginger.

You can claim that a large part of the population has been convinced that they need Uncle Sugar to survive and that this is preferable to the big, bad jungle of a free market where they would surely perish, but that’s just because they’ve been brainwashed. It has nothing to do with actual reality as your innate characteristics such as skin color, belief and gender have nothing to do with your personal potential.

They have been brainwashed by generations of ProgNazi leftist swine in our education system and the EneMedia, deliberately split into competing tribes constantly warring with other tribes for their survival because, well, you know the term already: “Divide et Impera.

This is NOT what conservatism/libertarianism believes in, it never has, and by accepting that “reality” foisted upon us by the divisive, subversive, terrorist leftist swine we’re only supporting their narrative and, believe you us, they’re laughing all the fucking way to their next strategy meeting.

We must reject it utterly, not only on a personal level but also very much in the public sphere, and be bloody annoyingly loud about it. Reject it as in “paying no bloody attention to it”, reject it as in “not even finding it worthy of comment” and reject it as in “just what in the name of all that’s holy to you possessed you to state that individuals can be easily categorized into tribes? Are you racist or something?”

What we must not do is respond to charges of racism by pandering, by immediately and artificially inflating the numbers of the minority du jour in our ranks or creating different talking points for different demographics because, in doing so, we’re openly admitting that the other side has a point, that we have a problem that needs correcting. And we don’t.

WE believe that you’re equally worthy of individual freedom, independence and respect regardless of which “tribe” you’ve been told that you belong to. WE believe that you’re equally capable of achieving your true potential no matter what artificial subgroup of humanity our ProgNazi enemies have convinced you that you belong to. WE believe that your “tribe” does not determine your character beforehand, that your “tribe” is not inherently industrious, lazy, greedy, philanthropic, ethical, immoral or any other of the labels that the enemy has not only stuck on you but convinced you that it belongs there.

WE, as a matter of fact, don’t recognize “tribes” at all, except for one, and that is the one we call “Americans.”

E pluribus unum. Yes, we have differences, INDIVIDUAL differences, but none of those are determined by any artificial “tribe” thought up by eggheads in order to control us, and they’re what make us strong, because all of those differences contribute to the whole which is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

And we ALL share the longing for success, liberty, freedom to mind our own business and the desire to be beholden to no fucking one.

Let the other side pander to shoving people in boxes, prejudice and stereotyping.

We believe in none of that, and therefore we have no need to address it, any more than we feel a need to address the possible impact on the global cheese market of a future permanent Moon base, because we know that the Moon is not made out of cheese.

Liberty, independence, prosperity, equality of opportunity.

Those are NOT hard things to “sell”, and they have abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING to do with “demographics.”

So cut it the fuck out already, because you’re beginning to piss His Imperial Majesty off. And you would not like him when he’s angry.



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    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:


    Indeed. We’re seeing it here because the eeyores are insisting that we absolutely must take these artificially created groups into account if we’re to win evah again.

    Conservative principles sell to everyone, as long as we explain them in a manner that’s understandable. After many, many years teaching you learn to adjust your message to the audience. That is the only time when we should consider who we’re talking too.

    Otherwise accepting it does indeed validate the enemy’s plan.

    Well fucking done and I shoulda thought of it first.

    BTW-that was MY phone just ringing in the palace if you’re still there. The cell phone is dead. It’s 512-243-xxxx

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    LC Xealot growls and barks:

    Partly agreed.

    Point #1: Pandering is a bad idea. Spineless Republican politicians have proven just how ineffective this tactic is. So, 100% in agreement with you here.

    Point #2: The EneMedia and the Education system have brainwashed the masses — also agreed, 100%. If it were possible to reclaim this institutions, I would be very hopeful for our ultimate prospects. But I don’t think that’s possible in our current environment. Their domination of these areas of our society is complete and total. We have alternatives, of course, for OUR use. But those who are already brainwashed are, essentially, unfixable barring extreme life events.

    Point #3: The demographics ARE against us. Not because of racial or religious divides (I agree with you that these differences are meaningless). But, rather, because more young, brainwashed Leftists are created every day. The Right slowly shrinks in comparison.

    Point #4: Freedom and free markets shouldn’t be a hard sell — but they are, in a world that has increasingly started to vote for Santa Claus, as Rush put it. It’s hard to compete with Santa Claus.

    So I agree with you that pandering, or moderating our position is pointless and stupid. That will get us no where. But I respectfully disagree about the fundamental strength of our position with the American voting public. Our position is weakened, and grows weaker over time, I can’t see a silver-lining anywhere in this. This isn’t about being depressed, or a doomsayer, it’s about being a cynical realist.

    If there’s a time for DIRECT action, it’s right now, before the task becomes even more difficult.

  3. 3
    Spin Drift growls and barks:

    I remeber a document that starts out “We the people… not We the tribes or We the white or We the poor or We the black or We the Hispanic or We the LGBT or We the Muslim or We the whatever.

    HOLD FAST the People of these here United States.

    Spin Drift

  4. 4
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    LC Xealot says:

    So I agree with you that pandering, or moderating our position is pointless and stupid. That will get us no where. But I respectfully disagree about the fundamental strength of our position with the American voting public. Our position is weakened, and grows weaker over time, I can’t see a silver-lining anywhere in this. This isn’t about being depressed, or a doomsayer, it’s about being a cynical realist.

    It is, indeed, weakened right now, and that’s thanks to our willingness to accept the premises of the enemy. We have sat back and allowed them to build the “us versus them” narrative and now that they’re throwing it in our faces, we’re responding to it by accepting their premise in “trying to make up for it.”

    THAT is our failing. That puts us at a disadvantage right now, you’re absolutely right about that, but we’re not going to overcome that by continuing to let them fuck up our OODA loop by tacitly agreeing with them.

    We’re reacting, not acting, and as long as we accept that as the status quo, we’ll keep on losing.

    All that we’re doing by being, as the Roves and Kristols and Frums of the world would have us be, the guys on the retreat accepting our enemy’s premise by responding to their idiotic claims as if they were anything but idiotic is straightening out the front lines, retreating to better positions and blah, blah, blech. It may seem like the wise thing to do considering our current disadvantage, but nobody ever won a fucking fight by constantly retreating.

    We let the enemy define the battlefield for us, let’s be honest here, and that was a huge fucking mistake.

    If we are to entertain even a HOPE of winning in the long run, we HAVE to stop that, right now.

    It’s no guarantee that we’ll win, it may be too late, but continuing to play the game by the enemy’s rule IS a guarantee that we’ll LOSE.

    Don’t give up just yet. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. And if we want to even dream of holding off that time, we have to start fighting.

    Or we can just give up. Let the enemy define the battlefield, play by their rules and then excuse our inevitable defeat with “it wasn’t our fault, we had no choice.”

    I am NOT cool with that, and neither are you.

    If our side loses, and we might, I’m not going to pretend that we can’t, then let us at least lose doing all that we can to NOT lose. Let’s not make the enemy’s job easier, m’kay?

  5. 5

    Exactly. In any case, people will say “why bother with half ass, one way or the other”. I’m thinking our side would have done far better with a balls to the wall conservative stance. But we would have won anyway with voter ID. It didn’t win one palce that made people prove who they were, in order to prevent dead people from voting for example. Or the number of people who discovered they had already voted. Stuff like that. :em03: :em08:

  6. 6
    Matthias the Triceratops growls and barks:

    It does seem like we need to do a better job of presenting the Conservative message to people across this country, as many “groups” seem to reject that message out of hand. Like it or not, Republicans are viewed as Racists by many people, regardless of what they say. WE have to work to counter that by getting out and presenting our message and showing people how it actually helps them, and how we actually do want them to have a chance to make a life of their own.

    Dominus tecum

  7. 7
    Pockmark growls and barks:

    So I’m guessing this strategy is no longer on the table?

  8. 8
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    Pockmark says:

    So I’m guessing this strategy is no longer on the table?

    You guessed right. We’re not beholden to some blowhard from 30 years ago working in a completely different environment, unlike the “progressives” who are still stuck in the Roaring Twenties.

  9. 9
    LC MaxMomFL growls and barks:

    I am sick to fuck of Demonrats who are race baiters, race haters and race segregaters trying to attach their RACIST peccadillos to the conservatives. YOU Pock, are the group that can’t see past people’s “race”. Get over your bigoted selves already and stop lying about others. That’s called “bearing false witness” and it’s in the top ten of the bad ones.

  10. 10
    Pockmark growls and barks:

    LC MaxMomFL says:

    YOU Pock, are the group that can’t see past people’s “race”.

    Although I like to think of myself as individual, I guess you’re a member of whatever group you’re accused of being in.

    But the group I think you’re going after, the Democrats, weren’t the party using the Southern Strategy (or elements of it) since 68′. Thankfully, since as Misha pointed out the environment is now completely different, that strategy is pretty much dead. Ever the optimist, I look forward to its replacement.

  11. 11
    LC MaxMomFL growls and barks:

    You know that snippet of a recording from our new troll bothered me because of it’s obvious “snipped-ness”. I know out-of-context when I hear it. So, I investigated. Here’s what I found:

    “The only problem is that the full context of Atwater’s remarks reveals that he was not talking about a strategy that Republicans had actually used. He was largely describing the strategies historically used by Democrats–who were (as The Nation, naturally, fails to point out) the advocates of segregation in the South. And he was also describing how the decline of racism in the South made it possible for Republicans like Reagan to win.

    What Atwater was specifically asked–as the full tape reveals, which is embedded but not cited in detail in the story–was to explain why Ronald Reagan had won voters in 1980 who backed (Democrat) segregationist George Wallace in 1968. He was not describing an actual attempt by Reagan to use code words to connect with racists, but speculating as to why some racially neutral terms may have resonated with racist Democrats.
    Atwater’s broader point–again, in the full tape, but not referred to in the article–was not that Republican strategy had changed, but that the South had changed, becoming less racist over time, meaning that someone who opposed segregation–as Reagan had, though he opposed the Civil Rights Act on states’ rights grounds–would not face the same obstacles as he might have before.” Joel B. Pollak , Breitbart

    Yep, it was the DEMOCRAT’S strategies (with which we are all too familiar) that old boy was referring to. We know that the Democrats back then were none too happy about desegregation and had all kinds of love for the dudes in white sheets who let everyone know just how “racially inclusive” they were.

    Oh and Pocky, if you advance their lies you are one of them.

  12. 12
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    California’s Liberal Supermajority
    Taxpayers are going to get all the government they ever wanted.

    For Republicans unhappy with Tuesday’s election, we have good news—at least most of you don’t live in California. Not only did Democrats there win voter approval to raise the top tax rate to 13.3%, but they also received a huge surprise—a legislative supermajority. Look out below.

    The main check on Sacramento excess has been a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority of both houses to raise taxes. Although Republicans have been in the minority for four decades, they could impose a modicum of spending restraint by blocking tax increases. If Democratic leads stick in two races where ballots are still being counted, liberals will pick up enough seats to secure a supermajority. Governor Jerry Brown then will be the only chaperone for the Liberals Gone Wild video that is Sacramento.

    Mr. Brown can blame himself for this predicament, after he drove more young voters to the polls by threatening to cut $500 million from higher education, which would have brought on large tuition increases. Voters between the ages of 18 and 29 made up 28% of the electorate, up from 22% in 2008 and 15% in 1996.

    Unions also ramped up their turnout machine to kill a ballot initiative that would have barred unions from automatically withholding money from worker paychecks for political spending. The high Democratic turnout in moderate and right-leaning districts helped the party pick up three seats in the senate and four in the assembly.

    So now Californians will experience the joys of one-party, union-run progressive governance. Mr. Brown is urging lawmakers to demonstrate frugality and the “prudence of Joseph.” As he said the other day, “we’ve got to make sure over the next few years that we pay our bills, we invest in the right programs, but we don’t go on any spending binges.” That’s what all Governors say. Trouble is, merely paying the state’s delinquent bills will require tens of billions in additional revenues if lawmakers don’t undertake fiscal reforms.

    Lawmakers have been borrowing and deferring debts for the past decade merely to close their annual deficits, and those bills will soon come due. The legislature has raided $4.3 billion from special funds and deferred $10 billion in constitutionally required payments to schools.

    The state has also borrowed $10 billion from Uncle Sam to pay for jobless benefits and $313 million this year from the state disability insurance trust fund for debt service on those federal loans. Democrats have proposed replenishing the state’s barren unemployment insurance trust fund by raising payroll taxes on employers. Expect that to happen now.

    Then there’s the more than $200 billion in unfunded liabilities the state has accrued for worker retirement benefits, which this year cost taxpayers $6.5 billion. The California State Teachers’ Retirement System says it needs an additional $3.5 billion and $10 billion annually for the next 30 years to amortize its debt.

    The state has $73 billion in outstanding bonds for capital projects and $33 billion in voter-authorized bonds that the state hasn’t sold in part because it can’t afford higher debt payments. Unissued bonds include $9.5 billion for a bullet train, which will require $50 billion to $90 billion more to complete. Sacramento will also need more money to support an $11 billion bond to retrofit the state’s water system, which is planned for the 2014 ballot.

    With no GOP restraint, liberals can now raise taxes to pay for all this. They’ll probably start by repealing Proposition 13’s tax cap for commercial property. Democrats in the Assembly held hearings on the idea this spring. Then they’ll try to make it easier for cities to raise taxes.

    The greens want an oil severance tax. Other Democrats want to extend the sales tax to services, supposedly in return for a lower rate, but don’t expect any “reform” to be revenue neutral. Look for huge union pay raises and higher pension benefits.

    The silver lining here is that Americans will be able to see the modern liberal-union state in all its raw ambition. The Sacramento political class thinks it can tax and regulate the private economy endlessly without consequence. As a political experiment it all should be instructive, and at least Californians can still escape to Nevada or Idaho.

  13. 13
    Cougar1978 growls and barks:

    Has anyone here ever heard of Enoch Powell? He had a speech entitled, Rivers of Blood.

    That was 1968, and he was talking about England’s liberals selling out Britain for votes and their own view of “multiculturalism”

    Look at England, NOW….. They’ve had bombings in 2005, by the libs’ precious pet immigrant sleeper cells, Shariah law being considered, Christmas to be outlawed, etc. etc.

    Is the US really THAT FAR behind?

    Check it out….