This Veterans Day

At 1100 on November 11th, 1918, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Guns of August finally fell silent. It would be commemorated as Armistice Day to honor those who had fought in the War to End All Wars, and when that title was proven fatally optimistic it was renamed Veterans Day to honor those who had fought in the wars that followed, and all who had left the security and comfort of civilian life to serve something larger than themselves; past, present and future.

This year I shall ponder whether our nation remains worthy of the exertions of the warriors who have given so much of themselves for others.

Does it now?

Will it ever again?



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    LC Draco growls and barks:

    This year I shall ponder whether our nation remains worthy of the exertions of the warriors who have given so much of themselves for others.

    Does it now?

    Will it ever again?

    As long as there are those of us that have shed blood in foreign lands…the Nation may be in dark times, but we will look after those that are in need of our protection and deserve it!

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Crunch….I found comfort and hope in a humble house of God yesterday afternoon, when our pastor opened with God Bless America, took me completely by surprise. Yet in the quiet hearts and loud voices of a simple people solace was found.
    Then he spoke of sacrifice……I did pray for America yesterday………and for us too, regardless of beliefs.

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    nealinnevada growls and barks:

    Thank you veterans for your love of country. Without their tireless vigilance and sacrifice for nearly the last 250 years, we wouldn’t be a free people. We owe you so much…

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    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    Sir Crunchie, my dad is a WW2 vet. When we talk about what’s going on these days, all he can do is shake his head and say, “I don’t understand it; I just don’t understand it.” It pains him to see this country turning into what he and others fought and died for to prevent.

    I wonder if those WW2 vets who are left are wondering why they ever bothered…those who neglect the past are doomed to repeat it. We are coming full circle.

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    bruce growls and barks:

    armistice day ended W W1 but lead to ww11 only gen.pershing was against it he warned wilson that if we did not march into berlin that we would do this all over again in uncle fought with the 82nd airborne while i fought in viet nam with the 101st airborne.the ww11 guys exploits were legendary and we tried to hold to their high i will visit his grave at the national cemetery in bourne mass.not to grieve but to celebrate what they did for us.

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    Library Czar growls and barks:

    Grammar Czar is also a Vet.
    Though she does not choose to note herself as such.

    Semper Fi (though I was never a Marine and would never claim to have been one)

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    LibraryGryffon growls and barks:

    My husband is a vet, just shy of 22 years in the submarine service. He’s been glad he got out before Ø was elected; I remember how happy he was when Bush took over after Clinton and he could stop biting his tongue every time he talked about the CiC. But he’d prefer serving under Clinton again to serving under Ø.

    Gene Rodenbury’s show Andromeda opened each episode with a quote, some real, some created, and my favorite was from some future historian and went something like this: “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. Those who fail to learn history correctly? Why, they are just doomed.” I’m guessing, based on the electorate’s behaviour this past Tuesday, we’re just doomed.

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    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Several restaurants offered gratis meals to Vets today. CThe local Chili’s was featuring a free meal, drink and dessert not included. I stopped by on the way home from church, wearing my suit and medals. The staff were all very gracious, and I thought the Margarita Chicken was quite good. Several of the dining staff stopped by to say thank you. By now it was starting to get just a little misty as I contempated earler years. At the end, my server, an early-twenties-something came over, sat down across from me and expressed her thanks as she gave me the token check for my non-included coke. I told her No, thank you, You don’t really understand just how much this means to those of us old enough to remember the Seventies and Eighties when the only Welcome was Unwelcome. A few minutes later, I asked her whether I paid the check at table or at a front register, and she just took the check and wadded it up.
    I left her a respectablee tip, including an Eisenhower. And had trouble driving the several blocks home, too much mist behind the glasses.

    As things turn sour, she is an example of why I will not run to cower in Canada. Fuck the Perfumed Princes. Fuck the self-annointed leaders. Fuck Double-fuck the masses. But I will stick by my fellow Vets and Active Duty, and a handfful of of other, decent, civilians trapped here too. I no longer believe we’re going to win, the fix is in. But there is one thing they can not do. They cannot prevent us from going down struggling with dignity. FIJFI

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    Another retired vet sitting here, agreeing with GC’s Dad. What the fuck happened to this land I dedicated 20 years of my life to defending, on the front lines, from what was elected. There are some interesting numbers out there to review as to how this happened. At what point do we finally gather to support the OATH that never expires?

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    irish19 growls and barks:

    God bless all veterans. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    To honor our heroes on Veteran’s Day please watch & share Let ’em Win Or Bring ’em Home. Pray for our troops -Team #CDB

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    nealinnevada @ #:

    “we wouldn’t be a free people. “

    We aren’t, and we’re getting more unfree all the time.

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    LC R6 growls and barks:

    For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country. I have removed all of my veteran perafinalliy from my office. I now regret giving 8 years of my life in service to this dictatorship.