To bear true faith and allegiance to the same……

It’s been forty-three years…..yet I remember it as if yesterday…….

Oaths are forever…given one’s capacity and resolve……time provides wisdom for those willing to learn….

Yet one thing means more to me now than it ever has…The Constitution of the United States..

I once stood at a council meeting here in town, pissed off,  pointed at the flag, spoke…

Those words are sacred to me, second only to Holy Scripture….

I got an ovation out of that, for such is the way of small town America……you know, we illiterate, gun clinging, God fearing barbarians.  For those wishing to take that from us…Good Luck, you’ll need it.  But you won’t come yourselves, will you?  No worries.  After we deal with your goons we will come for you….with a lot of names we will want to send someplace with lethal results.  Unlike most of your kind, we know there are ideals worth dying for, you live only to exist, often on the backs of others.

Those words remain true now, considering our travails…for this country and her peoples have arrived at a fork in the road….a decision to be made….

And one thing the years have taught me, use your enemies weapons against them, you save ammo that way.  Having known for decades one learns more by listening than speaking, seeking advantage in the bravado and and spoken arrogance of our adversaries…..learn of tactics and motives….for they decry that they fear….as an adversary revealing his own weakest points by attacking your own.

One thing I have learned and never forgotten….

I have learned the vast majority of these have no belly for a fight, oh, they like to throw tantrums, beat people up and and break things……..but beyond that, no.   Let that dog return to it’s  own vomit….and live in it.

For many of us, that is not the case, for as I told one man, Being shot at does not get boring with repetition, civilian or military.

So let us take the wiser course, listen, learn of our advantages, and assist them in their own self-destruction.  For that is where their doctrines and ideals invariably lead to.  The trick is to know when to step aside and let them finish the job, all while not becoming casualties ourselves.  Well…maybe a little push…..

They will seek to blame others, they always do…….part and parcel of their mind-set.

I have seen a riot, they leave their wounded….abandoning them.  I have been tear gassed, wrong place, wrong time sort of thing.

Men and women I call friend would not…..for we instinctively close ranks about the bereaved or injured, protecting them. 

And we never forget…..ever.  I know I don’t.

And won’t…..every bullet I ever send someplace will have a friends name on it.  Two men watching each others backs tend to stay alive a lot longer.

So now, given present developments, I spend time thinking and feeling, remembering and waiting….

Not the man I used to be, worked construction labor in San Francisco when I got out of the Navy.  Long gone are the days of hefting three bags of concrete at a time to the bed of a pickup truck.

Yesterday at our town watering hole, a coffee house held in great affection by the regulars., such things are now openly discussed.  Many of us discovering we have been moving in silent parallel, keeping our cards close to our chest, battening down the hatches.  We think of ourselves as a tribe, all providing what they can, skills, materials, labor.  It adds up to a hell of a lot real fast……

My soul weeps remembering the America of the late fifties and early sixties……….let the left scoff, citing the past racism, etc, for they deliberately, or fearfully, exclude the good old fashioned, simple decency we as a nation have forsaken.

But as many of you know, given my experience, giving up simply isn’t in my vocabulary….

Nor do I believe for one second it is in yours……..

I spent election day dropping a grand at my favorite gun shop.


Now to go buy a cup of coffee…….




  1. 1
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    Bravo my friend Bravo- I took that oath twice. I can no more abandon it than abandon my Savior’s grace.

    No sir, you won’t find many in these parts giving up, it isn’t in them and it’s what binds us as a pack. We have something here that transcends the virtual world and we always have had each other’s backs. Just look at the response when someone needs help is all it takes to believe.

    I think I’ll have a Red Bull instead of a coffee, I really need that caffeine.


  2. 2
    dcs2244 growls and barks:

    Great post, Caveman. I took a similar oath, twice, at the state level (it included the state constitution as well as the federal). I’m glad you were able to patronise your local gun shop; a couple of weeks ago I spent a few shekels at the local Cabela’s. I would have spent more, but they were out of 30 round P-mags for my S&W AR clone. FYI, I just heard on the news that the stock market has taken a post-election beating…except firearms manufacturers; their stocks are going through the roof.

  3. 3
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    I too did my patriotic duty, a love of mine, just fitting holsters, etc., to go with my new forty-five. Guess vets just can’t get those damn things out of our systems. Gun heads are just the nicest people, sharing their love of the art. Oh well…..
    Cabela’s huh, a fine establishent…they just shipped my new monocular night scope. Five X, infra red sort of thing. Yes, I remembered the batteries…. You can’t see a damn thing in my back yard at night…but you can hear them. The local cats and other critters generally.
    But I have an alley behind my house, living in an old neighborhood.
    My garage is in the back.
    Times being what they are, or may be….
    I do have a forty-five in my bedroom, along with a Mossberg 500…….

  4. 4
    Igor, Imperial Booby growls and barks:

    Time to arm up and fight the good fight, fellow Vets. While I live in a relatively sane part of the world (the “right” side of Washington State), the “Welfare Mentality” is pervasive and everywhere. When the feces hist the rotating blades, I am as prepared as I can be without the bunker mentality. I have food storage. I have water storage. I have ammo (not enough), and I just got a scope for my Enfield so I can reach out and touch someone if necessary. I’m an engineer, I can throw things together with baling wire and spit if necessary – I had to do it as a kid if I wanted anything, and it’s become a darned useful survival trait.

    Stay loose, the pinheads are everywhere. I give the Republic two years before the balloon goes up. :em06:

  5. 5
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Gee, Cave, would you adopt me ?? :em05:

    I too took that Oath. And I’ll never forget my Brothers who took it with me that day. SoCal, and Troy. With the Emperor himself holding the Bible.

    And for some not so great news, Iran shoots at a drone. *EDIT* The drone was shot at on November 1st, I wonder what else has happened that we are not being told. And Roguetek got some not so good news about his health. If he wants to tell what’s wrong, I’ll let him tell. I ask that ya’ll pray for the both of us.

  6. 6
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    After what you two have been through, Lobo. It ain’t right somehow….
    I haven’t heard from Rogue since his lady was called Home.
    I think about him…..
    I isolated for about a month, a local cop here stopped by the house to see how I was. The pee dee here are my friends.
    So its me, my thirty year old daughter, a bunch of cats and my preps…meaning all sorts of stuff……..

  7. 7
    redc1c4 growls and barks:

    i spent election day as inspector for a precinct in one of the upscale blue parts of bluest Lost Angels.

    i got to tell 3 different O-bats to go back out, turn their shirts inside out or they couldn’t vote. that was the high point of the day.

    that and getting to use my outside Army voice to get the massive morning line in order. many of them cringed at it. lastly, one guy self-identified saying words to the effect of “I don’t care what the results are, i’m voting for Romney” i swnug by and told him he wasn’t alone.

    the downside was the utter stupidity and smugness of both the masses and the idiots w*rking the polls, and the glee with which they received the election results from back east. and here.

    F them.

    i have decided that i am done doing anything for these assholes: no more going to meetings, no more trying to organize disaster readiness and, sad as it makes me, i am now ready to abandon my native home, that i love dearly, and evacuate to somewhere sane as soon as we can do it financially.

    until then, i’m hunkering down, and making preparations for my own personal Rourke’s Drift.

    PS: i too took the oath, more than once, with the Guard & with the Army Reserve. as a member of the Retired Reserve, i am as bound to it as the first day of my service.

  8. 8
    The_Basseteer growls and barks:

    I didn’t buy a new weapon…I did buy some more .223 ammo though.

  9. 9
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    LC HJ Caveman82952 @ #:
    Yeah, it’s been a type of hell. Hell, yeah I had to sell Der Ruger, to be able to buy food and smokes. (I smoke cheap 3/99 cigars and re-roll the butts in note book paper.) But, we will survive…
    And in compliance with the rules of being on food stamps, I went to a place to apply for a job. They wouldn’t let me fill out the application. Because I don’t have a Texas drivers license. Yet, my Oklahoma license was good enough to apply for food stamps. It’s a kick in the ass, but I won’t let it get me down.
    I’ve got the best support group in the world. My family here. And God is with me.

  10. 10
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    redc1c4 @ #:

    i spent election day as inspector for a precinct in one of the upscale blue parts of bluest Lost Angels

    That’s one of the benefits of living in Soviet Monica – I didn’t have to watch the returns. The cheers and fireworks while I was walking my dog told me everything I needed to know.

  11. 11
    single stack growls and barks:

    I swore the oath too, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    I always considered allegiance to the government dependent on its allegiance to the Constitution.
    Our domestic enemies have murdered my country. The Constitution still lives in my heart, even if it no longer lives in my land.
    I hope Old Glory can wave over my house again before I die. I’ll hoist it after I wash the blood off.

  12. 12

    Der Fubar and his cronies will never understand THIS

  13. 13
    Orion growls and barks:

    I too took the oath. And I take it seriously. ‘Nuff said, talk is cheap.

    I took y’all’s advice. I’ll be hauling my precious flag down within a day or two – when my Gadsden flag arrives. I’ll put my the Stars and Stripes back up when my country exists again, minus 150,000,000 Socialist leeches.

    The United States of America, as a Constitutional representative Republic no longer exists. May it only be absent for a short while.


  14. 14
    Pockmark growls and barks:

    LC Sir Intellectual Conservative 5th Columnist says:

    Der Fubar and his cronies will never understand THIS

    Surely there are lyrics posted somewhere online.

  15. 15

    Not that the bastards would comprehend but yeah there are


  16. 16
    Rain growls and barks:

    I too took the Oath. Even if I didn’t make it through basic training due to injuries, I still hold to it. It saddens me greatly to see what my country is becoming.

    I’ve been reading a series of books again, by David Webber. The Honor Harrington series. In this series there’s a star nation called the Peoples Republic of Haven. The citizens there are primarily dolists (think welfare) that have been “brainwashed” to think that they’re owed a basic living, with more and more increases, with no work required. Their school systems focus more on “validation” than education, and they believe in equality… just not the equality of opportunity, the equality of OUTCOME. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that I’m seeing this trend here in our once great nation. Also pretty sad commentary, since these were written in the 90’s (at least the early novels) and more than a little frightening.

  17. 17
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    If the Romney voters decide to slow down their productivity and lay off people due to Obama’s taxes it will be the Obama voters who suffer .Those Romney voters will go fishing and golfing and traveling while unemployment climbs and the republicans take back the senate in 2014. Thats when Obama will be impeached as well as Biden.
    You see the moochers and the govt cant survive without the money from the idea people ,the creators who run private businesses. Any attempt steal their wealth and industry will destroy themselves.
    The republicans havent learned to fight dirty like the Dems. Thats going to change. A party based on envy and racial hatred will eventually fail .Its just a matter of time.

  18. 18
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    I too took that Oath. I am bound by it still.

  19. 19

    I’m bound by that oath…and a sign of the times for you…

    Cheaper Than Dirt is SOLD OUT of AR-15s. Americans are arming themselves at a breakneck pace.

    Keep your powder dry. The second American Revolution has only just begun.

    Proud to be a native Texan.

  20. 20
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    As the caveman, I took the oath myself 43 years ago while fresh out of high school. The navy made me a jet engine mechanic but turned my back on that trade and became s diemaker.

    I recall the enormity of what I was saying was overpowering once it all sank in…and “who could possibly be a domestic enemy of the constitution and get away with it?

    Now we know.

  21. 21
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Amen to that, Sir M. I got the last box of shotgun slugs, twelves, and the last three 00. I did manage two boxes of .45 though, nothing fancy, one package of six Glasers. I’ve already got a case of bird shot, they had plenty of that……left it alone. But business was brisk. I greatly enjoyed watching, , and told two young ladies there how much they would enjoy it. Let them hold my forty-five, told them my wife used to have one and loved it. They were apprehensive, there for lessons. Told them not to be apprehensive, what you learn here may one day protect you from a rapist or somebody wanting to hurt your babies or boyfriend. Besides, it will be fun selecting your gun. One gal about forty was no nonsense, she wanted a nine mm and told us why. A crime victim no more to be sure. Be the last purse she gets snatched…….
    Ammo is selling very quickly, much faster than what I have ever seen.
    Half of their customers are female. I think it’s great!
    Now with Swinestein up to her old tricks again. Good luck with my long guns, bitch! What long guns? The state has no records.

  22. 22
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator @ #:

    A party based on envy and racial hatred will eventually fail .Its just a matter of time.

    True, but they can rack up one hell of a body count before they do. Nazis, Ustache, Hutu Power/Interahamwe, ANC, etc.

  23. 23
    readerjp growls and barks:

    Is anyone buying this?

    SEALs punished for role in developing ‘Medal of Honor’ video game, official says

    Seven members of SEAL Team Six have been punished for supporting development of a video game released last month, according to a U.S. military official.

    The SEALs worked as paid consultants for Electronic Arts, the company that made “Medal of Honor Warfighter.” They received letters of reprimand and forfeited half of their pay for two months. The SEALs do not face jail time.

    Do you think it’s payback from Obama for them voicing their criticism of the POTUS?

  24. 24
    single stack growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator @ #: 17

    A lot of us Romney voters are going to suffer right along with the Obamunists.
    Five years ago I was making a comfortable middle class income, able to do whatever I wanted and save a little for a rainy day.
    I’ve had a regular job for 8 months in the last 4 years. No one wants to hire a 57 year old construction worker. I’ve been doing whatever handyman jobs I can find but it’s not enough. My savings are gone and I expect to be homeless by the end of the year or shortly thereafter.
    I’m suffering and losing everything I worked for all my life but I fully support the capital strike and going Galt. I wish more people would but even the people on our side are consumed with materialism and unwilling to give up some comfort for a cause.

  25. 25
    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    This is unmitigated horseshit. Nothing is going to happen, there won’t be another revolution or civil war, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! We’ll all settle for “wait until 2014/2016”, take whatever comes out of Ogabe’s executive orders (issued to bypass both Congress and The Constitution) and get our collective asses kicked again by whomever the “gimme my free stuff” party runs next time.

    God is dead, apparently, since he didn’t bother to listen to any of us MILLIONS praying for this country. Your oath (and mine, 26 years worth) means NOTHING to a country and system that no longer exists.

    Live with it, we’re now the minority, the takers have won.

  26. 26
    single stack growls and barks:

    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret @ #: 25

    God is very much alive and he answered our prayers. He said, “No! You will not avoid the consequences of your actions!”

    Whether or not there is a revolution or civil war will depend on how far, how fast, and how hard the occupiers push. I believe it’s going to come, and it will be started by their own supporters when they’re unable to keep the gravy train rolling. Their own success will destroy them. We don’t have to do anything except prepare and wait for them to walk into our sights.

  27. 27
    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    readerjp @ #23:

    To ask your question is to answer it.

    LC Sir Intellectual Conservative 5th Columnist @ #12:
    That needed a warning. Seriously, already working on my second hankie. Perfect for this weekend.

  28. 28
    LC Spare Parts growls and barks:

    The lines will be long at the Tulsa show tomorrow. There won’t be a round of ammo left to buy after noon.

  29. 29
    LC Moriarty growls and barks:

    Hello, friends.

    It’s been a long time, several years since I’ve posted here.

    I too swore an oath, affirming loyalty to a certain profession and those whom we serve. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, that oath has been increasingly difficult to keep and soon it will become all but impossible.

    We saw this coming in medicine. It started in earnest in 1965 with the passage of Medicare. That was the first phase in the long, slippery slope and we’re almost to the bottom. Anyone with a brain, and certainly any person claiming to be educated, could see the consequences not only to medicine but society at large.

    And we stood by and did nothing.

    My solo medical practice is gone. Closed and sold off after 12 wonderful and successful years of caring for patients in my home town. Every year my workload and productivity increased and my reimbursements declined. As a small business owner, it doesn’t take much to see where you’re headed with a trend like that. The Affordable Care Act was the final nail in the coffin. I now work for a large hospital group where I enjoy better pay and benefits, but an increasing disconnect from the patients I’ve sworn to serve. On paper, quality of care is going to increase, while in fact it will decline to miserable levels. Count on it.

    This is the future, folks. The electorate has spoken and found you insignificant and unworthy. Don’t expect help from on high, in any form. It’s not coming. What’s coming is a whole lot more like the Battle of Serenity Valley in Firefly than the bridge scene in Saving Private Ryan. Look to left, look to the right. There’s your potential help, such as it is. Decide now who is going to be in the lifeboat with you.

    Then, row like hell.

    Build your tribe. Network with others whom you find worthy of your trust. Shrug, if you can.

    It’s all we have left, now.

    Good luck.

  30. 30
    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    single stack says:

    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret @ #: 25
    God is very much alive and he answered our prayers. He said, “No! You will not avoid the consequences of your actions!”

    Yeah yeah yeah, the old “God answered, just not what you wanted” meme. Well, if your God is willing to let millions of believers, including those of us that ended our oath with “so help me God” suffer based on the actions of the few, I want nothing to do with an asshole like that. My actions my whole life have been to believe in that higher power, the power of prayer, and hanging on to the belief that there’s a better life after this one. All Tuesday did for me was to say “fuck it, there’s NO higher power watching out for this country”.

    I’ll tell you what, when some of the “gimmes” break into your property, drop to your knees and pray for help. I’ll drop them with my Smith and we’ll see who comes out better off…

  31. 31
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    I too, have guns at the ready, one must not be foolish, yet I also pray daily…..
    I do not know what is coming, only that I believe it will be a great deal worse than the present.
    Like a sickness that has to burn itself out, the left is also killing the host. A race of sorts.
    As with my small town, many making silent preparation for simple survival.
    What will it take to enrage the masses? I do not know.
    Would it serve any purpose? That I cannot answer.
    I do know I will let the parasites rot, the grasshoppers to perish. I and others of my kind are ants.
    They have long destroyed any once held compassion I had for them.
    But what I do know is I may choose to remain silent, doing what I need to do to assist my tribe.
    To simply endure and wait….yet for how long?
    The times trying the souls of men.
    The anger I feel reading of tradesmen left homeless, after decades of toil.
    Me being sixty, bottom of the employment barrel. In time no doubt my resources will dwindle as well.
    Oddly enough, I am glad my wife will not be here to suffer through this.
    What I do is prepare….my circle of friends, our given word a contract to be honored.
    For if we are not here, who is there to rebuild what we would all seek?
    And as was once the case in my life, God was all I had left…….

  32. 32
    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    I have to agree with you on several of your points Cave, mostly that my Mom and Grandmom ain’t here to see what this fucking country has turned in to. I’m waiting for January to lose my job as part of the sequestration that Ofucknuts said isn’t going to happen but Boehner is assuring with his “no tax increase” bullshit. When that happens, I’m heading for the hills, I’ve had enough paying for the no working assholes that think I owe them something. Tax this, you assholes….

  33. 33
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    Vulcanrider – you’re angry at God???

    Did you seriously expect Him to save a country that has removed Him from its public buildings? Did you seriously expect Him to save a country that has legalized and legitimized the killing of the unborn? Did you seriously expect Him to save a country that has not only accepted, but embraced and endorsed gay marriage and all forms of deviant “lifestyle choices”?

    Did you really expect Him to answer your prayers, when you’re so willing to curse Him because you didn’t get your way?

    God is there for you, and does answer prayers … I’ve experienced it personally, far too many times. He does not, however, guarantee or promise us that we’re going to get things the way we want them. We live in a broken world … a very broken world, if you haven’t noticed. Until He descends and renders His final judgments … and He will descend and render His final judgments, make no mistake about it … the only promise that He makes to those who believe in Christ is that they are spared from His final and eternal judgment. Christ Himself wasn’t spared from the sickness and depression of this world, and He too felt abandonment while He was dying on the cross.

    If you’re a believer, then suck it up and quit feeling sorry for yourself and stop acting like a petulant child who’s upset he didn’t get the Christmas present he wanted.

    If you’re not a believer, then perhaps you may want to consider it.

    I’m thankful that I, and mine, won’t have to face the dark days ahead without His presence and promise in our lives.

  34. 34
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    I agree with those points, Vulcanrider….
    I do not fault you for one second for feeling as you do……..
    I have guessed if and when the time comes, I will pull a vanishing act, hopefully with like minded souls. Yet I do not want my soul filled with bitterness, that hurts me and my friends. I still believe in the spirit of America…reading these posts helps a great deal. For I have known that sense of futility, the fuck its, the dispondency and anger, boiling over into rage…..
    Yet it is those of us having something to lose, like you and I, that pay the highest price.
    But you know what? Our oath means everything to us, not simply to a location, but to an ideal……..and one I will never forsake. I can’t, I would be left with a hollow shell of a soul.
    We Rotties are of a kind..yes, we have our downs, and sometimes need a hand up, be it emotional, spiritual or physical.
    But we never have and never will relinquish our freedom of the spirit, to exist as free men, enjoying the companionship of other free men. For they remain all I will associate with now. In the presence of spiritual cretins and parasites, my soul feels a need to wipe it’s spiritual feet when I leave their presence.
    I do know, and hope you are, preparing for the future to at least live as comfortable a life as I can, with souls of my choosing.
    Sponges need not apply, looters, for my donation ends with a bullet……
    Even bought a new shovel at Home Depot yesterday…….

  35. 35
    Igor, Imperial Booby growls and barks:

    BigDogg and Caveman, you both said it better than I possibly could. BigDogg nailed it.
    Vulcanrider, “Put not your trust in Man”. Only God can and will see you through.

    Hang in there, buddy.

  36. 36

    I did my 20, and there is no expiration to the OATH.

  37. 37
    bruce growls and barks:

    my wife and i never went on a vacation or bought a new car instead we invested in land,guns and gold.the day of the election i reloaded 500rds of .223 i have more guns than i need and 10,000 rds of ammo including flechettes for my 12 gage as they penertrate any kind of state has .30% unemployment with .30% on welfare and i live right in the middle which red.we don’t give a shit what bongo does because he can’t hurt us any more than we already are.we still cling to our guns and bibles but if bongo boys want them i hope they can find their way out of a really big forest.the sheriff won’t go along with gun grabbing neither will the staties as we know where they if some of you bright boys would only break into homeland and get the names and addresses of their agents we would know where they see if they pay us a visit we can return the favor.doc my brother is a doctor who works a nemor children hospital for the same reasons you do.he will retire in 3 more years as will many more.look out what takes his place.

  38. 38
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, the old “God answered, just not what you wanted” meme. Well, if your God is willing to let millions of believers, including those of us that ended our oath with “so help me God” suffer based on the actions of the few, I want nothing to do with an asshole like that.

    Brother, I understand how you feel, I’ve felt the same way since Tuesday but, then again, I’m born again after decades of being an unbeliever so I still have a ways to go. LC BigDogg pretty much said it all already, and far better than I could, but you’re directing your anger in the wrong direction.

    It’s not G-d hating us, it’s that we, as a nation, not us here in this forum, this brotherhood, have turned our backs on Him. So now He is basically saying “OK, you don’t need me, then see how you’ll do without me.” Our nation has turned from Him for decades to the point where you can get fired for even mentioning Him if you’re working for the government and we, good and patriotic Americans, have not done enough to stop it.

    We will stand up for the right of people to submerge a crucifix in a jar of urine (which is right, by the way, because you can only prove that you support free speech if you support speech that you find abhorrent), but we won’t pound the everloving shit out of communist organizations like the ACLU who work to make the mere mention of Christ a crime. The first time they tried that, we should have beaten them so severely that their grandchildren would have felt the sting.

    We didn’t.

    We let the G-dless heathen socialists take over our education system and our media, indoctrinating future generations, because we were too “nice” to punch them in the fucking face and too ambitious to consider a career in media or academia, and now we’re butt-hurt that the generations of heathen know-nothings churned out by those Alinsky drones because we sat on our dicks are voting exactly like they were taught to do.

    We let leftists teach our children for generations to despise G-d without as much as a protest and you say that we’re supposed to blame G-d for the outcome?

    The Israelites spent 40 years in the desert for pissing in His face, yet He still lifted them up to become the most resilient people in the world once they changed their ways.

    He watched as they were all but annihilated several times while they turned from Him, yet brought them back to the point where they have single-handedly crushed their enemies numerous times once they turned back to Him. He lifted them up and gave them the strength, power and resolution to create a tiny state in an ocean of anti-Semitic hatred and KEEP IT, yet you’re trying to tell me that He doesn’t care?

    HE cares, alright, the problem is that we, as a nation, not you and me, don’t give a flying shit. We, as a nation, are a bunch of lazy pussies who haven’t yet quite understood the basic idea of consequences from actions, and it does on no favors to expect our Father to rescue us from our own idiocy.

    I thought, optimistically, that the past four years would be enough of a lesson to turn this nation back on the right track. I was obviously wrong. More pain is needed.

    What I do NOT doubt is that once enough pain has been administered, we will roar back to what we used to be. Because that is what we are. But we have to cross that line first.

    It doesn’t matter one flying fuck what you and I and everyone else here already knows about personal responsibility, it’s not going to save the whole nation. Our nation will not be saved until we have ALL learned that lesson, and obviously we’re not at that point yet.

    But we’ll get there, because that’s where G-d wants us to be and that’s where our natural state is.

    In the meantime, we would do well to not blame powers outside of our reach for our trouble, ruck up, brush the fucking sand out of our vaginas and recognize that this job is OURS to do.

    Good thing is that we can do it. I know we can.

    We’ve done it before and we can do it again.

    Time to get to it.

  39. 39
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    She Died Quietly in the Night

    Nov 7, 2012

    By Ken Bolton

    Lady Liberty died last night. She passed away quietly with little or no attention being paid. There was no memorial article in today’s paper, and no obituary. We had felt like she was improving from her long battle with chronic fatigue, but she took a turn for the worse yesterday, and was gone before we knew what happened. Some say the cause of her death was just old age, while others maintain is was from a broken heart.

    Those of us who knew her best recall with fondness the times we spent in her presence. In springtime we would fly our kites in her backyard without fear for we knew she was looking out for us. Come summer, and the 4th of July we would parade in front of her house. She would invite us up onto her front porch, and give us lemonade to drink while she told us that this was more than a holiday. It was a memorial to our forefathers who pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to free us from the tyranny of big government. She always had a flag pole in her front yard with Old Glory billowing proudly in the breeze. We would see that flag on our way to school, and know that “the Star Spangled Banner” was indeed still waving over the land of the free and home of the brave.

    In the fall she would remind us to set aside provisions for the coming winter, and not to wait for someone else to hand us what we would need. “Waste not – want not” was a favorite saying of hers. She would tell us that our freedom was bought, and paid for with the blood of her sons, and daughters who loved this land more than life itself.

    I think winter time was my favorite time to spend with her. We would sit down in front of her fireplace with hot chocolate, and hear her read from the two texts which she loved most – the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of The United States of America. She would remind us that we were created in the image of God, and endowed by Him with certain unalienable rights such as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That our freedoms of speech, assembly, worship and others were guaranteed by something called the Bill of Rights.

    New people moved into her house even before she was gone. They boasted how they were going to redecorate so that her grand old house would look just like everyone else’s.

    They liked to proclaim that the CHANGE would give us all HOPE.

    So, here I sit and grieve; and ponder what happens now. Too many people either don’t seem to care, or are glad to see her finally out of the picture. It makes me wonder how this nation will survive, much less prosper, without her guidance. I have known her all of my life, and can’t face the prospect of living without her.

    By the Grace of God I’m sure I will find a way.

  40. 40
    Orion growls and barks:

    You have a point, Oh Most Dreadful Emperor,

    Americans NEVER do well at the start of a fight. Usually we try to ignore the foe, hoping they’ll wise up and leave us alone.
    Then we usually get our BUTTS kicked for a while.
    Then we get PISSED and pretty much exterminate the people causing the problem.

    We’ve got an awful lot of ‘Takers’ inside the United States who are calling themselves American and indeed may have been born here and technically have citizenship here. Many are members of my family. But they are most definitely NOT American. Not by mind-set, not by heart, not by action. In these ways, they are throw-backs to the Europe that our Founders left and that is even now flushing itself down the toilet.

    We’ll win eventually. We always have. We always do. We always will. Our nation has been taken away from us, much as early battlefields in every war we’ve fought were taken from us. The British took Boston and New York in 1776. They occupied and burned Washington DC in the War of 1812. And so on. We can get it back.

    But there is a long road to walk before we really start to fight, and oceans of blood before we take it back and re-institute a lawful government under the US Constitution. One that isn’t comprised of oath-breakers, criminals, and the machines that rig elections.

    Bad times are coming. How far out? I dunno. 16 years ago I said we were going to have another Civil War in the US within 20 years. I’ve got 4 years left in that prediction. Will it take that long? Maybe. Maybe sooner. Maybe longer.

    But it’s coming. And as awful as this is, I can’t wait. I’m sick of watching criminal Communists run our government and our nation into the ground. I’m ready.


  41. 41
    Orion growls and barks:

    Thought it interesting that this song came up on my iPod immediately after I posted that…It takes place when a Pastor has lost al his faith and given in to despair.

    “Spirt of Man” – by Jeff Wayne from his awesome “War of the Worlds”:

    Worth a listen and a watch.
    “There must be something worth living for.
    There must be something worth trying for..
    Even some things worth dying for.
    If one man can stand tall, there must be some hope for us all.
    Somewhere in the spirit of man.”


  42. 42
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    Orion says:

    Thought it interesting that this song came up on my iPod immediately after I posted that…It takes place when a Pastor has lost al his faith and given in to despair.

    “Spirt of Man” – by Jeff Wayne from his awesome “War of the Worlds”:

    Other than what I was going to say to your post above that, which amounted to “that’s the spirit!!!”, it is indeed funny that that song should come up. Funny, too, because Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds is on my top ten of “best albums of all times” and that very song is one of the very best on it. In my ever so humble opinion, of course.

    I always found it inspiring as I was growing up whenever it seemed as if the world was just a giant suck-hole and it was never going to get better.

    It’s always going to get better as long as there is breath in the chest of free men and women. Nothing short of death can quell the spirit of freedom in a human being. Freedom will prevail. This nation arose from underneath the heels of tyranny, against all odds, defeated the strongest military power in the world at the time, astonishing all who heard of it and igniting the will to do the same across the world.

    Think that we have it hard, that the deck is stacked against us, that we cannot possibly prevail? Think then, perhaps, of a band of scraggly, untrained farmers, a bunch of colonials armed with pitchforks and muskets who, nevertheless, went on to defeat the Leviathan of Britain and forge the greatest nation that ever existed. I don’t think that George Washington would be much impressed by the “privations” that WE are going through right now.

    Our current situation, compared to what else freedom has endured over the millennia, is nothing but a hiccup, much as it may seem to be the end to all of us who have to live through it.

    The only way liberty dies is if we agree to LET it.

    And we won’t.

    We know where the enemy is, he’s all around us, it’s not like he can hide.

    Now’s the time to beat the fucking stuffing out of him!

  43. 43
    single stack growls and barks:

    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret @ #: 30

    We, as a nation, turned our backs on God, rejecting and cursing him. As he has done to nations before, he visited retribution upon us. That retribution is the scum that now rule us and the tribulations we will soon endure. He will not allow us to avoid our just punishment.

  44. 44
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    single stack:

    That retribution is the scum that now rule us and the tribulations we will soon endure. He will not allow us to avoid our just punishment.

    Of course those who voted for the scum see it differently–but they’re the ones who need to experience the consequences.

  45. 45
    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    This will open a can of worms, I suspect, but I feel as a Christian, that we will never regain our freedoms as long as abortion remains the law of the land. While Palestinians strap bombs to their kids and blow them up in the name of their god, we slaughter ours for no other reason than convenience. In that regard, how are we any more civilized than they are? At least, they kill theirs for a reason, however misguided.

    God has given us one huge warning…9/11. For awhile, it looked as though we may have heeded the warning, but ultimately, we didn’t. Instead, we voted in a Marxist hell-bent on destroying what country we had left. Not only that, we REELECTED him. I have no hard feeling towards God whatsoever. He’s made His promise as plain as day: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” It’s not rocket science.

    In the 60’s, we essentially told God, “screw you,” and He, being ever the gentleman, won’t stay where He’s not wanted.

  46. 46
    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    No Dogg, I’m not mad at God, there is no God, so there’s nothing to be mad at..

    Do y’all realize how silly you sound? “We turned our back on God, so he turned his back on us, all must suffer for the few because we didn’t defend Him”. WTF kind of “father’ is that? Example…You have 5 kids, one acts out and instead of punishing the “disbeliever” you take it out on all of your children. Your explanation for this is “Well, the rest of you didn’t do anything to stand up for me”. Then, when the disbeliever continues to act up, you banish all your children, tell them not to contact you anymore, you’re not listening, and try to justify that as an object lesson. The one disbeliever you didn’t punish goes on to great wealth and power while the other 4 live in abject poverty, suffering every day, and no matter how much they implore you, their Father, for help, you ignore them.

    Now, tell me this isn’t what’s happening based on your “We did it to ourselves” theory. And if that’s what your so-called “Loving Heavenly Father” is REALLY like, I want no part of it anymore.

  47. 47
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret @ #:46
    You have arrived where I got to long ago. I anyone is comforted to believe in a god or gods, have at it, your belief causes no damage to me. Just don’t tell me I have to believe like you do,

  48. 48
    Tango9 growls and barks:

    Been lurking here a looong time. On this one I had to register and weigh in: Amen. You’re not alone.

  49. 49
    Tango9 growls and barks:

    Everywhere I go, every like minded man and woman I talk to says the same thing: “Fuck ’em, they’re dead to me now.”

    I had ties with two good friends from the AF, we were all MTIs together… I’ve known them for 20 years. One got his commission and is a Lt Col now. They both voted for O’Commie and I informed them that we’re done. They’re either too stupid or complicit; in either case I will not tolerate their company any more.

    I’ve laid several friendships down over the last week, and feel no remorse. No attachment that I had to them is greater than my commitment to our Republic and the blood shed by my family and other friends ensuring our freedom.

    Ignorance, I can abide, but only for so long. As Reagan said, “there is a line they will not cross, there is a point beyond which they must not advance.”

    They crossed it. Now we stand.