Stick to Your Trade, Dumbass

In which we, once again, note that Krauthammer, no matter how much we otherwise admire him, really ought to stay away from yoga since it seems to lead him to getting his head stuck up his Khyber Pass.

Speaking of the ever-elusive Godzilla v. Mothra re-enactment in Japan as a result of the most unremarkable nuclear “accident” in the history of nuclear energy:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I think nuclear is dead as a result of this.

And, seeing as how there is no shortage of retards who somehow manage to know even less about nuclear energy than Anderson Cooper, shouting and shrieking that the fact that a nuclear plant with multiple reactors built ages ago managed to survive one of the five biggest earthquakes in recorded history AND a tsunami without creating more than a warm hole in the ground is CONCLUSIVE evidence that nuclear energy is horribly, terribly unsafe and should be abandoned for all eternity starting now, NOW, FOR TEH CHILDURN™, we might agree with him so far.

Sadly, we’re never going to run out of imbeciles in positions of power.

Take a moment to peruse this chart. Short version: The amount of radiation absorbed by this HORRIBLE, DISASTROUS ACCIDENT in a town near Fukushima by somebody spending the entire day there (probably a deaf person who missed the numerous warnings to evacuate) amounts to less than having an extra x-ray taken at your friendly dentist’s office.

We repeat: This is the result of a nuclear plant being hit by not one, but two natural disasters of almost unprecedented nature. No wonder we have to give up on nuclear energy altogether with a safety record that bloody abysmal.

But we digress. If Krauthammer’s observations had been limited to “you know, there are more than sufficient sub-retarded bipedals out there with the right to vote that this might be the end of nuclear energy in this country” he’d have been absolutely right.

But then he bent over too much and his head slipped inside his sphincter:

Look, if Three Mile Island which was a picnic compared with this – one reactor, human error, no health hazard outside of it – as opposed to four reactors, no human error, human heroism in fact, and it’s a disaster of ultimate proportions

“Ultimate proportions?”

Oh my G-D! I went to the dentist and he had to take an extra x-ray because the first wasn’t good enough! BAN DENTISTS! It’s the only way to be sure! The radiation that I was exposed to as a result of that will be the end of dentistry as we know it, and rightfully so, considering the “ultimate proportions” of the disaster I just had to go through!

As a matter of fact, let’s NUKE the dentists. From orbit. Oh, wait, did I say “nuke?” Sorry about that.

Dear Mr. Krauthammer. Stick to what you know something about, because you’re bloody awesome when it comes to that, but please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and cease and desist when it comes to subjects that you know less about than a comatose hamster.

It only makes you look silly.



  1. 1
    Boryon growls and barks:

    Erm, let us see. Three mile island was rated as a 4 on the INES scale. Fukushima is rated as a 5. You can dispute that rating a bit in that no-one has died from radiation yet.

    Now here’s the important bit, Chernobyl was rated at a 7. Given that, how the fuck can you describe Fukushima as

    it’s a disaster of ultimate proportions


  2. 2
    LC SleepTech: Pale Horse Wisperer growls and barks:

    I am Sick and fucking tired of the “If there is ANY risk at ALL then we ABSOLUTELY MUST NEVER ATTEMPT IT AT ALL mentality.

    The USA would have NEVER existed with that thought pattern

    Our Fore Fathers founded this country on RISK and GONADONAL “SWAGGERANCE”

    Surely the “Ball Swinging Bunch” has not withered to the point where we actually listen to the ‘Chicken Little’s’???

  3. 3
    LC SleepTech: Pale Horse Wisperer growls and barks:

    Boryon says:

    Erm, let us see. Three mile island was rated as a 4 on the INES scale. Fukushima is rated as a 5. You can dispute that rating a bit in that no-one has died from radiation yet.
    Now here’s the important bit, Chernobyl was rated at a 7. Given that, how the fuck can you describe Fukushima as
    it’s a disaster of ultimate proportions

    That’s the new Math… What IS ISN’T. what WAS, DIDN’T HAPPEN. “ULTIMATE DISASTER” depends on the party proclaiming it, and he party denying it .

  4. 4
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    I don’t know WHAT has happened to Chuck. (Yeah, I know he used to write speeches for Mondale, but still.) I used to think he was smart.

    This is not smart. This is not accurate. This is not factual. So what gives, Chuckie?

    I had to share this — on the subject of Obumfuck handing over our sovereignty to the UN.

    Maybe I missed something, but wasn’t that The Constitution of the United States of America that we just laid to rest this weekend?

    It was buried in a private ceremony by Mr. Barack Obama of Chicago as he silently signed America on to the One World Government some of us have been worried about for decades.

    Look at it this way: Where did Mr. Obama get the authority to commit United States forces to war in Libya? There was no declaration of war. There was no authorizing resolution by Congress allowing money to be spent on a war against Col. Gaddafi. As far as I know, there was no meeting of Mr. Obama and top leaders of Congress to discuss the subject in even rough form, let alone detail. There was no lengthy buildup in which the Congress was “allowed” to express the people’s opinion on whether we want to be in a third concurrent war.

  5. 5
    irish19 growls and barks:

    Response to Tallulah @:
    zero needs to show that he’s got a set. What better way than to go after Libya-but only from the air and only in company with other countries.
    As far as Fukushima, I heard earlier today that they are trying to hook wires back up to two of the reactors in order to start using them for power generation again.

  6. 6
    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    zero needs to show that he’s got a set.

    jugears needs to show that he has a clue before trying something more difficult like having a set. Good luck to him trying to find a clue in the first place.

  7. 7
    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    Response to LC Gunsniper @:
    Actually what they are trying to do is to provide external power INTO the plants to run the cooling systems.

    The three plants that got the saltwater can never be used as operating plants again.

  8. 8
    irish19 growls and barks:

    Response to LC Old Dog @:
    Good point about the salt water. I thought they were going to start generating again, but it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong.

  9. 9
    Grammar Czar growls and barks:

    And yet another “expert” weighs in, this time on the US political system, which won’t let Obama do his job. So speaketh Constitutional scholar, longtime studier of history and politics, Garth Brooks….what? He’s NOT a Constitutional scholar? He doesn’t know politics from a rock song? My bad..

    The sagacious Brooks doth opine:

    “Yeah, I think what President Obama is finding out is all that we want to do, the system kind of doesn’t allow the most powerful guy in the world to kind of do his job and I’m sure nobody’s more frustrated than him to complete those promises that he did and I think he’s trying his heart out. I love him to death and I fully support him and I just wish him well because it’s got to be hell in that office,” said Brooks.

    Here’s the link.

  10. 10
    LC Xealot growls and barks:

    Brilliance. I love how Leftists hate all forms of energy production.

    Coal? Too Dirty.
    Nuclear? Too Dangerous.
    Hydro? Harms the fish.
    Wind? Those offshore windfarms block their ocean views.
    Solar? Pelosi wouldn’t even back a solar farm in the middle of the fucking Mojave desert.

    So let’s all go mosey on into the forest, wear our tie-dye shirts and freeball in the wilderness, singing kumbaya. That way when the next Earthquake comes along, we all die.

    I guess the only energy is supposed to come from political hot air.

  11. 11
    LC MuscleDaddy growls and barks:

    Sadly though – he’s probably right about Nuclear being dead over this.

    Misinformation, hyperbole, histrionics, highdudgeon & drama and a great deal of ado about not-nearly-so-much.

    It’s the “China Syndrome” for a whole new generation of mindless sound-bite eaters.

    What more does the Left need?

    – MD

  12. 12
    SoCalOilMan, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Response to LC MuscleDaddy @ 11:

    I tend to agree with you on this one. I don’t think he believes that Nuclear power is wrong, just that this event is going to be driven into the ground by the MSM and the econazis’ and anything nuclear will be quashed before the damaged, if there is any significant damage, is determined.

    Most people think like Nancy Grace, any radiation is bad and going to cause babies in Wyoming to be born with two belly buttons regardless of what anyone who has put even a little research into it can deduce.

    Guess Kalifornia is going to have to shut down our remaining 4 reators in case of tsunamis being they are all on the coast. If I go offline, you’ll know why.