You know, we’ve always been great fans of Tom Lehrer, but we never realized that he’d made a song about the BlightBringer back when he’d barely been born:



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    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    Gotta love Mark Russell also:

    Mark Russell Looks at Campaign 1980 (3/3)

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    Just Another Random Nut, GLOR growls and barks:

    Tom Lehrer is amazing.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:



    My Mooshelle Amor
    Ugly as a camel’s ass
    My Mooshelle Amor
    Your husband is just a farce

    My Mooshelle Amor
    You and Barack lock the White House door
    ’cause you wont be living there no more
    ‘Better economy is what’s in store
    Things are gonna’ be just fine

    My Republicans, we have put up with 4 years
    My Republicans, we have cried too many tears
    My Republicans, go out there and vote to change the scene
    Tell the left-wing ‘zactly what we mean
    We can’t pay for all our gasoline
    They won’t let us drill for oil


    Maybe someday, We’ll see their faces in a crowd
    Maybe some day, their stupid lies won’t be so loud

    My Mooshelle amor
    Make sure that you lock the White House door
    You folks won’t be living there no more
    Stronger nation is what IS in store
    Things are gonna ‘be just fine


    Thanks, Stevie W.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Not really as divided as you may think.
    We’ll ALL be on welfare.

    I think this is what that fool bill mhaer alluded to about the old white vote. They know their anti-American agenda in the schools is working. They know obama the destroyers plan to create a welfare state is working. They know the press is totally in the tank for dimocrats and will cover up any and all damages, while trying their best to destroy any thing non-dimocrat.

    If obama the lawless gets reelected, the plans to destroy America will be complete, and there won’t be any way for the American loving GOP to get more than enough votes to win any more.
    It will be the end of America as we know/knew it.

    This is why they were SO excited when obama the lawless won the election. They thought that their hard work had finally (FINALLY!!) paid off. No more GOP. Just listen to them, they’ve been talking about the end of the GOP since he won.

    But the soon found out that America didn’t actually turn marxist over night. It was still the same old America, just a whole lotta people had been conned into voting for this communist bastard.

    So, they started down the path of total destruction. If they can’t get it by turning everybody marxist, then they’ll have to get it by destroying everything, and creating a welfare state. And then rebuilding it in their image.

    Don’t forget, this is how many dictators come to power. Make things so bad, then claim you’re the only one that can fix it. Then fix small things, while keeping it so bad out there. The people will scream for you to “do something! Do ANYTHING!!! Just make it better!!!” “Well, I can make it better, but I don’t have the power, I need the power if you want me to fix things and make them better.”