Election Looking Good, Isn’t It?

Which is great, considering that it’s only two weeks away.

Yes, we got the highlights from tonight’s debate (but only the highlights as we were otherwise occupied) and yes, we too would have liked to see Romney go all Scipio Aemilianus on Obunghole’s worthless arse, but we can’t say that we disagree with his approach. Sure, “where was Benghazi and Fast and Furious?” are things that popped up in the Imperial mind as well, but think about it: That would surely have played well to US, but we were going to vote for him anyway.

That’s the mistake that Obuttmunch made in both the second and third debate (and Biden to the umpteenth degree in the VP debate by laughing like a hyena at such hilarious topics as Iran obliterating Israel in a nuclear holocaust). Hurt by his base who would vote for him even if he single-handedly raped an entire Catholic girls’ school to death on live Tee Vee that he hadn’t been aggressive enough, he turned into a sneering, snarking jerk which, in any nation of civilized people, does not equate with “presidential.”

Which is what fence sitters are looking for at this point. Doubt us? How much of a bounce did Obam-bam’s sudden “reinvention” in the second debate create? Oh shite, it created a bounce in his opponent’s favor. Well done, Hussein, you achieved the impossible: You made people who’d vote for you if you appeared on The View washing down live fetuses with the blood of virgins 150% likely to vote for you instead of a mere 100%. And made everybody who still hadn’t made their minds up think “gee, this guy is a fucking jerk, isn’t he?”

Keep it up! PLEASE!

And that’s what people like you and me have to keep in mind after the “disappointing” third debate. Mitt didn’t headlock Hussein and stomp all over his body like we would have dearly loved to see, but he DID manage to go through 90 minutes of relentless lies and Obam-bam propaganda with a smile on his face while delivering subtle and very nice jabs to the screaming toddler on the stage quite frequently.

All Hussein had was “Romney LIE, he BAD!” while himself lying through his teeth about the numerous “successes” of his misadministration that no actual human being believes any more since no amount of Bureau of Labor Statistics book cooking is going to get them a job or make the price of food and gas go down while Romney politely nodded and smiled like you would with a howling infant in the room while he explained just how he would actually DO something about that.

Not the eviscerating that I would have loved to see, but certainly something that showed who the adult in the room is.

Things are looking up, and if the Hussein campaign pulling out of states like Florida and Virginia and retreating to their “firewall” while going deep into debt just to keep going isn’t going to convince you, then I honestly don’t know what will.

That being said, this is not a time to start rubbing each others backs and consider it all over and done, because it isn’t until the only poll that matters has been done, which is on November 6th. Keep it up and be happy warriors. We’re winning this and, most importantly, we’re winning it to the point where any amount of fraud committed by our enemies, and count on them pulling out all the stops to save their messiah, will smell like rotten fish should Ogabe “win.”

We’ve shifted the momentum, people. If we lose now, it is going to look fishy. That wasn’t the case a few weeks ago, but even the EneMedia is beginning to give up on lying about Hussein’s chances.

Keep up the fight. We’ve got the enemy demoralized and on the run. Unsheath your sabers and unleash fucking HELL on them!


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I think this could be classified as “Keepin’ up the skeer.”
And………I do believe “foist.”


Patience. War aint won yet, and at this stage Obama has his usual tricks in store. Celebrate when the election is over.


What will convince me? The Obama concession speech in 2 weeks. Until then, we’re losing.


Good do see you My Liege. I hope things are improving for you. I spent the 90 minutes reading a book. I did this because I didn’t want to throw something at the tube every time Obama lied about something and caused my blood pressure to rise. I’ve been watching the polls of course, and I think we are going… Read more »

Darth Venomous

Unsheath your sabers and unleash fucking HELL on them!

I might’ve said “Mount up & fix bayonets” – but that works, too. :em01:


A Romney victory is the equivalent of jumping out of Obama’s speedboat racing toward the waterfall to grab a log that’s going in the same direction. It’s just the beginning of an even tougher battle, where the enemy is more duplicitous. A little celebration might be in order if Romney wins, but don’t get carried away.


Welcome back my Liege, I am glad you understand what actually happened last night. Romney passed the CinC test in flying colors and that was all he wanted to do. Let’s say Mitt had jumped in the sewer with Obama and decided to do what we all wanted to do to Obama which is “stump a mudhole in him” but… Read more »

LC Nicki the Resident Misanthropic Bitch

I, for one, was absolutely bored stiff by yesterday’s debate. Romney looked tired and worn. Zero was smarmy and annoying. The debate was unfocused, lackluster, and irritating. I found myself screaming at the TV for Zero to stop interrupting!

I fucking can’t WAIT for this election season to be over!


As a debate strategy, I thought Mitt’s counter punch strategy was both maddening yet effective. What was perceived as weakness was providing an opening for Ear Leader to walk through and get slammed in the head. Everytime I was screaming at the TV “Hit HIM MITT!!!!!, he showed poise, Obama took the bait and Mitt’s counter punch was effective and… Read more »


Great post! Thumbs up button sorefully needed on this one. Huh, spellchecker didn’t like ‘sorefully’. Well, it’s a word in Kentucky. I agree with Nicki, tired of the whole election paradigm. Unfortunately, after Romney wins, we will be back to the other annoying paradigm of 24/7 “Doooom and Gloooom” and “America is Eeeeevil” by the lame stream media. Suddenly, gas… Read more »

LC Ogrrre - Imperial Heartless Bastard

Future debates should have the candidates in sound proof polycarbonate booths with their microphones on timers, so that when their time is up, the mic goes dead. That way, neither can interrupt the other. Also, the moderators mic is dead as long as either of the candidates’ mic is live. That way we won’t have a Candy Crowley type moderator… Read more »

Just Another Random Nut, GLOR

watchyerlane @ #9: It was almost like looking at Reagan in 1980. In fact, it is eerie how similar these 2 elections are. I’ve been saying this ever since the Benghazi thing blew up. The similarities are spectacular and, if you can’t appreciate them, you’re blind. I wasn’t of voting age at that point, but I’ve heard the stories and… Read more »

LC Spare Parts

There are indicators, and then there are Indicators. The son of a Wisconsin state Senator was beaten by Demoncrats stealing the Romney signs from his front yard and wound up in the ER. Somebody track these bastards down on Facebook or Twitter. Sooner or later they’ll brag about it. And one of those grant subsidized documentaries on PBS3 last night… Read more »

Physics Geek

It’s time to pay attention to what Mr. Winston Wolfe is telling us, if you catch my drift. Now is not the time to let. Rather, it’s the time to step on their collective throats and make them beg for mercy.


Physics Geek @ #:

it’s the time to step on their collective throats and make them beg for mercy.

Step on? I want to stomp down hard and crush their trachea so they die a slow and painful political death, drowning in their own blood.

LC Spare Parts

angrywebmaster @ #:
Too bad I can’t get into m y old golf shoes. :em05:


Alright, I know some who’d say, BUT we can still lose! The odds are too great! Obama phones! Oh, sack the fuck up, you teeny-testicled, weeny-penile types. GROW A FUCKING SET! Charge and mow down these motherfuckers like Rick Grimes goes through fucking Zombies on the Walking Dead! Go William Wallace on em! And when Gloria Allred pulls some whiny… Read more »

What this reminds me is we must never give up, never relent! I fevently believe obama wishes to subjugate this nation, failing that, to destroy her. If we win this battle there will be others, for this parasitical attutude is cyclical. Time has taught me that….same shit, different wrapper. I remain concerned with massive civil unrest. Keep your powder dry… Read more »

single stack

irish19 @ #: 20

Linkee no workee.


Angrywebmaster – I didn’t watch for the same reason. Went swimming instead. I can’t stand the sight or sound of Obama, he’s so oily and slick. I came to the site this morning looking for some guidance, after my home page, yahoo, declared Obama the winner. And when I just opened it now, it said “Romney ekes out bragging rights.”… Read more »

Sir Fresh Sign

I saw several R/R lawn signs driving home from the music store today (where i smartly avoided buying a set of Timpany that would have filled the remaining space in my livingroom) HERE ON THE SF PENINSULA in the HEART OF LIBTARDIA.. ALSO MIchael Savage returned to the airwaves tonight, at least here in the Bay Area and i was… Read more »

Sir Fresh Sign

Sir Fresh Sign @ #:

timpani … not sure what the plural of that is


Oh, sack the fuck up, you teeny-testicled, weeny-penile types. GROW A FUCKING SET! Charge and mow down these motherfuckers like Rick Grimes goes through fucking Zombies on the Walking Dead! Two things: 1. The election isnt over, Mitt hasnt won. When I said patience, I meant it. 2. confidence is one thing, assuming victory as a given is a serious… Read more »


readerjp @ #:

I am still wary of Chicago tactics.

There’s a rumor that Gloria Aldred is going to open her mouthy with another bogus pile of dog droppings.

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

LCBrendan says:

Patience. War aint won yet, and at this stage Obama has his usual tricks in store. Celebrate when the election is over.

Exactly so.

Guys and gals, KEEP POUNDING! It ain’t over til it’s over, we’ve had a couple of days to breathe, time to get back on it.

L.O.R. Ankle biter

I didn’t even bother watching the debates because my mind was made up years ago that Obama had to go, and by years I mean the day he was elected. They aren’t aimed at the likes of those of us whose minds are already made up. Oh, and the Alred thing appears to be, horror of horrors, that Romney testified… Read more »