“Tickle-Me Biden” Beclowns Himself

Usually, political debates between individuals with more than 20 years age difference are pretty lopsided affairs. Wisdom, the theory goes, is a byproduct of experience, and is earned over time. But in the VP Debate last night, delivered in a format and with a moderator that the Republicans should be excoriated for agreeing to, Biden’s behavior trumped his message.  In no way is this made more clear than in this video:

Despite the pre-debate spin, with Republicans asserting Ryan’s intellect and preparation and Democrats managing everyone’s expectations downward, this was Biden’s debate to lose. Results on post-debate polls are in, and Ryan emerges as the winner:

CNBC: Ryan 56%, Biden 36%

CNN: Ryan 48%, Biden 44%

The gap widens when the questions turn to issues like which one acted more like a Vice President, or which one is better prepared to be a leader. The results strongly suggest that it was Biden’s behavior that was the difference-maker.

Veteran reporter Chris Wallace called Biden’s performance last night “unprecedented”, and said that he was “openly contemptuous” of his opponent. By the time of this writing, it is midday in the central states, and most of the liberal main stream media are out of bed and furiously spinning these results. But it is worth noting that while the bloviating presstitutes are proclaiming Choo Choo the undisputed winner, apparently that sentiment was not widely shared, since Jay Carney pointed out that Biden was not speaking for the Administration during the debate last night.

Ryan held his own under very difficult circumstances. He was reportedly interrupted by Biden 82 times during the 90 minute debate, and if that was not bad enough, the moderator interrupted Ryan 31 times. It is a small miracle that he was able to get any ideas across under these circumstances. And before you ask, Ryan interrupted Sheriff Joe a grand total of 6 times.

The NSDWP would have you think that Ryan’s seriousness, respect for the process and command of the facts weighs against him. This is precisely why it is time to kick them all out of office, White House first. If you saw the debate, you also saw that Ryan was the only candidate with the character and integrity to thank his opponent.  A real leader does things like that.



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    Just Another Random Nut, GLOR growls and barks:

    I enjoyed this image. One of my Twitter friends said that it summed up the debate rather neatly, and I have to agree.

    ” rel=”nofollow”>

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Ryan did well, but he’ll do even better when he learns to return fire and get the enemy on the defensive. He could learn from Romney on how to do that in a classy but tough way.

    Biden was a BABOON.

    Another note: Col. Allen West, Congressman from Florida and stouthearted patriot and anti-jihad warrior, has been targeted for destruction by the Left because he’s a black Republican.

    He’s down in the polls NINE POINTS, folks. The relentless deluge of slanderous attack ads is working. He needs help, if anyone can send him a shekel or two. Bampac.org (black conservative PAC) is asking for help.

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    I don’t know that Ryan “won”. It’s the VP Debate – the ultimate in meaningless political theater. Outside of political junkies, no one cares what happens there. Everyone knows the VP job is basically ceremonial, so no matter how in command of the facts you are, it just doesn’t matter, since your job is mostly to show up at state funerals and look somber, pose for photos with your boss, and look serious when you have to appear at some sort of official function.

    So, in a sense, the only real possible outcome from the VP debate is a loss – and yes, both guys can lose. Biden acted the fool, so he lost, but everyone knows he’s a dolt anyway. He didn’t lose much. But by openly dismissing Ryan, he lessened Ryan as well. Biden also basically dared Ryan to get into a (rhetorical) knife-fight, and Ryan wouldn’t. Maybe he was “rising above” Biden, or “not stooping to his level,” but he was also kind of pussing out.

    It was probably the perfect strategy for Biden – he’s not a good speaker, he’s out of his tree, and he’s not good with the facts. Solution? Make the entire thing a joke. Yes, he looks like an idiot, but again – no great loss there. However, in the process, he also gets to make Ryan look like an idiot simply because Ryan is also participating in it.

    Of course, at the end of the day, it’s still the VP debate – a mouse fart in a hurricane if ever there was one.

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    Ryan showed poise and grace (yes, I know that sounds effeminate, but it’s meant in the most masculine of ways). He didn’t lose his shit. He didn’t act like a bully. He allowed Biden to finish his thoughts. He was very polite at the end.

    He gets points for class. Lots and lots of class.

    My take on it is right here.

    My personal favorite Ryan line was “Mr. Vice President, I know you’re under duress to make up for lost ground, but I think people would be better served if we don’t keep interrupting each other.”

    On a personal note, I would have liked it if Ryan debated in that gym outfit in which they photographed him… or shirtless…

    Don’t judge! :em07:

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    LC CiSSnarl5.7 Chariot Builder growls and barks:

    Biden is a clear cut example of what the Democratic Party has become from the White house to the lowest Chicago Alderman …a bunch of arrogant insufferable noxious gas bags

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    LC Proud Infidel growls and barks:

    Next to Joe Biden, a mentally retarded one-eyed baboon on LSD would look like Albert Einstein!! DAMN, what a conceited gasbag!!

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    single stack growls and barks:

    Fa Cube Itches @ #: 3

    How does Biden being an asshole and a lunatic lessen Ryan? Participating doesn’t lessen Ryan; it’s something he’s required to do as part of the job interview process.
    Ryan showed a lot of class under a lot of pressure. Maybe he pussed out ( I don’t think so) but maybe he knew that the people were going see them both without a media filter and showed that he can keep his cool in adverse conditions while at the same time letting “Joe be Joe” and show the world what an obnoxious nitwit he is. Biden was obviously trying to bait Ryan but he wouldn’t play Biden’s game.

    Usually the VP debate is inconsequential but this one isn’t. A lot of people are paying attention.
    I know a lot of people who aren’t political junkies but are following the election closely. One thing I’ve heard over and over is that Ryan was a smart pick. All day today all I’ve heard is what a jerk Biden is, and we’re lucky to have Ryan on the ticket.

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    Cougar1978 growls and barks:

    Boss Man, Darth, Dude Who Abides, I know not everyone is religious, but I did see THIS Bible verse…..

    “When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, The foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest.”-Proverbs 29: 9 (NASB)

    Let’s see, braying like a jack arse, raging, yep, picture perfect fool!

    I think the Majority is awakening and WE DO NOT like what we see. It’s change time, kids.

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    FrankOK growls and barks:

    What I find most comical is the Commie News Network (CNN) is even saying Bidet lost the debate – not by much (of course), as expected of anything connected to Turner, but lost.

    The arrogance of the “man” (loosest sense) amazed me but that crap has been a hallmark of Obongo’s Chicago based criminal enterprise – I can’t, in good conscience, refer to that clusterfuck as an administration.

    November 7th AM – I hope to be able to say: “The jig is up – AND GONE!” (Mel Brooks’ “History of the World”, harem scene).

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    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    The Vice Presidential debate encapsulated in one image.

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    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Biden whas been a disgrace for decades, ever since he beclowned himself by imagining he was Neil Kinnock. But still this performance was better than that of his boss, and he is eminently more qualified to be president than the current Usurper. At least (and also at most) he has a birth certificate, a valid SSN, and we know who he really is. :em05: Embarassing as that may be. We can also blame Joe as an accomplice in imposing the TOTUS on us. :em08:

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    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    I’m not so sure how “ceremonial” the VP post is, but I imagine that under a good manager the post could be utilized to support productivity.

    The media… I find it amusing that after three yrs and months of being in the tank for this admin, certain media outlets are hinting at actual critizism.

    Biden was a schmuck and his mannerisms and behavior indicated he is a mean spirited man. His schmuckitude is manifest down to his transparent, contrived tonal changes and faux aggressive outrage. In Ryan I saw a mature professional. I think that Ryan could literaly make Biden cry at will. Joe is acting the role in his mind while Ryan perspective seems to be of one that is working / doing a job. My thoughts going into the debate was that Ryan had to avoid appearing as abusive to the elderly in his response.

    Ultimately (throwing all politics aside) I’m more comfortable with the 2nd in command being a professional, not someone that’s acting the role.

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    LC LittleRott84 Imperial DJ growls and barks:

    Cougar1978 @ #:

    Yeah, I saw that verse quoted on Facebook from pretty every version of the Bible. It certainly fit Wonder Boy to a T.

  14. 14
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Re Allen West: I got snookered: he is actually AHEAD by 12 points as of four days ago.

    My apologies. That was apparently a scam solicitation from “BAMPAC.org” so don’t send them any money, if you were thinking of it. Shit.

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    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Don’t think I’d take Lindsay Lohan’s endorsement. :em06:
    Lohan – “I just think employment is really important right now,” the troubled star told E!, while at Mr. Pink’s Ginseng Drink event in Beverly Hills, California, on Thursday. “So, as of now, Mitt Romney. As of now.”

    But, then again, if Hollyweird is turning….. :em03:

    My take on Plugs, what kind of dope is he on ?? I’ve seen PCP heads act more sane.

  16. 16
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    :em03: ERRR, WTF ??? RE:15, It looked normal before I posted it. “Clean-up on Aisle 15.”

    Cleaned it up – LC Secondmouse.

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    sablegsd growls and barks:

    Does anyone think that little dust up Ryan had with a reporter just a few days ago had anything to do with his meekness?

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    LC Robohobo growls and barks:

    LC LOBO @ #:

    Lobo – you did not close the tag.

    Biden was the lying a$$clown we all know he is. This is why the Dhimmicrats are TWANLOC.

    Romney needs to be the President. Ryan’s job should be to go over to the Senate and House office buildings, ghost the halls and work, work, work the legislative process. He should be the BEST policy wonk that he truly is.

  19. 19
    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    At the next election, the Republicans should agree to a debate ONLY if they are allowed to choose two of the moderators, and then they choose Sean Hannity and Mark Levin to moderate two of the debates. Or, better yet, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Or Walter Williams for the domestic issues debate, and John Bolton for the foreign policy debate moderators. :em01:

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Rotties, this deserves to be on everyone’s front page: the Benghazi mess is MUCH, MUCH WORSE than even WE thought.

    This is stunning. A top State Department official (Charlene Lamb, Diplomatic Security) testified to Congress that not only did Obama and Hillary Clinton know about the attacks on the Libyan consulate — they watched it as it happened FOR FIVE HOURS and did NOT allow the military to rescue the ambassador and our people.

    Colonel Hunt talked about it to a Boston radio host, here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/8hb484y Worth the time it takes to hear the whole thing.

    Col. Hunt says, “This is only the second time in my career I’ve had to call a vice president or president a liar: the first time was Clinton, who lied about Mogadishu [Black Hawk Down], saying they didn’t know the men needed help — he let them get killed and didn’t lift a finger.

    “Now, it’s Biden: he lied to the whole nation Thursday night when he called this an intelligence failure [and blamed the CIA] and said the White House didn’t know anything about it, and later thought it was a protest over a video. BIDEN was one of the ones who got the phone call that night, as it was happening. They [Obama, Biden, Clinton, Panetta] knew all along that there was no protest, no video; that it was an armed attack. And they just LET THEM DIE.”

    He says, “There are security, military procedures. All written down, and I guarantee you they were followed. Everyone who’s ever stood watch in the military knows what I’m talking about. Whenever an embassy of ours is attacked, word INSTANTLY goes directly to the top of the chain of command, right to the SecDef, the White House Situation Room, the Joint Chiefs, and the Secretary of State. And they had that phone call; the staffers in Benghazi were on the phone BEGGING for help. The military can’t move, though, without the civilian authority giving the go-ahead, and for political reasons, they refused.”

    The colonel goes on to say that the staffer’s desperate phone call as the attack commenced INSTANTLY initiated the alerts up to the top of the command chain (remember Hillary’s commercial asking whether we’d rather have her or Hussein Obama answer the PHone at 3:00 am? turns out they BOTH are treasonous fuckwads).

    The guy who made the call was on the line, relaying everything that was happening, for hours until he himself was killed.

    It’s all on tape. Not only that, the top dogs watched it unfold because there was a drone overhead. But Obama and Hillary, the two who had the authority to greenlight SOME kind of rescue operation, both refused to do it, for political reasons. They just let our people get slaughtered. Just like they refused the Libyan embassy’s frantic pleas for SOME security, ANYTHING: bullets for their guns!!!!

    Colonel Hunt, as you can hear in the radio interview linked above, is practically frantic: NO ONE in the media is doing their FUCKING JOB. They mention Watergate, which was a lower-echelon burglary of the DNC campaign HQ to see if the Dems were getting money from the Communists in Cuba (they were); moreover, Nixon didn’t even authorize it, but found out after the fact. That kerfuffle was nothing in comparison, but the press went on a fucking jihad, for YEARS, to get rid of Nixon because they hated him.

    Here, we have actual dereliction of duty, by the Commander in Chief and his sidekick buffoon, as well as the corrupt Hillary Clinton, and the reporters have Nothing to say.

    This country is in such deep trouble.

    Folks, seriously: listen to the radio clip linked above. This is an impeachable offense. Please, please, get it out to EVERYONE you can possibly think of. Don’t let them bury this like a dog burying a dead rat: NOT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21
    lc purple raider growls and barks:

    Was that Joe Biden or Joe Isuzu debating?

  22. 22
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Tallulah @ #:
    I posted this to a bunch of places on FB.
    We used to hang people for this.
    Today, we allow them to “lead” us.
    How far we have fallen.

  23. 23
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    “I was gonna debate like a normal person, made an ass out of my self, why ?? Because I got high.” *Warning, link is to a “rap” video.

  24. 24
    L.C. Mope growls and barks:

    Troy @ 12

    The media… I find it amusing that after three yrs and months of being in the tank for this admin, certain media outlets are hinting at actual critizism.

    Too little too late. I’d like to see some press credentials revoked. You know if Romney went as long without a Q&A session, with real questions, they’d be screaming like cheated hookers. Naw, let ’em report from the street- no fancy chairs for them. Put some bloggers in the chairs.

  25. 25
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America?

  26. 26
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Kim Jong Un had NO military experience whatsoever before Daddy made him a four-star general in the military. This is a snot-nose twerp who has never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership: he hasn’t even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, coached a sports team or commanded a military platoon. So guess what—next they make him the “beloved leader” of North Korea. Terrific!

    Oh, crap! I’m sorry. I just remembered that we did the same thing here in the USA . We took an arrogant community organizer who has never worn a uniform and made him Commander-in-Chief; a guy who has never had a real job, worked on a budget or led anything more than an ACORN demonstration, and made him the leader of this country.

    I’m sorry I brought this up.
    Never mind.

  27. 27
  28. 28

    Tallulah @ # 20: We know this. WE all know this. It will, however, take an act of God to push this Congress to action they are sworn to perform. I don’t know what this cabal has on them, but it must be serious.

  29. 29

    LC Gladiator says:

    Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America?

    I certainly fucking hope so. This will prevent this insanity from happening again. 😈
    And LC Gladiator @ # 26, We understand the frustration.

  30. 30
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    Ah yes….threats of riots….the behavior of a adult with the mental acuity of a five yr old, throwing a tantrum.

    Go ahead and riot. This ain’t 92 or 68 and a lot of well armed people are prepared and have pretty much had enough of this nonsense. Times have changed, the mentality to defend is much more prevalent. The second the rioters attack outside of their home territory they will be met with lethal force. My advice, target the ones that are masked and carrying items that indicate pre-planning (backpacks, helmets, etc.). Look for the “leaders” the vocal ones, the ones hanging in the mid ranks. And KILL THEM. This way you’ll be doing society the favor of cleaning up the trash.

  31. 31
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Slain Serviceman’s Last Words to Wife: ‘I need a new President’


    Romney is using the story of Chris Horton in his stump speeches and Horton’s wife is pleased.

    According to ABC News:

    Jane Horton began crying on the other end of the phone when she learned that Mitt Romney had been using the story of her husband, Chris Horton, who was killed in Afghanistan, as a part of his stump speech.

    “Wow,” the 26-year-old said. “I had no idea.

    “To be honest, I’ve been through a lot and I’m not a super emotional person but it brings me to tears,” Horton said in an interview with ABC News, after being informed of her husband’s newfound spot on the national stage. “Not that he’s telling my story, but that he’s telling my husband’s story, it means the world to me.

    “One of the last things my husband said to me before he was killed, when I would ask him, ‘Chris, what do you need over there? What can I send you?’ he said, ‘I need a new president,’” Horton recalled.

    Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/articles/2012/20121010004-horton.html#ptdJ0fuPT8ig9xBY


    Mother of fallen SEAL Team 6 member blames WH leaks for her son’s death

    President Obama’s team “put a target” on the backs of the Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden, says Karen Vaughn in a video that suggests her son died three months later as a result of White House national security leaks.

    “How dare they?” Mrs. Vaughn asks. “They put a target on my son’s back and even on my back. But a little over 90 days later, my son was dead.” Aaron Vaughn and 21 other Navy SEALs, “most of whom belonged to Team 6, the unit whose members were involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden,” according to ABC, died in Afghanistan when a helicopter he was riding on was shot down.

    The video, released by the conservative Veterans for a Strong America, shows Vice President Joe Biden talking about the raid during a public event and Defense Secretary Robert Gates complaining that an agreement to keep the raid details secret “fell apart” as the result of such comments.

    “Aaron called me,” Mrs. Vaughn says, referring to her son, Special Operations Chief Aaron Vaughn, who was killed on August 6, 2011. “He said, ‘Mom, you need to wipe your social media clean. Get rid of everything, any reference to me or my buddies, because there is chatter and all of our lives are possibly in danger, including yours.’”

    Veterans for a Strong America, which previously released a video faulting Obama for politicizing the killing of bin Laden, encouraged voters to support the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket at the end of the video.

    VSA executive director hinted that such a video might appear in this election cycle. “We’re looking to [put together] a coalition, to field SEALs and operators that want to come out publicly,” Arends told Buzzfeed after the release of the bin Laden video. “I’ve had a lot of discussions with former SEALs and current SEALs. I’ve been talking to operators in the community. There is palatable discontent.”

    The Father explains….


  32. 32
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician @ #:

    The election is nearly four weeks away, and many Obama supporters are already threatening to riot if Obama loses. The following are some very disturbing messages that were posted on Twitter recently that have been reposted on Twitchy.com….

    “If Romney wins I’m Starting a Riot….Who’s WIT ME???”

    “I Hope The USA Is Well Aware That If In The Event This Character Romney Wins The Election, The People Will Start A Country Wide Riot! #Power”

    “If Romney is elected president, its gon be a riot its gon be a riot.”


    “If Romney became President and took away welfare Downtown Cincinnati would become a riot”

    “If Romney takes away food stamps 2 Chainzz in this bit IMMA START A RIOT”

    “If Romney wins. (which i highly doubt) THERE WILL BE A RIOT—”

    The following are a few more tweets that I found which threaten a potential riot if Obama loses the election….

    From @joecools_world….

    “Need 2 come up wit a game plan if Romney win…. Riot all thru Newark”

    From @killacate….

    “I swear on everything I love if Romney wins ima riot. I don’t even care if its just me.”

  33. 33
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Precisely my contention, Troy. I worry about my daughter…should something happen to her… she is the last member of my family alive…son and wife dead…my vengeance would be horrible…and multiple. .Take it home to these rats. This is a small town……ghetto ho’s to be exterminated as a public service….

  34. 34
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    single stack @ #:

    How does Biden being an asshole and a lunatic lessen Ryan?

    Simply participating in a monkey shit-fight dirties up all of the participants. By making the debate a farce, Biden did just that: maybe Ryan has less shit on him than the other two monkeys, but ain’t no one gonna want to run up and hug him.

    Further, doing nothing when you’re being openly and deliberately dismissed as insignificant turns one from a man to a gelding. There are times when something like that can be ignored (crazy bum raving at someone on the street isn’t *really* a challenge). Getting treated like a child on national tv? That’s a different story. Think of how Buckley responded to Gore Vidal – now picture him just saying “Can we please get back to the issues?”

  35. 35

    I think we’ve all been in a serious spot where consequences are about to be determined and dealt with in serious fashion.
    In mine,, even crackin’ a grin could cost me some precious teeth.
    SloJoe copied the Klintoon Kackle strategy to get him past the graveyard.

  36. 36
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    Fa Cube Itches @ #:
    Ide be inclin3d to agree with your monkey poo premise if both monkeys entered the arena with the intent of making it a poo fest. I think its blatantly obvious that was Joes intent, but Ryan by manner and response wanted to keep it dignified. Could have and should have Ryan been a little more agressive? Sure. The armchair quarterback in me says that Ryan would have knocked Joe out by openly condemning Bidens “theactrics” at the beginning of his closing statement and then returning to the script. But the bottom line is even if he was covered in shit, it was obvious to all watching who was the professional and who was acting. So I can’t agree that Ryan was tarnished by participation.

  37. 37
    Radical Redneck growls and barks:

    ” rel=”nofollow”>In case anyone’s looking for a new avatar! :em07:

  38. 38

    ‘Next time you hear “fear mongering” as a dodge to avoid giving due attention to known facts and/or evidence, please understand: many folks can’t parse a response containing facts, figures or actual full-context quotes. You can’t win that way.
    Just play this lil’ bit o’ mellow for ’em, then ask them to define “fear mongering” one more time.

  39. 39
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    Re: riots if Romney wins …

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please … let it be so. The brainless ghetto welfare twats somehow think that this will strike fear into da’ white folk … not this time. Let the riots start, and it won’t be that hard to roll it over into a wholesale housecleaning.

  40. 40
    single stack growls and barks:

    Fa Cube Itches @ #: 34

    If Ryan had participated in a monkey-shit fight you would have a point, but he didn’t.
    He went there to have an actual debate. In hindsight that may have been naive on his part, but when he saw that his opponent was there to be a horse’s ass he stayed out of the way and let him smear shit on himself.
    It would have been satisfying to see Ryan be a little more aggressive in the face of the moderator’s bias and the horse’s ass’s clown show, but based on what I’ve read and heard from the people I’ve talked to staying cool, calm, and steady while Biden made a fool of himself was the smart thing to do.

  41. 41
    Cougar1978 growls and barks:

    Oh, pretty please, start it you mouth breathing, crack smoking, malt liquor drinking degenerate ghetto bastards! Bring it the fuck on! If you come to my door post Halloween, the only Trick or Treat you’ll get will be copper coated hollowpoints! And by the way, please send everyone to Texas, so we can kill you motherfuckers off once and for all.

    They must be pretty fucking desparate if they’re threatening to riot. Yeah, winner’s don’t threaten to riot. Fucking loser ass sperm that got lucky and hit the egg, do!

  42. 42
    watchyerlane growls and barks:

    Ya wanna riot? Fine, make sure leroy and Laqueesha make a stop in my neighborhood…..I will be sure to greet them in a very accurate and effective 5.56mm welcoming.
    The problem with these folks is that they are counting on seeing the docile public afraid to be called “racist” that they are used to when in fact what they are actually going to run into are true defenders of the Second Amendment, unafraid to defend themselves, their families, their property and their Constitution.
    I actually feel sorry for the knuckleheads who choose to riot outside of areas that believe in arms control (NY, LA, Chicago, Boston) and they decide to get stupid around a bunch of patriotic Americans who are tired of their crap.

  43. 43
    LC Proud Infidel growls and barks:

    Riot? BRING IT ON, LOSERS!!! My neighbors and I have been stocking up on ammo and gun oil for the past few years, we stay “locked and loaded”, and right now, we all have VERY itchy trigger fingers!!! I say seal off the rioters’ “‘hoods”, let ’em off each other, then let the survivors run loose so we can get some moving target practice!!

  44. 44
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    I read all these threats, yet they fall on deaf ears. No law enforcement around works two ways, ghetto rats….so go right ahead. We’d just wait for your friends to come pick up the bodies……you might pull some shit once, after that, it ain’t yo ball game no mo.

  45. 45
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Checking Twitter feeds this morning, we discovered that threats to riot on behalf of Obama supporters are still flooding in, with the users seemingly unaware of the fact that the media has now picked up on the buzz.

    We checked the Twitter accounts and virtually all of them are owned by people who have made hundreds or thousands of previous tweets, proving they are genuine accounts and not fakes.

    Examples of what people are saying include the following;

    “If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white persons getting pistol whipped and im startin a riot.” (SOURCE)

    “If Obama don’t win lets start a riot so Romney know what he’s getting himself into.” (SOURCE)

    “You know you ain’t shit if you gotta “MAKE” Mafukas vote for ROMNEY ! …. Mannnn OBAMA better get back in office . Or BLACK FOLKS will riot.” (SOURCE)

    “If Romney wins im goin on a rampage.” (SOURCE)

    “If Mitt Romney wins the election I think its our duties as Black folks to riot and fuck shit up.” (SOURCE)

    “If every action IS met with an equal and opposite reaction ..what should workers do to employers if Romney’s elected? #Riot in the streets!!” (SOURCE)

    “If Romney becomes president let’s all start a riot.” (SOURCE)

    “I Heard Mitt Romney , Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do .”IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT.” (SOURCE)

    “If romney wins, imma start a mf’n riot! Rns.” (SOURCE)

    Although most of the individuals posting the messages don’t even attempt to justify why they plan to riot, others have pointed to fears about a Romney administration withdrawing or limiting government handou

  46. 46
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    America’s Catholic bishops have a problem with Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that religious institutions won’t be required to pay for insurance coverage that includes contraception, sterilization and drugs that may cause abortion.

    They say it isn’t true.

    “With regard to the assault on the Catholic Church, let me make it absolutely clear,” Biden said during his debate with Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday. “No religious institution — Catholic or otherwise, including Catholic social services, Georgetown Hospital, Mercy Hospital, any hospital — none has to either refer contraception, none has to pay for contraception, none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. That is a fact. That is a fact.”

    The U.S. Conference of Bishops disagreed, and issued a letter on Friday taking issue with Biden’s position.

    “This is not a fact,” the letter states. “The HHS mandate contains a narrow, four-part exemption for certain ‘religious employers.’ ”

    The bishops argue the White House offered a proposal in February that essentially would have put the responsibility of providing such drugs and services on the institution’s insurance companies. The offer was essentially rejected, and the issue is being played out in roughly 40 lawsuits, including one filed by the University of Notre Dame, in 12 federal courts across the country.

    “That exemption was made final in February and does not extend to ‘Catholic social services, Georgetown Hospital, Mercy Hospital, any hospital,’ or any other religious charity that offers its services to all, regardless of the faith of those served,” the bishops’ letter continued.

    They also said the proposal does not even “potentially” relieve organizations from the obligation to pay for contraception and to be a “vehicle” to get contraception.

    The White House did not respond to a request Monday for comment.

    The group also said the organizations will have to serve as a “vehicle” because they will still be forced to provide their employees with health coverage, and that coverage will still have to include sterilization, contraception and abortifacients. They will have to pay for these things because the premiums that the organizations (and their employees) are required to pay will still be applied, along with other funds, to cover the cost of these drugs and surgeries, the group said.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/15/catholic-bishops-bidens-debate-remark-on-contraception-mandate-not-true/?test=latestnews#ixzz29Q41hFE7

  47. 47
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Two More Brutal Biden Gaffes on Campaign Trail
    Two epic gaffes at one campaign stop. First, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of supporters that Paul Ryan “has written a book called The Young Guns with two other members of the House, no these are Republican leaders in the House. You had, unfortunately, the bullets are aimed at you.” Then he lost track of which version of planet Earth he’s on and wondered who in the audience had served in our war with Iran.

    So which is it snorting, cackling, unhinged Slow Joe? Are Romney and Ryan going to “put y’all in chains” or aim bullets at us?

    Maybe it’s both.

    Remember when the corrupt media frowned on “eliminationist” rhetoric.

    Good times. Good times.

    Biden really is a little, uhm, short of a full deck, don’t you think? Here he is at the same event under the bizarre impression America went to war with Iran. Oh, and so is Harry Reid — who raises his hand… twice!

    Right now we have a corrupt media going all-in on Obama’s “binder” nonsense. And yet there hasn’t been a word or a sound or a peep about Slow Joe lying in the vice presidential debate about his role in Social Security reform.

    So let’s not hold our breath over the idea that the corrupt media will frown on Slow Joe’s “eliminationist” rhetoric or his elder-lapse on who we’re at war with.

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