This is just WRONG in oh, so many ways….

The Philippines just concluded a treaty / agreeemnt with a Muslim splinter group.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front – MILF

That’s right, they concluded a treaty with a MILF.

I’d wager more than one negotiator waited until they were out of earshot, before collapsing in hysterical laughter realising that these murdering bastards had no idea that the final joke was on THEM…because I’d wager not one of them had had any idea what they had called themselves….



  1. 1
    Just Another Random Nut, GLOR growls and barks:

    If they did that, I really doubt they’d’ve concluded the negotiations at all, because that implies that they were bright enough to realize that they were treating with vermin.

  2. 2
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    All this accomplishes is assuring there will more demands later from the muzzy bastards.

    The goat fuckers really should learn their history. Had it not been for Hitler’s intent to wipe Jews from the face of the earth, we might now have a different attitude toward what would be required for peace with the mooselimbs – other than allowing assimilation of the civilized world and peoples.

    Aquino can plan on the pigs coming back for more concessions from his goverment.

  3. 3
    Princess Natasha, Resident Imperialist Warmonger growls and barks:

    Bwahahahaha! MILF? ROFLMAO :em05: I have nothing intelligent to add right now, too busy laughing.

  4. 4
    bruce growls and barks:

    those moro ragheads gave us the john browning 1911 because the .38 couldn’t cut it so the army gave the job to mr. browning who then designed the best combat hand gun of all time,the 1911 in .45acp.when you shoot a raghead with a 1911 they stay shot.the philippines should handle the ragheads the same way that gen.john pershing handled ragheads with great success.pig blood on all bullits,pig skins to wrap up the dead and live ragheads,pork to shove into raghead orifices this is how we ended the raghead mister nice guy to the ragheads it was do what i tell you or i will kill all of you. :em01:

  5. 5
    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    I’ve concluded several treaties with MILFs :em01: :em05:

  6. 6

    I’ve met a few Flip MILF’s in my day.

    I remember this kid in Olongapo out hawking for customers for a cat house.

    “Hey Joe, hey Joe! Fuck my ma Joe? Five dollars Joe, she’s a virgin!”

  7. 7
    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E. @ #:

    Ahhhh the good ‘ol days….drunk and laid for $20 bucks a night

  8. 8

    A couple bottles of Andre n’ a bag o ding dongs,, then,,ride ’em like a dirt bike.. :em05:

  9. 9
    LC BOATS growls and barks:

    Good grief Charley Brown $20.00 ,the last time I was in Olongapo it was two or three dollars for a (short time ) or 5 bucks for an over night. All of the girls packed a butterfly knife and knew how to use them. Yeah I know I’m old :em05:

  10. 10
    Slightly to the right of Gingis Khan growls and barks:

    Off Topic, BUT………. The Nobel Prize jumped the shark when Zero won, if they give FUCKING BRADLEY MANNING a prize it’s will be a drop into the tank. Everyone in favor for adding the Noble Committee to the list of terrorist organizations say “AYE”

  11. 11
    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    MILF ????? Last time I was in that part of the world they were called LBFM’s. Bonus prize to the Mutts who can fill out that phrase! :em05:

  12. 12
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    Little brown fuck machines. Had a couple of “uncles” that were stationed in thailand at Udorn and Udapao (sp) 66-70. Those guys had some insane stories…….

  13. 13
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    Oh and my kid knows the meaning of “most ricky tick,” “didi mau lien,” and “Xin loi.” Personally I. Like xin loi best.

  14. 14
    Just Another Random Nut, GLOR growls and barks:

    …I learn something every day from you guys.

  15. 15
    Lady H growls and barks:

    #3 Princess Natasha—

    Glad to see your comment here, Soldier! You stay safe, okay? Saying prayers for your safety. 🙂

  16. 16
  17. 17

    LC TerribleTroy @ #:
    I know did mau, but not did mau lien. Please enlighten me.

  18. 18

    I can’t spell it so I’ll do it phonetically as best I can;

    Lie dohomokiy beucoup oo-e-o-em.

    I have no idea what it means but it got me laid once. Er, uhm, it got a buddy of mine laid once, yeah, that’s what I meant.

  19. 19
    Mike M growls and barks:

    Never heard of that one either, Crunch, but then I’d likewise never heard of “Xin Loi” and I see that one’s googleable. It’s all just beaucoup dinky dao to me.

  20. 20

    Mike M @ #:
    Xin loi is “tough shit” or “eat shit”, can’t remember which exactly, but I guess depending on the context either one works. “Numbah One Joe, numbah one.”

  21. 21
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    Didi Mau lien is the actual phrase that GI’s derived the contraction didi mau or just didi. Dependant on the inflection denotes the sense of urgency. But generally understood to be “go away quickly”. Much like the arabic “yallah”.

  22. 22
    LC LittleRott84 Imperial DJ growls and barks:

    Slightly to the right of Gingis Khan @ #:

    What? Come again? If that traitor receives anything other than a bullet to the brain, then there is definitely something wrong with the world.