Meet the “47%” (Brain Bleach req’d)

JaketheSnake put this up in the Emperors rant below but it needs it is own post.

If Romney doesn’t turn this into a campaign commercial then he really is the wuss we think he is.  There is no shame in having a “free phone” but it is NOT A RIGHT.  My mother collects SS and SSI.  She paid into it but, as we all know, SS hasn’t kept up with prices so she asked for one and was approved.  She doesn’t run around screaming it’s a right, again it’s not a right.  She’s 84, blind and all the buttons are taped over except the 911 button and it hangs around her neck in case something happens and I’m not around, this is something the government can do to help people that can’t…CAN’T work or help themselves.

Again, it’s not a right you heaving heifer and just because you get free shit from Obongo in return for your vote makes you nothing but…well I can’t call you whore because whores are levels above the sewer where you wallow.

Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone


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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    I just love this shit!!! :em05: A Romney ad in the making. A classic example of the Free Shit Army…. I am sooo looking forward to the day this ponzi scheme comes crashing down. Of course they will kill you to get your stuff because you owe it to them. I owe them some shotgun shells, too! :em05:

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    LC Alric growls and barks:

    Post this shit everywhere, this is the exact mentality that has led us to where we are.

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    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    2012, meet 2008. Same stupid, different day.

  4. 4
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    My chia pet is smarter than her…and not an asshole at all. This has been sent on…it’s just toooooo good.!

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    EVERY payphone in the US is required to accept FREE 911 service so why in the fuck are we granting free 250 minutes to welfare dregs????

  6. 6
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Its time that the producers eliminate the takers

  7. 7
    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator @ #5:

    Votes, of course. A pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Nighttrain just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  8. 8
    LC FORGER - Monster Hunter growls and barks:

    “… you heaving heifer…”

    A heifer is a female bovine that has has fewer than two calves.

    That fucking COW prolly has a HERD back at da’ crib…

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    They gotta make their drug deals, Glad….

  10. 10
    DarthBane growls and barks:

    It’s a great day when even lefty sites like Buzz Feed and Politico have to point out how stupid Obamabots are.

    Oh and hey, new blog posts are up! Check’em out, mostly on the insane MSM polls the past 2 weeks:

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator @ #:

    so why in the fuck are we granting free 250 minutes to welfare dregs????

    Because not doing it be rayciss.

    So long as GOP Pols wet themselves at the most gossamer hint of the merest mention of that word, these kinds of things will keep happening.

  12. 12
    JakeTheSnake growls and barks:

    Thanks for the H/T LC Light. I’m with LC Alric. Post this shit everywhere.

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    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    Like this was news? :em02:

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    L.C. Mope growls and barks:

    Can’t be union scale, Cheap-ster, they gotta be on the dole to get the free phone. Unless, of course when they signed up for the dole they left out the part about making money. You know, like fraud… only different. Someone should card-check them to see if they are in the union, or if they are… dare I say?…. SCABS hired by the union.

  16. 16
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Rush played this over and over yesterday. It was hilarious, in an awful sort of way.

    There’s a lot more out there: add Howard Stern’s walkabout, where his people interviewed scads of Obots saying similar things. Almost all of them were black; to the point that they said, a bit defensively, “I’m sure that a bunch of white people are out there saying things just as dumb . . .”

    Ho-kay. But where are they?

    The Howard Stern people talk to the Obot zombies: 2012 edition. Just as brain-dead and backwards as they were in 2008:

    UNREAL. Sample question: “Do you think Obama picked PAUL RYAN as his VP because he was AFRICAN AMERICAN or because he was qualified?”
    Answer: “A little of both, I guess.”
    Another question: “Do you think Obama can beat MCCAIN this time?”
    Answer (same cow): “I just don’t think McCain’s presidential material.” (This one, by the way, had very good diction and probably an affirmative action degree of some kind, or else went to a public college that has been gutted by “no qualifications” admissions.)

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    The Lone Haranguer growls and barks:

    LC FORGER – Monster Hunter @ #:

    That fucking COW prolly has a HERD back at da’ crib…

    Who would want to fuck that? :em06:

    For someone truly trying to make the transition from welfare to work, I could sort of see cell phone assistance. In the lower-skilled jobs, if you don’t answer the phone right away when called, they will simply move on to someone else. But that could be done with a $10 TracFone and a 60-minute card.

  18. 18
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    Fucking let the government go broke and the gubmint cheese run out … bring on the civil war … the gene pool of this country needs more than bleach, it needs to be drained and acid-washed.

  19. 19
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    BigDogg @ #:
    True that. :em01:

  20. 20
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    CrazyFool growls and barks:

    Take any cellphone or mobile phone and remove the SIM card so that there is no service.

    Guess what? You can still call emergency services with it.

    You don’t need service to be able to call 911 on any cellphone. Why are we providing 250min/month for?

  22. 22
    Cougar1978 growls and barks:

    Hell yeah, Big Dogg! HELL YEAH!

    Otherwise, we get to hear Obama-phone lady and the Obama Cash thugs, again and again…..

    Allen West, Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, Mia Love, and even RINOs like Colon Bowel and Condi Rice must be mortified at certain black folks behavior.

    Not that Rev. Al, Rev. Jizzm-Jesse, Quannel X, Farrahkhan, Keith Ellison, Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters, Sheilah Jackson Lee, Samuel L Jackson, Kerri Washington, Melissa Harris-Perry the MSNBC Uber bitch, the one MSNBC atheist black elitist pig Rouche or Douche, Jay Z, Chris Rock, Fitty Cent, Juan Williams, That Federica Hat Wearing Bitch in Flo-Rida, and many many other chumps have shamed their skin….

    And of course, the Latinos have that Mayor Castro Douche, La Raza, Atzlan, Christina Aguilerra, Eva Longoria, etc. with them for our guys Rubio, Cruz, and other CONSERVATIVE Latinos….

    The Asians have that Tammy Duckworth, poor misguided soul that she is…..Oakland’s Mayor

    And we have plenty of stupid in whitebread land! Biden, The Clintons, Rahm, That Weasel Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs, Schumer, Nadler, Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi, Stenny Hoyer, bob Moran, Jay Rockefeller, Tamara Holder, Allen Colmes, Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Brad-gelina, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, Robert Redford, Cher, Lady Gag-a, Ellen Barfin….need I go on?

    There’s good folks in every race, but there’s also a bumper crop of dickweed in every area also.

    We ALL have our work cut out for us.

  23. 23
    LC George, Apocryphal Prophet growls and barks:

    I know a family who gets a government cell phone and I wish they would actually use it, seeing that the husband and wife (and their extended family) are coworkers who sometimes drop half of their clan to help my side of the crew (a high-end home cleaning service) and then are late coming back to pick them up, but there’s no way to get a status update because the husband keeps the phone in the car, turned off.