Lead, Follow or Get the Fuck Out of the Way

Apparently the criticisms of sites like Hot Air for posting endless Eeyore posts about how we’re all doomed and we might as well not bother posts every single time the New York Pravda or somebody like them publishes a D+20 poll stating that Reichsführer Obama is going to win in a landslide (much like Jimmy Carter won in a similarly confidently predicted landslide back in 1980) have gotten under their skins. Good.

Because Eeyorepundit then goes on to defend his relentless cries of doom in a manner that is, to us quite frankly hilarious.

He goes on at length about how “the people needs honesty” and “nobody who regularly reads this site is likely to be swayed by a fake poll anyway”, both of which are quite good points, we’re not going to take an Imperial dump on either. Except for the minor point that anybody just accidentally browsing by Hot Air aren’t exactly likely to be encouraged by their endless doom predictions either, but they are most likely a small demographic, so we won’t dwell on that other than to point out that whereas they might not be doing much damage there, they sure aren’t helping either.

What they utterly ignore is that sites like Hot Air, for reasons that quite escape us, have become places that sites entirely opposed to personal liberty like to quote because they are “mainstream” conservative sites now. In other words, if the normally too busy to earn a living and avoid getting behind on the mortgage demographic check out the Internets in the few minutes they have to spare from dealing with their lives’ real and immediate issues, they’ll immediately be hit with a shit storm of leftist fascist sites quoting allegedly conservative sites saying that it’s all over.

Try to Google any controversy currently in the public mind. Limit it to “news” even, and you’ll have to go to page three of your search results, if you’re lucky, to even find a conservative site quoted. Now imagine that said result leads you to a page that states that the conservative side fucked up again, and this presupposes that you didn’t just go with the first hit on the list, which would give you Keith Olbermann’s view. Just how encouraged to vote against Ogabe would that make you? If even the people on his own side can’t quite get themselves to cheer him on, then why the fuck, exactly, would you consider switching sides?

Sites like Hot Air hurt the cause. Not because they are malicious, but because they’re ignorant of the rules of the game. They think that all people are as fair minded and rational as they are, and they are woefully wrong. They try to be fair, but they’re not. Americans are not idiots. They don’t trust the New York Times any further than they can throw them at this point. If you don’t believe us, look at their circulation numbers. They look like a fucking bungee jump minus the rubber cord.

So if the Pravda on the Hudson states that Obam-bam is going to win in a landslide, they’re not going to buy it. They know it’s a lie before they’ve even gotten past the lede.

But if you then have “mainstream conservative” sites like Hot Air expressing doubts about the outcome well then, Katie bar the door, they’re going to believe it.

Did you ever follow a leader who doubted that his cause would win?

If even the people on your own side doubt you…

We know how this game is played because we lived through it. We were thoroughly trained in it and, we might add, it works admirably as long as your enemies insist on being utter well-meaning idiots.

Sites like Hot Air do not know what the fuck they’re doing. We agree with their principles, they’re both honorable and true, but they’re not helping since we’re not fighting an honorable enemy.

You can’t beat your enemy unless you read his book and throw his rules right the fuck back at him.


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September 27, 2012 07:04

Sorry man, I don’t buy the whole “and they too were honorable men” defense for these guys. To me, they are RINO’s, pure and simple. It was sites like these that whined and gnashed their teeth during the primaries about the “electability” of Willard and now all of a sudden they think it’s over before the first debate. No!! Fuck… Read more »

September 27, 2012 07:07

Misha, I’m of two minds concerning AP and Captain Ed. While some of their more “rinoesque” posts are frustrating, I think they serve as a brake on the tendency toward overconfidence by some conservatives. A reality check, if you will; we know that the usual media suspects are in the bag for President Schicklegruber, and that their activities will sway… Read more »

LC Draco
LC Draco
September 27, 2012 07:16

I take every “poll” with a grain of salt. (Remember, you can make statistics say anything!) We have a saying in my profession…You can plan all you want, you can gather all the intelligence you think you need (which is never enough!), but once the battle/contact is made, you must remember the enemy has a vote. History is ripe with… Read more »

September 27, 2012 13:20
Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
September 27, 2012 13:46

Aren’t the only polls that matter the ones from Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and the other toss-up states? There are certainly hordes of people out there who are committed to voting against Obama, but that, in and of itself, doesn’t mean much. He could fail to get single vote in Texas, but Texas only has a fixed amount of Electoral College… Read more »

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator
September 27, 2012 18:55

Benghazi attack followed deep cuts in State Department security budget By Shaun Waterman hursday, September 27, 2012 A man looks at documents at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, after an attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. The graffiti reads, “no God but God,” “God is great,” and “Muhammad is the Prophet.” The… Read more »

September 29, 2012 07:38

I want the RINOs to please, please, please, step infront of our oncoming tank treads. See how well it worked for that misguided Dumbass Rachel Corrie-Squishie…… Person versus tank/bulldozer. Even Mike Rowe would wince in pain at the stupidity and the fact physics will win!