Today marks 47 days to the election, and given the liberal whining and caterwauling about Romney’s characteristically factual and actually understated assessment of the state of American dependency, it is a good time to reflect on these last days leading up to November 6th.

If it is possible, we should all expect the statist-owned and operated old media complex to shift into a final, higher gear as they discard any last pretense of journalism in favor of bolstering the cult of personality that is this new era of Obamunism, and attacking anyone who is not ready to submit.

True patriots and Americans find themselves in something resembling the last line of fortifications as November 6th approaches. The ballot box on this date is the last best moment to address the hugely destructive process this country is embarked upon with current leadership, and every step must be taken to ensure success. This means, for example, that Ron Paul supporters and other libertarians need to stop and think about what they will be doing on that day. As a group, this constituency could determine the fate of the nation at this moment in time, and must bear the weight of this reality. Choose wisely.  This also means that conservatives of every stripe must get focused on our goals right now. We have three jobs to do. We must elect the Romney/Ryan ticket, take the Senate away from the statists, and keep the House of Representatives. To do this, we will need to stop beating each other up over trivial issues like whether Chick-Fil-A is doing the right thing, or Romney should have said this, or that. We need to realize that the process is no longer about who we would like to see in office; it is a choice between the two major candidates on the ballot. Again, choose wisely.

I believe that most Americans are really ready for a change, and that there are enough people who still believe in the Constitution and in real liberty who see what is happening, and wish to put a stop to it. Many in America know that what is happening in our country today is morally wrong. A recent CNBC poll revealed that 75% of the poll respondents agreed with Romney’s statements about the 47%.  A Rasmussen poll out this morning says that fully 64% of those polled believe there is too much dependence on government. Now is the time for the kind of people who read these words to do everything they can to ensure our success, knowing that the conditions that will present themselves if we fail are hard to contemplate.  But contemplate them we must.  Come November 7th, people like us will be engaged in one of two very different types of conversations, depending upon the outcome of the election.  The conversations we hope to have will be concerned with how we make sure that our newly elected leaders get about the business of restoring this nation, rebuilding the economy, and addressing the sorry state of education and personal responsibility in our culture.  The one that none of us want to have will be examining what we might be able to accomplish as sovereign individuals concerned with defending our rights, protecting our principles and successfully conveying them to a future generation.

I suggest our focus for these last 47 days be on the fact that most Americans agree that the government is too involved in our lives; that far too many able-bodied people among us live at our expense, and that it is time to return to first principles. It is time for the right kind of leadership to restore the ability of the private sector in our economy to create wealth that all Americans can benefit from. It is time to once again choose to believe in the right things, not the easy things.

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By LC SecondMouse

Find me on twitter at @DiscardedVirtue Retired CEO. Constitutional conservative. Mortal enemy of moral hazard, ignorance and collectivism. Traveler on the Inner Journey, Zen Buddhist, Taoist. Walker of The Way. Teacher and Student.

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BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK)
BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK)
September 20, 2012 11:45

It’s definitely time to armor up … the media is going to pull out all the stops to dispirit and discourage those who would vote against Obama (note: not saying FOR Romney). It’s going to be a non-stop shit-storm of lies, made-up stories, wildly skewed polls. Our focus needs to stay on the state and future of the economy and… Read more »

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.
September 20, 2012 15:45

BigDogg, exactly so. SecondMouse, superb. I don’t know why there aren’t more comments yet, this is exactly correct.

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator
September 21, 2012 13:23

The Obama Administration is a lot like getting a proctological exam from a blind man with a jack hammer, and about as useful.