Here We Go Again With the Damn Defeatism

Turns out that Rasmussen, who at least has the advantage of not being so far in the tank for Der Fubar that he requires a full SCUBA rig, also came up with a +4 Ogabe swing on Sunday.

And, right on cue, Eeyore Air cranked the “we’re all going to die” up to eleventy-fifteen.

Would you fucking wankers cut it OUT already? Unless, of course, you really want Ogabe to win four more years so you have something to write about while the nation goes to Hades, in which case, you’re doing a great job.

This is getting tiresome, but if you want a quick shot of “pull your shit together”, you could do a whole lot worse than to read Sarah Hoyt, with whom we are all of a sudden madly in love, who pulls out the broom and gives the defeatist dingleberries a right royal thrashing. Which they need. A lot.

As to ourself, we’ll first refer back to our last post on the subject two days ago, because then we won’t have to say it all again.

Reading a large part of the rightosphere is a study in bipolar disorder these days. One day you read post after post about how you can’t trust a single word out of the mouthes of politicians, the Ogabe Steno Pool (formerly “the MSM”), statisticians and pollsters (all true), and the next day you’ll read an endless parade of jeremiads about how the latest foul emissions of all of the above is proof that we’re doomed, DOOMED we tells ya!

Try lithium. Please!

We have to assume that all of those whining pussies really, deep down, want to win because otherwise there’s really no point in it all, but if they really want to win, then they’re failing miserably in the attitude department. Here’s a hint: One of the many weapons in the enemy’s arsenal, any enemy, is to demoralize you to the point where you give up before you’ve even started to fight because, fuck it all, we’re all going to lose anyway.

Don’t help the enemy. That’s not too abstract to comprehend, is it?

We may not have seen everything there is to see in this world, we may not have learned all there is to learn, but one thing we HAVE learned is that if you go into battle “motivated” by idiots telling you that you’re likely going to lose anyway, you’re most likely going to lose. Hard to bring your A game if you’ve been told time and time again that it’s not enough to carry the day.

Did Winston Churchill urge the young men of the Royal Air Force on to battle by telling them to do their best but that they were probably going to get creamed anyway since the Army left all of their shit at Dunkirk and the Luftwaffe outnumbered the RAF (all true)? No, you don’t have to research that, because if he had, then all of Europe would be speaking German today. Did Chesty Puller tell his Marines at Guadalcanal to fight bravely but that all indications were that they were going to end up dead since the Navy had been driven away and the Japs outnumbered them? No, he didn’t.

But any statistician, military historian or other kind of analyst would have looked at the numbers and said “you’re fucked” and he would have been right too.

Funny how that works.

If you go into a situation expecting defeat, you’re most likely going to get one. What’s the point in putting your arse on the line, pushing doorbells, distributing pamphlets, volunteering for your local candidates, manning call centers, you name it, if you think that you’re probably going to lose anyway?

It applies to everything. When we were a youngster pursuing scholarly things, we were often asked by our classmates how it was that we always passed our exams no matter what. We suppose we could have agreed with that assumption that we were a bloody genius (and we did if the one asking was a hot babe because, OK, lying is a sin but look at that RACK!), but most of the time we said “no, we’re not, it’s just that we never ever walk into a situation expecting to lose. The night before an exam we’d spend telling ourself that we were going to pass. Failure was not an option. It didn’t always work, and a lot of it was due to hard work too, but we’ll take a 99.9% success rate any day and twice on Sundays.

Most of it was due to nothing but attitude, because we’re really not all that, but attitude will get you places.

And it is damn hard to maintain a winning attitude when you’re being constantly bombarded with bullshit telling you that you’re probably going to fail. Which, surprise, is why the National Socialist Democrat Party is using that weapon like crazy because they have got absolutely nothing else.

We expect it from them, they’ll do whatever they have to do to win, that’s how the game is played, but do we really have to listen to the bullshit from our OWN side?

Could we lose? Possibly. Anything is possible. But why even spend a second dwelling on it? If we do, we do. We’ll deal with that afterwards. Right now our focus should be on winning, nothing else, and nothing focuses the mind better than an internal conviction that we’re going to do just that.

Why do the enemy’s job for him?

Is that really such a difficult concept?



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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Carter was up by 8 points in 1980, and Reagan thrashed him in the election.

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    FrJim, Imperial Chaplain growls and barks:

    This is exactly why the next job after helping the Obamas experience some “change we can believe in” to Barack’s employment situation, we need to clean out the RNC. The establishment brings NOTHING to the table to re establish America as a Republic based on liberty. If those folks had their way, they would replace a Democrat tyrant for a Republican one.


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    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    Sorry Misha, it’s not about “being in the tank” or the “skewered sampling” or whatever fucking bullshit gravy you (not you, you but the other you you, oh FUCK you know what I mean) want to ladle over it. Simple fact is that Obongo/Stalin’s little Commissars have grabbed by the throat the few vital aspects of this election, information and life itself that matter. As any good revolutionary and counterrevolutionary knows you don’t attack the whole body or try to defend the whole body. You’ll lose and then you usually end up with a cigarette, a blindfold and a prayer that the firing squad is fucking dyslexic. You find the vital spots and work to exploit/take over/destroy those vulnerable spots. In the same vain the defender has to both determine which vital spots need to be defended and which MUST be the ones that the revolutionaries are going to go after.

    These treasonous little bastards have determined that political polls are a vital spot to be taken, held and exploited. Case in point:

    PICKET: Internal e-mails: Axelrod intimidated Gallup before DOJ lawsuit surfaced against polling company

    Polling Poorly? Just Have Your Justice Department Sue Gallup

    They realize that the sheeple don’t really have the time to digest in-depth analysis while simultaneously trying to keep their heads above chum filled water with sharks circling. All they see is Obongo is up then it’s, ops, honey do we eat ramen or crackers with the moldy cheese tonight? Trust me I’m in that boat and while I’m busy trying to keep from submitting a change of address to an overpass we get bits and bites from Limp Dick Media and all we see is the charts and they know it.

    Stalin knew all he had to do was shoot just a few malcontents and the rest would fall into line.

    I wouldn’t trust a political poll today if Jesus H Christ handed it to me without checking ID.

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    bruce growls and barks:

    didn’t churchill say we need more supermarine spitfires and men to fly them?where are our spitfires?

  7. 7
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    bruce @ #:

    where are our spitfires?

    Busy not sinking to the Luftwaffe’s level, unfortunately.

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    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    A nice counterpoint courtesy of Breitbart to the Curse of the Phantom Bounce.

    A quick question. Does anybody believe that jugears could maintain a real +5 lead for two straight months with all of the economic metrics going against him?

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    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    LC Gunsniper says:

    Does anybody believe that jugears could maintain a real +5 lead for two straight months

    Exactly. Think about this, Ogabe HAD to catch a bounce from the convention. Why? Because of the that latest jobs report hitting the streets on the very day Ozero was going to make his big pitch. Even the media (bloody surprisingly too) adding to their reportage, that the drop was largely due to the participation rate dropping by some 368,000 odd workers. I about choked hearing AP actually being honest.

    With that, and the timing couldn’t have been worse for them, it was imperative that a positive bounce be manufactured. When you add the “Clinton Effect” into the picture it would be palatable to a lot of the electorate.

    Interesting point, Ogabe is running his campaign like the last 4 years didn’t happen and the media treats Clinton like the last 20 years didn’t too. If you think Billy Blow-Job is on the level for Obongo-Barry then you should join his old Choom gang. The first rule of Clinton politics is they are out for Clintons no matter what. An Ogabe win would effectively sink Hillary’s chances in 2016, because the country won’t be voting democrat again for a generation if he miraculously wins a second term. On the other hand a Romney win, followed by a lackluster presidency would leave Hillary pretty much at the top of the heap for the 2016 primaries. It’s a gamble based on Romney not winning a second term, but that’s better odds for her than trying to convince the country to go with a Demonrat following an apocalypse of 8 years of Ogabelini.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Throughout his life Obama has displayed an aversion to work, to thinking, to doing things that benefit anyone other than himself. He is running for reelection because he loves the official title, the perquisites, the adulation of the ignorant and greedy, and the knowledge that no matter what hell befalls the nation, his name is going to be in tomorrow’s history books: pretty heady stuff for a fellow with a barely above average intelligence quotient and several square feet of precious brown skin without which he never would have advanced beyond a community organizing mau-mauer.

    Ever the lazy slacker, he is content to let White House and Democrat congressional staffers write legislation and lead him in policy decisions, confident that these people share his essentially communist and Islamophile sympathies. Leading from behind means leaving all the heavy lifting to other people and other nations. When he started easing the USA out of its role as the leader of the Free World, no one should have been surprised. Left completely to his devices, he would destroy the America that has been the restraining force against totalitarianism for the past century. Veritably, the devil has his hand up this puppet’s back. It might take an act of divine providence to put this nefarious character in the hot box where he belongs.

    Vote as if America’s future is at stake, because it is.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    The Obama administration is famous for its crony capitalism. It’s famous for wasting money on disastrous investments like Solyndra to pay off its political allies. It now appears, however, that they go a step further: they put public funds in bad investment loans, then double down on their bad loans with free cash grants.

    Here’s the short story: Angus King, former governor of Maine, Obama supporter, and front-running independent Senate candidate, owned a wind company. Obama’s Department of Energy handed over a deeply questionable $102 million loan to that company. It appears that as that company was coming under investigation, King quickly divested himself of his interests, hoping he was doing so just in time to escape scrutiny, and as he was preparing to announce his candidacy for Senate.

    But that’s not where the story ends. It seems that before he left the company, King helped apply for a Department of Energy grant worth some $33 million. Which means one of two things: either the company was thriving, in which case King was helping bilk taxpayers for an additional $33 million; or the company was having financial difficulties, in which case the $33 million grant was designed to help cover the cost of the loans, $23 million of which was coming due with a maturity date of April 27, 2012.

    Either way, the situation doesn’t look good for King, or the Obama Administration. Either the two were working to ensure that King’s company got paid millions so that King could reap the benefits, or they were working to cover up a troubled company and highly questionable investment subsidized with federal tax money.

    Here’s the more complete story.

    In 1997, Governor King signed into law a bill that would require utilities to generate at least 30 percent of their energy from “green” sources like wind. In 2007, King decided to take advantage of his mandate and founded a wind energy company, Independence Wind. The first major project of Independence Wind was to build the Record Hill wind farm, near Roxbury, Maine.

    Ironically, King once said, “In the process of rebuilding Maine, we must never compromise the integrity of our environment. It’s not only immoral, it’s bad economics.” Yet his wind project has blasted the tops of mountain ridges along many of bucolic Maine’s well-known and beloved mountaintops to make way for a new and much less attractive landscape consisting of hundreds of windmills.

    In 2011, King’s company received a $102 million for development of Record Hill. The loan came through the same stimulus program that funded Solyndra. The original federally-guaranteed loan was as questionable as the Solyndra loan. As it turned out, there was no need for a federally-guaranteed loan on the surface; the company supposedly had $127 million in liquid assets available, assets it had to have under Maine state law in order to commence construction. The loan program was specifically designed to help companies that couldn’t get private loans otherwise.

    Furthermore, the company may not have been eligible for the loan, since its technology wasn’t innovative under the applicable regulation. But the company got the loan anyway, from an Obama administration eager to help out its cronies. Angus King was, of course, an Obama supporter, endorsing him and having contributed at least $10,000 to Obama’s reelection campaign.

    Record Hill promptly used the money on foreign companies. Just a quarter of the cash was reinvested in the State of Maine; 58 percent of the cash went to Siemens to pay for building 22 windmills. The turbines themselves were manufactured in Europe “because that’s where the biggest turbine market is, and the tower sections are made in Asia, because that’s where the new efficient steel mills are,” said King’s partner in Record Hill, Rob Gardiner. About 467 people worked on the site, reportedly, but “at least some of these jobs could measure their duration in days rather than weeks or months.” Today, nobody is employed by the wind farm itself.

    In March, King declared his Senate candidacy. He would run as an independent, but he would likely caucus with the Democrats. He was a solid lock to replace Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME).

    But the loan was coming under scrutiny. As steam picked up on the curiosity about Record Hill, King spoke out. “The project is operating and actually is ahead of its production schedule,” he claimed. “The risk now basically is that the wind won’t ever blow again, and that is a pretty low risk.”

    Despite King’s assessment of the situation, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, led by Darrell Issa, released a report bashing the Department of Energy and singling out Record Hill as a loan that shouldn’t have happened. Two days before the report was released, King dropped his association with Record Hill, dumping all of his stock. He told a Maine news outlet the timing was an “amazing coincidence.” Actually, Record Hill was notified that they’d be mentioned, and King almost certainly wanted to avoid blowback. Gardiner admitted that he’d received a letter of notification from the Committee two days before King sold his stock.

    But wait, there’s more! From August 2011 to January 2012, the federal financing bank signed checks worth $101.5 million to Record Hill. In March 2011, King and Gardiner said they’d expect another $70 million in stimulus funds; as of July 2012, they’d received another $33.7 million in Section 1603 cash grants. A grant, not a loan.

    Was the grant designed to help Record Hill cover loan repayments that the company couldn’t pay? Or was it just double-dipping by a highly-connected company?

    If it’s the former, this is fraud. For the federal government to guarantee a loan, know the loan is going bad, and then give a “grant” to a company to pay off that loan is cooking the books.

    If it’s the latter, King and company were all too happy to grab more and more taxpayer money.

    King, for his part, continues to maintain that the company is in solid financial shape. But if it is, why should the Department of Energy give it a $33 million grant? What need would the company have for such a grant? Angus King and his former partner are wealthy magnates; the company supposedly had $127 million in liquidity when it began. If these 1 percenters are so flush, why do they insist on taking money from the 99 percent to pay for their already-flourishing company?

    This isn’t Solyndra. This is far worse than Solyndra. It wasn’t just a Solyndra-like loan to a wind energy company designed to make a Senate candidate rich – although it appears that the Department of Energy loan was Solyndra-lite. It’s the follow-up grant that’s even more troubling. The cash grants arrived just two months after King cut ties with the company – and it takes several months for such grant applications to be filed. If the company was doing well, it wouldn’t need a grant; if it was doing poorly, it didn’t deserve a grant. But it got a grant nonetheless.

    This is not the first time that Angus King has been involved in a Solyndra-like situation. King’s son, Angus III, is vice president of First Wind, another wind boondoggle that received federal stimulus dollars and almost went bankrupt.

    King’s wind fixation certainly enhanced his wealth. It hasn’t enhanced the wealth of Maine or American taxpayers, though. It’s cronyism at its finest. And it’s a double-down Solyndra story that should make any
    taxpayer cringe.

    h/t breitbart

  12. 12
    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    A large contingent of the main stream media are totally in the tank for Der Fubar. They have demonstrated to any casual observer a total disregard for the facts when a story may have an impact on their leader. Many have subordinated traditional journalistic ethics to the goal of re-electing America’s #1 enemy. The gap between what is real and what is reported has never been greater, and it will continue to grow until November.

    It stands to reason that these presstitutes would have figured out by now that they have three strategies available to them to influence the outcome of the election:

    1.) They can redouble their fluffing efforts, in order to ensure that the faithful and the foolish pull the lever that should say “kick me” on it come election day.

    2.) They can spin the message on competitive standings in the days leading up to the election in order to discourage the opposition, and to influence the fence-sitting oxygen thieves who might want to see themselves on the winning team, or just going with the flow.

    3.) They can pitch the race as a fight to the finish, knowing that as long as the public is expecting a toss-up on November 6th, the NSDWP would have enough cover to steal an election they might otherwise lose.

    There are many incentives and opportunities for these TWANLOC to influence the outcome. Resist we much, and must.

  13. 13
    tweell growls and barks:

    I never expected Sarah Hoyt to become a political pundit, my exposure to her is as a writer of f&sf and part of the Baen author stable. She’s also a first-gen American like yourself, she was born in Portugal. She’s a smart one, though (and married with children, sorry).

  14. 14

    Here’s a hint: One of the many weapons in the enemy’s arsenal, any enemy, is to demoralize you to the point where you give up before you’ve even started to fight because, fuck it all, we’re all going to lose anyway.

    Master Sun Tzu tells us that the purpose of combat is to remove the enemies ABILITY and WILL to fight back.

    Don’t help the enemy. That’s not too abstract to comprehend, is it?

    Here’s where I respectfully (and briefly) disagree, my Liege. Master Tzu also tells us to provide the enemy with everything he needs, so that we can take it away from him at our leisure.

    That being said, the convention “bounce” was inevitable and an expected part of the political process. As they used to say back in the VietNam era, “Fuck it, don’t mean nothing”. All that’s ultimately going to matter is who is left standing after the Electoral College.

  15. 15
    irish19 growls and barks:

    LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician @ #:
    +1 on that.

  16. 16
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    tweell says:

    She’s a smart one, though (and married with children, sorry).

    Oh well. Probably for the best since I am as well, and I’d hate to see a fight between those two firebrands. OK, who am I kidding? They’d gang up and take turns shooting ME for being a jackarse 😉

    LC Sir M – Imperial Tobacconist™, K.o.E. says:

    Here’s where I respectfully (and briefly) disagree, my Liege. Master Tzu also tells us to provide the enemy with everything he needs, so that we can take it away from him at our leisure.

    This only applies to things that you can take back away from him, though.

    Psyopsing one’s own side into lethargic apathy isn’t something that one can take back. We can’t just turn our side’s enthusiasm on and off at our leisure.

    Ignore the damn torpedoes, full speed ahead. Let us go into battle with our heads held high, secure in our conviction that we’ll win, happy warriors to the last no matter what the naysayers among us might say because no matter who is right in the end, it doesn’t matter as long as we fight well and we fight for what is right.

    We’re going to not merely defeat Obumfuck, that Marxist turd of a throwback to an unenlightened era of serfdom, we’re going to crush him, reduce him and his diseased cancer of an ideology to ashes and, in so doing, strike so much terror into the shriveled hearts of his fellow travelers that they’ll scatter like chaff before the wind seeking out shelter that they will not find for we will follow up on this first victory in a long series of victories in an even longer war by seeking them out, pulling them from underneath their rocks and we will bash their brains in until nothing is left of socialism except for horror stories used to frighten future generations of children into eating their damned veggies.

    This time, we will not leave the job half-done as we did after WWII because make no mistake: this victory in November is but the first battle we’ll need to fight, not the last.

    You know how I feel about Romney, so I’m not even sure how much of a victory getting him elected IS in the first place, but that is irrelevant. The first step is to stop the enemy or to at least slow him down. Where we’ve failed in the past is in thinking that slowing him down was “good enough.” It isn’t. It’s barely even good, but it IS necessary. To turn the car around, you first have to slow it down, so it’s time to forget about what we’d like to see and just step on the damn brake. Then we’ll continue what we’ve already started by booting out socialist-lites on our own side until the job is done.

    And we’re winning on that front too. Too many on our side keep losing sight of that. We’re not only putting the fear of G-d into the left, we’re putting it into the RINOs on our own side as well. They’ve seen a lot of their fellow milquetoasts get fired since the Tea Party revolution and yes, they are paying attention even though they’re trying their damndest to pretend not to. You need look no further than to the number of RINOs, like Mittens Romney, paying at least lip service to our ideals.

    That is not enough, I agree, because that’s what they always do and then they stop when they’ve won, but that’s OUR fault, not THEIRS. It’s because WE’VE let up the pressure whenever we’ve carried them through to victory. Don’t blame them. That’s who they are and what they are. This time we won’t let up the pressure just because Mittens is sworn in.

    I don’t like my general any more than you do, but I have to stop the enemy first. Then I swear that I’ll replace the moron. Ceding the battlefield just because my general isn’t Ulysses S. Grant is not going to increase my odds of winning the war. I need to be still in it so I can get rid of McClellan.

    This time, we will not forgive, we will not forget, we will not retreat to our comfortable hovels to celebrate the battle won only to lose the war. We will press on with a song in our hearts, knowing full well that the socialist cancer will not be defeated by a mere remission, determined that our children, grandchildren and grandchildren’s grandchildren will nevermore have to worry that the disease will invade our body politic again.

    But for all of that to happen, we have to fight, and we have to dadgum fight right now. We can’t fight if we constantly allow ourselves to worry about the possibility that we might lose. It serves no purpose other than that of the enemy.

    If we lose, which we won’t, we lose, but at least we’ll know that we fought well.

  17. 17

    Emperor Misha I says:

    We can’t fight if we constantly allow ourselves to worry about the possibility that we might lose. It serves no purpose other than that of the enemy.

    Master Tzu would probably give the nod to the commander that managed to convince the superior foe to stop fighting.
    After all, the quickest way to end a war is to surrender.
    Only, if we lose this one, this enemy won’t rebuild our infrastructure, he will loot it.
    Dig it hippies: If we lose this war, we don’t get to keep our stuff.

  18. 18
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    I think y’all mean Master Sun. 😉